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Monday, 3 September 2012

The two monsters of vaping.

I have been watching a movie on Corporations - actually a lot of them are simply a commercial form of slavery. In a way, we are just slaves in the Corporation of the United Kingdom or the United States or Canada or Australia. We were certified as "persons" by our birth certificates to be thus. The Corporations that own us, simply try to find as many ways as possible to generate money from us for their own survival.

In the movie, I watched a case study of how Corporations are paying a pittance to workers in the poorest nations to produce goods to sell to US, at the biggest profit. That is one reason why I try to wear second hand clothes, or swap goods on Freegle and such recycling sites. I avoid buying things. I try not to feed the monster.

I wondered about the people who make my batteries, tanks and components for vaping. Are they paid properly? Do we know?

There are two monsters I see concerning vaping. One is slave labour as we all clamour for cheap. And the second is - where the hell are all our batteries going to end up?