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Saturday, 26 January 2013

A horrible vaping experience.

If you are a responsible vapoteur, you will know that heat in your device is something you don't muck about with. Safety should be in the forefront of a vapoteurs' mind.

So, I got a hell of a fright when I picked up my mod and it was HOT!  I unscrewed the top and threw the battery out. But it was not the battery that was hot. I couldn't work it out for quite a while. I have less nerves with a mechanical device than an electronic one. I've had a few batteries that have done very weird thing like switching themselves on by themselves.

Vapoteurs must remember never to totally trust their devices. An exploding device must be a truly horrible experience.

So back to my mod. After reassembly - I knew it was not the battery about to explode, I listened and touched and realised it was indeed actively atomising my eliquid all by itself.

 I undid the bottom switch - and there was the problem! Here is my little video....