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Friday, 26 July 2013

Flavours - sobering thoughts - dare to read this - and remember our roots.

I reckon flavours are going to go against us vapers.  My blog It Stinks and a comment on it about "smelly socks" shows that we CAN smell horrible to others. Vapoteurs, before you stealth in the loo or behind a book, make sure you are not stinky! The Antis will complain. They are just waiting to find something to hammer us down with. Smelly Socks second hand vapour is bound to cause some dreadful desease don't you think?

No matter how holier than smokers we are, we need to remember that in the mind of society we ARE smokers. The anti-smoking industry has spent many, many years building up their profitable corporation and creating work for their employees, by damming smoking (which I point out is not an illegal occupation). Tons of twististics have been sucked out of scientific thumbs to convince the people that Second Hand Smoke is deadly and can kill with one breath. We have been fed lies.

If we are vapers who believe that smoking is completely deadly and kills half of its users, all we have to do is to be aware of the scientific thumb sucking going on about vaping at the moment, to see how Tobacco Control disinformation works. If we believe everything that is said about smokers without exposing how twististics have been used against them, then we will deserve what is said about us.

The whole Anti-smoking drive that has brainwashed our society in one generation, has been an evil, foul thing.  And out of that persecution culture grew the technology that has rescued millions of people who loved smoking, to be able to continue smoking in a new and modern form. Vaping is smoking. Vaping is modern smoking.  Vaping is smoking without the vegetable component - without the flame, but with the fire of electricity on the coil. We are still burning, yes?

As we vapourise our flavours, how is their atomic composition changed? Why, to my taste, is it delicious, and to another, it stinks? What are my lungs doing as I inhale Caramel or Peanut Brittle?

We already know about Popcorn Lungs. And some e-liquid providers warn when their flavours contain diacetyl. Are health concerns valid? What other things don't we know?

And more than that, what is going to be told us by others? How soon are twististics going to be published that accuse vapers of deforming unborn babies, of making ill their children and pets, of poisoning the air, of causing harm to everyone that comes near us, of being an expense and bother to the whole of society? And mostly, of causing to themselves and others a host of smoking/vaping related illnesses?

It is entirely possible to vape very satisfyingly without flavour. If flavour becomes our downfall, we might just have to.