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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The REAL poison in electronic cigarettes

I have one strong recurring theme in my posts on this blog.

It is that the attitude to smoking is that which is fouling up our vaping life and that we have been poisoned in our attitude by the Anti Smoking Industry to think that, it is all right for the lives of smokers to be interfered with - but that it is not right for it to be done against vapers. The truth is, it is not right for either smokers or vapers.

My particular fury is the way visual images and warning labels have been used. The propaganda against smokers has been relentless. Such continuous pressure and denigration  is very dangerous - far more dangerous than smoking itself. (See my Doll posts below) and vapingpoint: Something different about China? and vapingpoint: Sod it! Save vaping

Graphic warning labels on any packaging whether it is on future food, alcohol or current tobacco products is a criminal action against people. Many of the pictures on cigarette packets and ones chosen for "plain" packaging are not true and have been chosen for their revulsion effect. Cherry picking the most emotive, terrifying conditions that are not necessarily smoking related to depict smoking harm in this way is devious lying. Truth it isn't!

Traumatising pictures, visual abuse, verbal abuse and subliminals have not been tested as dangerous nocebos.

Graphic warning labels are more than just warnings. All graphic warning labels viewed over and over and over again, slogans and advertising replaced every two years with new ones accepted into the subconscious mind repetitively by smokers using tobacco products is AN ACT OF VIOLENCE, a self fulfilling prophecy, IMPLANTED disease and truly criminal legislation. They are not just unconstitutional, they are vicious nocebos.

I would like to see more investigation into the effect on smokers who do not choose to stop smoking over years and years of seeing them. This is anti-health for those already at a disadvantage, and anti-health for anyone whose eyes see them repeatedly. And it is a dreadful probability that they might be used as anti-health on foods and alcohol, or even e cigarettes!

I have raged Here and Here

We vapers need to be acutely aware not to take into our minds the negative things being spread around about vaping as we have about smoking. A lot of new lies will be aimed at us by vaping enemies (anti smoking groups). We need to stay mentally in our positive attitude to vaping. It is a healthy attitude. I choose to vape as I chose to smoke. I smoked mostly in an era that was lighthearted about smoking. A time before medical violoporn and criminal subliminals were dripped into our minds. I was ignorant and happy - and WELL

I loved smoking. Some of the best memories of my life are of smokes and peak experiences - after the births of my children, on planes to exciting places, on top of mountains, next to a lake, after meals, at special parties, and often, just feeling happy, safe and relaxed in my own chair in my own home. In my happiest times, I have smoked.

The only way to enjoy nicotine and all the comradie, social pleasure and joy of "smoking" that I once had, is for me to be a vaper. I am a smoker who vapes only because I prefer vaping to smoking. But I have not forgotten my roots. I was treated unjustly. I was made to feel of the lowest class - a leper. I was mentally violated every time I opened a pouch of tobacco that told me it would kill me. I was relegated to outdoors, and then even that was taken away by law. Do you know of ANY group of humans so treated in a civilised, democratic country in modern history?

I am a human being. I am NOT a number. I am not a statistic, I have paid for every medical treatment I get. I have never harmed anyone by my smoking and I won't as a vaper. Yet, you, you, you anti smoking maniacs, in your power of governance have been given the right to abuse me, to call me names as a smoker, an addict as a vaper, to not employ me, or tell me I might not vape unless it's with smokers, to suggest I am mentally ill, to invade my privacy, to judge me.

I am delighted with vaping. I enjoy it more than smoking. I was looking forward to some really happy times. But I fear, my naivety was short lived.

You ugly, shriveled, souless prohibitionists are now dripping your poison into society about vaping. I don't feel negotiation with you will lead to anything positive until you realise your crime against smokers has been unacceptable too.

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