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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The wolf in sheep's clothing - Tobacco Control and other animals

I have ranted against the Tobacco Control Industry in many posts. (Here with capital letters)

The Tobacco Control Industry, for me is all the institutions, groups and charities involved with social engineering in all its forms. They are the authors of the purge on smoking.

I have an internal dislike of all of it. I physically churn when I think of the smoking ban, the eviction of smokers into the outdoors, the eviction of smokers from outdoors to not the outdoors - but where? The regulations not to smoke in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and even rented homes, cars, airports, train stations hospital grounds, beaches even.

And the long lists of other places.

I am not a smoker anymore. I vape, but I think like a smoker.

I am watching how tobacco control in all its forms is morphing vaping. And vapers. Many vapers are just holier than thou ex-smokers spewing out tobacco control mantras and buying in to the harm reduction idea. Vapers are not EX-smokers, to me. Vapers are smokers that vape instead of smoking.

Vapers are smokers that vape instead.

And as such, I feel, we should be concerned with tobacco control which is a wolf in sheep's clothing for us too. We need the same illumination about the idea of tobacco control. It's the IDEA that upsets me.

It is Totalitarianism - protecting people from what is observed by our betters as "bad". It is patriarchy - obsessive and discriminatory. Tyrannical. It is controlling, not so much of tobacco, but of people. Tobacco control is about manipulating people.

Tobacco control has made a monstrous uniformity of thinking in our society. It's a cultural construct and from the very start it has had an agenda to groom us by fear and guilt and shame.

Not smoking is an  idea promoted to be a collective idea - it removes personal responsibility from the individual to voluntary engage in the problem of smoking, by legislation. It makes non smokers feel safe from the deliberately constructed idea that second hand smoke is dangerous to them.

It has been a violent forcing of people to conform to an ideology, by poisoning their ideas. I'm not joking about this. You should hear the vicious rhetoric against smokers (and vapers) by the puppets of tobacco control ideas on the Internet.

Smokers are prey to legislated montrousness. Vapers - be prepared for the same.

The press are muffled into silence by political correctness - there is no defence of smokers, nor any consideration of them. Smoking/smokers always have negative press. Have you noticed the same about vaping recently? That's the wolf at work.

Never underestimate the wolf. It has guile beyond imagination!

You will realise how sick our society is when a story like this hits all the front pages of the newspapers. "Nurses grant dying man final wish – a cigarette and glass of wine"

A man has been granted his dying wish of a cigarette and a glass of white wine by staff at a hospital in Denmark.
The Tobacco Control Industry has removed your right to be free. You have to be "granted" your behaviour.

THAT is why I think the Tobacco Control Industry is an evil, sinister thing.

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