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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Keep my vaping miracle unsullied

I dunno. I hope my oomph will come back. I'm not usually oomphless, but recently I am being overwhelmed by all the lies and rubbish I am seeing on the TV, and in the Media.

Well - I think they are lies.  Take David Cameron - didn't he promise an in-out referendum as soon as he came to power? He came to power - what happened? He "promised". He "promised" again today.What a load of boloney. Ha!

I know he is delaying, squirming, slithering - if we had a referendum now - we'd be out! And he knows it.

I am seeing dreadful untruths printed in the media about vaping. I can't tell you how astonished I feel that in these days of the Internet and supposed transparency, people get away with it! How ignorant and foolish they seem. But of course the vaping community have wonderful people beavering away daily, to expose the rubbish, carefully, with knowledge, logic and skilled writing. Thank god for them. They are brilliant! Thank you all you lovely humans for working so hard for us vapers.

I also feel overwhelmed by the sheer deluge of advertising for new devices that come to me via facebook notifications, the meets, the videos, the emails. I can't keep up. It's having the effect of switching me off. I don't want vaping just to become another scramble for profit - for it to be taken over by greed.

Vaping, for me, is a very special miracle. I don't want it sullied by lies, by anti-vapers, anti-smokers or a greedy vaping "industry".