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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Onward vapoteurs!

I've just read this blog (if it opens in French, translate it by clicking on the translate bar at the top of the page)

This is the nub, I think, of why there is so much hositily towards ecigs - they look like cigarettes!

I cannot get the article to copy or paste anything here - but it's spot on with it's analysis that if personal vaporisers were called just that and came in the form of mods, it would be better. It is time to leave the ecig lookalikee behind. I love the translated English in this article - very poetic and I love the word "vapoteur" - that's us! We are vapoteurs!

Personally I wish ecigs weren't called ecigs. And, even from my first device, I never wanted it to look like a cigarette. I never say I am using an ecig - and my PA's do not look like cigarettes.

Lookalikees are flooding the market in grocery stores and pubs. And, the weirdest thing was my friend to whom I offered several different devices went for the lookalikee! I was so disappointed. I thought she was intelligent. But better she vapes than not.

So, my fellow vaporteurs, get out and about with your mods, coloured batteries, floral fancies, tiger stripes and glittered devices and show the world what vapoteurs do. WE are vapoteurs. We do not smoke (cough). We do not smoke e cigarettes.