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Saturday, 22 June 2013

MHRA Mr Mean video - a request to vapers - please distribute - thnx.

Is the video that the MHRA put up on the Internet with Mr Mean discussing the new MHRA pronouncement a ploy to unofficially get responses from vapers? So far 2500+- people have watched it and over 300 protest posts by vapers have been made. I can't find a single post that congratulates the MHRA on its forward thinking!

Of their 23 videos about various subjects that don't concern us, this one has had the most views and a huge amount of response. The responses are from us vapers. We need to be polite, otherwise we show ourselves to be uncouth and foul mouthed. I am sure there are many uncouth and foulmouthed vapers, but they are not the ones we should want to offer our message to Mr Mean or the MHRA.

There are just over 300 responses now, some are repeats by the same people, or spams by the uncouth. I don't think that's enough! We need polite suggestions and information on the benefits of leaving vaping unmedicalised - or a two tier system that might give the MHRA a way to get out of their very foolish suggestion. Or requests asking how much licences might cost. Or simply self vaping sucess stories.Or requests to re-think. Or reminders of how suspicious it looks to ordinary people that five of the MHRA committee are directly involved with big phama.  Or topics that cover the fact that the electrnic cigarettes studied in 2009 that their decision rests  on, are now antideluvian in design. That vaping is currently covered by consumer products legislation. Or any other polite information about our devices and vaping.

One could call it a response bomb request. Please send this request around or RT.

For those serious protestors, here is Mr Mean's address.

Jeremy Mean
Access and Information for Medicines and Standards Group Manager
Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines
Floor 3 M, 151 Buckingham Palace Road
Victoria, London

Please be polite for **** sake!