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Sunday, 16 March 2014

When all seems lost - stuff them, there are ways and means

I really enjoyed the stupidity exposed in  this blog
Bolton Local Authority Ban ‘Smoking’ Ecigs 
“Smoking e-cigarettes banned by Bolton Council and Royal Bolton Hospital”
shouts the headline in today’s Bolton News.
The bit I enjoyed was
"“We currently treat e-cigarettes the same as normal cigarettes and will continue to do so until there is proven and empirical evidence of the safety of these devices.”
And Junican points out - 
"Precisely what right the council has to demand such assurances is beyond me, and why the council should have the right to ban them for this reason is also beyond me. But we have seen again and again how ‘science’ is being degraded far beyond what we thought possible. NOT smoking has been banned because there is insufficient evidence that NOT smoking is not harmful. Yes, according to the spokesperson’s reasoning, NOT smoking could be harmful, and he wants proof that NOT smoking is not harmful before he will permit NOT using tobacco."

Not smoking might be harmful if we use electronic cigarettes?  So BAN them.

BUT WHAT IF NO ONE KNOWS WE ARE VAPING? Vaping can be done almost anywhere - secretly, stealthily. Some people prefer the term "discreetly", but I don't anymore. That was before banning. Now it's after banning. The best thing about vaping is they can ban it all they want, but we can still do it! We can do it in secret places, behind their backs. We can do it in plain sight! There's vapourless e liquid. So stuff them.