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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's day

In the old days when everybody smoked, my husband used to walk around with his pack of thirties and a lighter in his hand. He was known for that. Then he got flu and went to bed for a week with a copy of Lord of the Rings. He stopped smoking.

That just left me. I soldiered on with smoking for at least another thirty years. I found that more enjoyable than reading Lord of the Rings! I am not a fan.

Since then, I have had the idea that if you could just get through Lord of the Rings, you could give up smoking - maybe it's about true grit? I couldn't do it.

I just became a vaper instead. I feel sad I can't get the kids to give their dad a device for Father's day. I think he's missing out - and he could pass it on to me!