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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oh dearie me was WORTH it!

I wrote a post called "Oh dearie me" mourning the fact I felt duty-bound to get off my couch and do some campaigning against a 20 metre high telecommunications mast to be erected in our village, terrorising my neighbours and ruining the view. Well, I did. I nearly killed myself with the effort! On voting day I was leaning over the fence calling to voters to come and sign our petition against "the tower".  I was cold and miserable but vaping kept me going! Dual coil tank on a large battery - deeee-li-cious!

Today two of us attended the planning meeting. Democracy at it's best! One of us was allowed to speak for 3 minutes to state our objections verbally - though they had already been submitted in writing. Our speaker was brilliant....THOSE plans were refused - 11 refusals, 1 abstention and 1 undecided.


Trouble is, next month (probably) they'll submit a whole new lot of plans....oh dearie me!

But we won't give up, because we are WORTH it.

and, by the way, I victory-vaped in the Planning Headquarters loo! It felt great.