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Thursday, 4 April 2013

A call to all Vapoteurs! Vapers against The Bans

Here is a worthy way to assist our cause if you's like to do your bit....

Vapers Against The Bans – A Call to Action.

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While social networking earlier this week, it became very clear to me that members on the PoTV Forum and other forums like UKV, were getting a little anxious about the EU Tobacco Product Directive. There were various complaints, suggestions, and a lot of amazing ideas.
I took it upon myself to set up 3 social networking sites, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, so that there can be a semi-centralized place where vapers can share information and ideas just about the EU TPD and Bans world wide.
In 72 hours the FB has received over 400 likes, G+ is on its way up to over 100, and Twitter is tagging along.
I do not intend on being the “only voice” behind these social networks and they are a great way for vapers to utilize social media to get information out to the people who may not use forums.
In fact many people who use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, have no idea that ecigs may very well be banned.
We need the support of all of the forums, vendors, reviewers, bloggers, and radio personalities to get this thing viral so Vapers can reach Vapers. We can all come together and stop this.
What can you do?
*Share information on the social medias
*Tell your friends and family to come get involved, you dont have to be a vaper to support someone you love!
*Vendors can send out leaflets in all of their sales or link the social media’s on their websites
*Bloggers can repost this blog!
*Reviewers who use Video/Radio can make a short PSA and post them up on youtube or Sound Cloud
*Write to you MEPs/MPs, EU representatives and demand they answer you back personally
*Sign the petitions posted on the social media
*Get other countries involved. You don’t have to be a vaper in the EU, Vapers around the world will be heavily affected by a EU ban as well as a US ban.

Google + 
Google + Community 

Vape Against The Bans has already been mentioned on Taste Your Juice and The VP Live Show, with Kev and the VapinGreek. The Vapourmists will be setting up a short video PSA to put on youtube.
Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the solution and make a difference! Ask yourself how you can help and if you don’t ask me! All questions can be emailed to