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Saturday, 13 July 2013

"E-cigs save lives" - Whaaat? Beauty and the Idiot!

Oh dear - there is a WEBSITE called E-cigs save lives! 

I didn't know - it has EVERYTHING you need to spread the word and solves my confusion as to where to get my bumper sticker.

Furthermore, it's well worth visiting just to see the wonderful Mod on the home page. It evoked such emotion in me - Blade Runner, Star Wars, Spaceship Future - a work of art - beautiful. Check it out.

So I need to apologise for being an idiot! My blog yesterday was about the slogan meaning more to vapoteurs than to the public. It was not about the website. I didn't know about it. Ignorance is unforgivable. I'm a VAPER for Gods sake!

Visit the website - sign the petition, donate, order your bumper sticker, get flyers, read, share and spread the word! It's ALL there - everything you need.

Good stuff!