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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Got to the content stage - vaping devices content that is

I haven't blogged for a while. Taking a break. I just got new vapemail and it's a repeat of many before it. I've got to the content stage now. I have found the most pleasing way to vape (for me), is just a battery and a tank and some good e liquid. I don't long for bigger or better stuff. I don't need fancy anything. I just need to know that what I have will not let me down - ever. I practise the vapers' creed "Backup" "Backup" "Backup". And the devices I use are simple, reliable and affordable to would-be vapers.

I made videos today - simple videos without introductory fanfare, badly filmed, badly edited, short and full of waffle - but uploaded with the sincere hope that someone will enjoy them, someone who's still needing basic information from someone who's happy with what they've got.

Vaping for the over sixties Best vaping for beginners

Vaping for the over sixties, taking a secret nip

Vaping for the over sixties, my current devices