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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Living the movie "Up" - the erratic blogger.

I'm run ragged. Taken on more than I can chew. Overloaded. Stressed.

Did you see the movie "UP" ?

I'm like Carl Fredriksen chucking all his furniture out of his house so he can get on with his new adventure of helping Russell and rescuing Kevin, the bird.

Everything seems to be happening at once. I hope my new adventure starts soon - all the preparation is stressing me out....or is this already my new adventure...the journey IS the goal?

I'm just trying to get to Paradise Falls. Move House to be exact. Trying to sell your house is taxing, especially if your garden went to pot over the winter. And even worse, if the house you are going to have to go into is much smaller than the one you are selling. You really DO have to chuck your stuff out! I'm chucking out lots, hoping the balloons will lift us off soon.

Russell is, for me, one of our daughters having a glitch in her pregnancy, and whose beautiful two year old, is more often at our house while her Mummy goes back and forward to hospital. We don't know when Russell's passing out parade is - but she really deserves a medal. And so do I.

Kevin is the precious bird that needs saving - vaping - horrible enemies are trying to capture Kevin! I have spent a lot of time trying to rescue Kevin. We need vaping never to end up as a skeleton of its former self located in some dusty historical museum.

I do hope you've seen "Up" - its a really profound movie, on many different levels.

I'm living "Up".  I might have to take a break from my blogs while I do. I guarantee they are going to be erratic.

Fortunately I have a faithful "Dug" called Bobby. I love being his master and he loves me! He can't talk - but I understand what he tries to say - well mostly....and he's always nice!