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Thursday, 25 April 2013

A state of suspension - s'wonderful!

For a week, I have had no internet connection. I have had no idea what is happening on the vaping scene. During this state of suspension, other things have happened to us. My husband decided to mend his chair which had two broken springs. He had been suffering with flu and not very well. The day he dismantled it, he became very ill and was put to bed for a week on strong antibiotics  by a ferocious doctor and told to do “nothing”. My husband finds bed a frightfully uncomfortable place, so it wasn't long before he was downstairs trying to watch TV on a small pink chair which gave him more discomfort than bed. The advantage to being downstairs was that he could watch all his favourite stuff on the Sky channel which we only have upstairs on a computer. BUT the internet was down.

So I had to do the sacrificial thing, and give him my chair. Our chairs are very special to us. We have had them for years. They are recliners – a “his” and a “hers”. By now, they are a perfect fit. So I ended up with the small pink chair. It has a bulge at the base of the back, presumably for support, not allowing for the slump position which is my normal choice. Furthermore, it has narrow wooden arms which give you carpel tunnel syndrome after an hour or so. And I have not been well either – I could feel a scratchy throat starting on the night of my Ravengrim interview on Vapers Place Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim Episode 28. After that broadcast, everything fell apart. I still haven't listened to it, and since, there has been another.

It has taken me a full 24 hours to deal with over 400 emails, YouTube comments and notifications I have had about vaping related things.

But right now I am listening to THE most uplifting broadcast right now - and I can see such a difference in a week, and I missed it.  S'wonderful!