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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stealth? Or discreet? Up yours, antis, either way!

There was a suggestion in the comments of my last blog, that I should call "stealth vaping" "discreet vaping" Because "stealth" indicated that we need to hide. Trouble is, the way the antis are winding people up about vaping - especially not in public or in front of cheeeldren, I think we are going to have to hide. I think every vapoteur should learn to stealth vape. Stealth vaping is the technique of holding the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds and then breathing in a second time, and holding before you exhale. There will be virtually no vapour on your out-breath.  That is stealth vaping - it's HIDING the vapour. I can't think of another word for it. It's more than discreet vaping. It's getting a nicotine fix with no outward indication to be seen. It's secret vaping. The cheeeldren wouldn't even notice.

Discreet, for me, means vaping in consideration of others - go round the corner, go out with the smokers, only vape in your car - that sort of thing. Being discreet. "discreet means careful, judicious, circumspect ( you can rely on him to be discreet ).

But I'm an angry smoker remember. I'm old, cross and wise. The twististics that have been churned out to terrify the population about the deadly poison of nicotine and the instant scythe of death second hand smoke will do to anyone in sniffing distance, will be used about US. I dn't think we'll be allowed to be discreet. We will have to be stealthy.

I'm an sccidental vaper with the heart of a smoker. As a rebel - I feel good - very good.

I love stealth vaping - everytime I do it, I think "Up yours, you won't stop me now!"