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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vapers as scientists - become one now.

The first report on how vaping constricts the airways (temporarily) and how this "scientific" study got twisted in the press in the usual irresponsible fashion, made my heart sink. I am waiting for "science" to blow vaping out of the water in the same way that it did with Second Hand Smoke twististics. I do not think smoking is good for people. I think the Second Hand Smoke issue was blown up as the very best weapon to control smoking and smokers and mainly to change the attitudes of our culture. . There is no reason to terrify the population so they think one whiff of cigarette smoke will do them in. It won't. But this is now what people believe! This is using science to induce fear where none should really exist. What do fearful people do? They obey.

Since I started vaping, I have been waiting for the same kind of manipulation of society to begin. If we see how society has been "groomed" to feel revulsion at the stupidity of smokers killing themselves - and how they kill OTHERS by the tireless onslaught of the Antis, we must be absolutely committed to fighting back if it starts happening to us. I feel we are at an advantage - we have an advantage that smokers never had because they were taken unawares by the very sophisticated brain washing techniques that have been used to induce change - or should I say ENFORCE change. But WE have observed that manipulation, and are aware of how it has been done.

We must not let it happen to us.

"Science" is the bludgeon that the anti smokers have used in their cause. Us vapers need to be on top of the science. Every time the "science" club is raised as a weapon against us, we need to assail it with our own weapon - science! There is good science and there is bad "science". If we are simply aware that our science needs to be the good kind, we will proceed well. Science begins with observation and anecdote. It is statistically without doubt that vaping helps smokers to not smoke. Every vaper who tells their story anywhere - to their next door neighbour, to their doctor, on YouTube, on face book, in a blog, is increasing the anecdotal evidence for our science. Every vaper who explains how their smoker's cough has vanished, how their breath has returned, how good they feel, is increasing anecdotal evidence for our science. Every vaper that observes to at least another person how vaping has improved their lives, is a scientist for vaping.

One day, we will have many thousands of studies on vaping through "science" and science. We need to fight the "science" that is simply gobbledeegook with proper science.

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