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Friday, 23 May 2014

Some thoughts in response to Clive Bates' "Public Health Goes Positive"

Clive Bates has an optimistic new post - Public Health Goes Positive

Public Health as been polluted by the anti smoking industry. They still think and speak, and regurgitate the ideology. I have no trust in them.
I personally think that if the UK gets it RIGHT on e cigarettes, it could spill over so some sanity arrives in the rest of the world too.

The nub of the whole thing to me, as an angry smoker-that-vapes, is that, having forced a smoke free world on society with sinister aforethought and very dodgy science, and having convinced everyone that smoke free is cheaper than just leaving smokers alone (which it isn't) the anti smoking ideologists will never allow smokers like me, to vape in peace because vaping is a substitute for smoking.

So far, billions of pounds have been spent on the effort to stop people smoking, yet they still do. We are told we want to stop! Smokers smoke because it is pleasurable. The pleasure aspect is never discussed by the antis. The grief and desolation on quitting could be replaced by the equally pleasurable act of vaping.

There seams to be a great melancholia towards the smoking era but it is not politically correct to speak about it. It surfaces in films and TV shows. The anti smoking industry must be aware of this too. There is no way in hell, they are going to drop their stance against e cigarettes if they see them, as I do, as the "new" smoking.

We need to remember, the anti smoking industry is huge, it needs a future. It has no morals, already has permeated all thought, is being funded by the people it persecutes and big money like Bloomberg. Whatever good news appears in Public Health will conceivably be poisoned by these evil people, who are already Public Health itself.

I believe, that as the word spread about how smoking can induce horrible suffering, people will have gradually have moved away from it as they were already doing in the 60's. A smoking substitute would have appeared without the smoke free drive and safer smoking would have given people a way to continue the pleasure with less consequences. I point out that when Hon Lik invented e cigarettes, there were no bans in HIS country - he did it in response to his own father's death by too much smoking. And as a smoker himself, he didn't want to experience the same fate.

If there had been no anti smoking industry, trillions of pounds would have been saved by the UK government, and Pubs would still be with us. The economy might have been a whole lot better. The NHS might have been solvent. There would still be smokers, as there are now, but they could have lived happier lives without the shameful discrimination. After my generation died out, using tobacco might have gradually been replaced by a technological equivalent, just as pleasurable. And the money wasted on trying to stop people smoking could have been used to further real improvements in medicine.

So Public Health are still spouting made up guesstimates on how many lives electronic cigarettes will save. We have NO IDEA about how much smoking affects the population. Second Hand Smoke has been the biggest scam of the century. It has little effect on non smokers living with smokers. Public Health, or vapers, that regurgitate this nonsense, are simply repeating shameful science. Their minds have been infiltrated. They must be considered with caution. They do not speak from the place of believing every human has a right to freedom of choice in his actions, but from a place of prohibition and societal control.

Robert West - "People who stop smoking are happier"? Here is an example of  scientific waffle. Nowadays, people who stop smoking have less guilt induced by Public Health, and are not treated as pariahs. No wonder they are happier! With the amount of brainwashing and discrimination against smokers  - that is a statement that cannot be proven to be true unless we did a time warp back into the fifties when most of society smoked.

Unless vaping is treated as a consumer product  - a pleasure product, that renormalises the pleasure of smoking to those who have found a way to enjoy the pleasure with less of the danger, we will still have the righteous stamping all over our freedom under the guise of concern for our health.   Public Health is actually the hand tool of the anti smoking industry. They talk about quitting, quitting, quitting even when they talk about e cigarettes.

I want to make it clear that I, like millions of people, LOVED smoking. I now love vaping. Public Health, with all its jabbering and wagging fingers, have made the world a very dreary place by bringing ideology into medicine and forgetting all about pleasure and love and humanity.