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Saturday, 9 June 2012


At last I have a CE4+ so that I can compare JACVapour's tanks with them. There is no doubt that the two are not the same.  The JACtank is at least a centimeter shorter and, for me, size matters! On a dog walk or gardening, the best setup I have is the 650 Vgo Automatic with a JACtank on it. It's short, it doesn't poke me in the-you-know-what when I'm bending down to pot a perennial, nor when I climb over a style. Also, it has no button, so I don't have to realise I forgot to switch the battery off before I put it in my pocket when I hear it sizzling there. One of the most annoying experiences is to hear the sizzle whilst you are performing some exotic physical feat.

I haven't yet filled my CE4+ with my newly mixed e liquids which are deeelicious - but I filled my JACtank with JACVapour's "coffee" - nice good straight coffee. How easy to have a coffeebreak out in the good old fresh air when it's not actually raining!

You can't do that smoking a rolly.