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Saturday, 23 March 2013

How should the EU regulate e cigarettes? Rabecca Taylor post

Rebecca Taylor MEP has had the manners to ask us vapoteurs what we feel about EU regulation of e cigarettes. Please respond!

The three ideas that upped and hit me were how to stop children vaping yummy flavours (banning flavours), how to stop vaping normalising smoking (banning vaping in public places as smoking is banned), and how to stop people taking up vaping.

So, for me, it all comes down to talking about smoking again.

The habit of smoking has been a normal part of life since humans lurched onto two feet. We've ALWAYS done it! How can you denormalise something that is a human activity?

Smoking became a problem when it became an "industry" and was marketed to society as desirable to do. I am against this kind of consumerism - advertising - that is strangling us in this modern world. I think Bill Hicks was right when he told Marketers to go and kill themselves. So that was a bad thing.

In opposition to this,we have marketers pushing the industry of anti-tobacco. This anti opposition has been a really profitable industry for all the workers in it - and the Drug Companies involved in the nicotine trade. So they are pushing the idea that smoking is not a desirable thing to do.

But humans have always enjoyed smoking. I enjoyed every cigarette I ever smoked. I never wanted to give it up. Smoking was my best friend. I have a thousand memories of peak smoking experiences. So my point is humans like smoking.

This whole marketing drive to denormalise smoking is insane. There will always be smokers. I find it disgusting. It is bullying, persecution and witch hunting at it's foulest. The people who promote it should go and kill themselves! (For you Bill)

Vaping is my new smoking. I love it. I like it just as much as smoking. We will not be able to stop children vaping if they want to, Shisha sticks and all.  The EU will not stop serious vapoteurs vaping because most of us could cause our own mechanical devices to be made, and produce our own e liquid. We can carry on just like we once did rolling chopped leaves in a bigger leaf and smoking in our caves.