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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dearly beloved, let us join together to remember, and to mourn

Geoff Cliff posted the piece I am publishing below on Facebook. He does not have a blog - but he should have!

I believe that the self esteem of modern day smokers has been trashed by the purposeful demeaning of smokers. We must remember that smoking now hides a worthy person, whereas, once, worthiness was seen in people whether people smoked or not. But first, before you read Geoff's eulogy, I give you the link to famous smokers - some of whom, changed the world. We must also remember the unknown worthy people, some not dead - but still alive! Like us, who were so recently smokers.

Geoff Cliff's Eulogy

Dearly beloved, let us join together to remember, and to mourn, the many victims of the War On Smoking. Let us take a few moments of quiet contemplation to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that was made by them, for the benefit of mankind. Some of their names will not be known to the current generation, since their demise happened many years ago, but most shared our lives until recently, and just a few are with us still, but not for much longer. Let us at this time speak together their names, that their memory may be carried forth to future generations who will otherwise not know of them.

Let us remember Truth, Justice, Fairness, Goodness, Compassion, Logic, Honesty, Tolerance, Humanity, Good Sense, Forbearance, Empathy, Virtue, Perspicacity, Clarity, Simplicity, Decency, Morality, Integrity, Rectitude, Honour and Righteousness.

Let us remember Freedom; of Choice, of Expression, of Speech, of Thought, of Science, and of Information.

And, as we humbly remember their names, let us also remember that those who sought in the past to erase their memory have themselves been brought to account – usually violently, and with much rejoicing!
May I just add a prapos the last paragraph of the Eulogy, there is a  a delightful story that after Hitler, who absolutely forbade smoking in his presence, and Eva Braun ended their lives in the Berlin bunker, all his generals lit up!