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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rant for serious minded vapers

I have been watching The Power Principle thee movie series. Currently I am just finishing number two of it - on propaganda. This series is a real mind opener! How much we don't know. How much we SHOULD know, but don't. These movies are fascinating for me as I remember some of the history - it happened in my lifetime!

And, all the manipulation and lies are still going on. Just observe what is happening around the world now.

The Power Principle Number two (on propaganda) explores how the media mold us to conform.

I am looking forward to The Power Principle Number three.....

As vapers, we see how misinformation about electronic cigarettes is being shoved down people's throats. If it happens just about vaping, can you imagine the monstrous lies we are swallowing daily about all sorts of other stuff.

If you live in the UK, you might have the same repulsion about the BBC and the covering up of the Jimmy Savile affair that I have. I always found him particularly repulsive and wondered, when I first came here, how on earth he could possibly be a "National Treasure". But, of course, he was built up that way by the British Broadcasting Corporation artificially. When it came out that he was a treasure with very muddy feet, they tried to hide it by broadcasting eulogies and praise for the fake creature THEY had created. When challenged, they have used weazle words and pathetic excuses. For me, the scandal is not what Jimmy Savile appears to have done, but the excuses from those who knew all about him, especially the excuse that his behaviour reflected different standards in a different age. What bollocks! I was alive then. At that time my children were very similar ages to Savile's alleged victims. There is NO WAY ordinary people would have felt that kind of behaviour was acceptable. This is an example of the media telling us something that isn't true.

The real illumination is how the media can distort our perceptions for which we fall hook line and sinker.

Beware the media! Beware the BBC. They manipulate and twist.

Here endeth my rant for serious minded vapers....

I you have the time, enjoy The Power Principle.