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Friday, 21 June 2013

Response to Rebecca Taylor's Blog "Good news for e-cigarettes, bad news for tobacco control.

Thank you so very much for all your hard work on behalf of vapers. Many hundreds? thousands? will not post their thanks here as they won't be the "posting" type. But they too thank you.

Out of the terrible persecution of smokers, illogical legislation (like banning outdoor smoking), and legislation that has crippled whole sections of the population and the economy, comes a most amazing piece of technology - electronic cigarettes.  They are a stunningly successful offering to smokers in their gravest hour. They could actually produce the results tobacco control has been so desperate to have - the ending of Big Tobacco's grip on society and the eradication of smoking.

So it seems bizarre to me that they must be legislated against at all. They are neither tobacco nor medicines. They are simply a smoker's solution to tobacco control's own vindictiveness against them.

I smoked for 50 years and the worse I was discriminated against, the more I refused to quit. I was a hardened, angry smoker.  Almost overnight, vaping transformed me into a "non-smoker" - a non-smoking vaper. It has been THE one important action of my life. Every day I try to do something to spread the word to other people because it has been so important to me.

So, as an angry ex-smoker, I am appalled that this most important thing, might be taken away from people who really need it as it is now. NOW vaping is life transforming. It should be allowed to grow, innovate and develop.

If tobacco control squeeze the life out of it, they will be doing their own cause serious damage.

I prefer vaping to smoking, but I am not willing to be legislated out of existence again.

So although "good news for e-cigs" and not for tobacco control, sounds optimistic, I think that any interference by them AT ALL would be the most foolish thing they could do in their long history against smokers. E-cigarettes are neither tobacco nor medicine and tobacco control should have no influence on them. They should not be concerned. They should be delighted that smokers have found their own solution to smoking.

Thank you again for your work on our behalf.