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Friday, 6 April 2012

Little Addictions

Yesterday, I taught for two hours and vaping never crossed my mind, even when someone "went out for a fag" half way through.

Afterwards, I sat in someone's car, chatting, and I put my hand in my pocket for my PV. My pocket was empty! What a panic. I leapt out and searched everywhere and they (two of them actually - back-up back-up back-up!) were found. But the thoughts circulating in my head were the interesting part. I just knew my life would end if I had nothing to vape on during my journey home - only 20 minutes - and that the devices were pricey to lose.  I was completely duscomforted by not feeling them in my pocket as I was used to.

What am I addicted to? Not the nicotine, I vape very low nic. I LOVE my devices! I felt the same as if I had lost my little dog, or some other precious thing.

I am put out good and proper if a visitor sits in my chair at home. This can spoil my evening (and everyone else's) so badly, that I now say "This is where I sit" whilst almost standing in front of it with arms outstreched in defence of it. I think to myself "Its ok to get weird when you are old".  I am so aware of this when I visit other people I always ask "Where do you usually sit?" and when they tell me, I don't sit there. Everyone LOVES their chair.

My husband and daughters borrow my car. They never put the cushion back on which I sit to drive. I'm short, so if I don't raise myself up, I feel like I'm driving a tank. I LOVE  my cushion - but they don't understand how uncomfotable I feel when it isn't there.

Our addictions get ingrained in us because when we are doing or using them we feel comfortable and re-assured. People are riddled with addictions. It's what makes us human and interesting.Who is not addicted to their special  pillow, soap, tothbrush, toothpaste, bed, tipple, teddybear, TV show, person, animal, walking route, food, condiment, gadget, religion, newspaper, mannerism, sport, hobby or opinion? The list is unending. Without these special preferences in place in our lives, we don't feel comfortably US.