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Saturday, 7 April 2012

What planet is this man from?

Two articles from the Guardian have offended me tonight. I love it when my blood boils - I feel ALIVE!

So the first is this - Smoking is no longer part of life. This is what our health secretary in the UK says. I cannot believe this chump can be so out of touch with reality. What planet is he from? Smoking is no longer part of life? What rot! Ask those millions - millions! - who smoke in the UK.

And the second article is Why do people smoke? Andrew Lansley doesn't seem to know
Well, this article tells us that it is poor, deprived and uneducated people who smoke. More rot! Well, that's the smoking research this journalist chose to illustrate her point.  She ends " So in Lansley's (our illustrious chump) Britain, poor smokers can now add deviance to the reasons for their social exclusion, and no one will pause to ask why the our poorest citizens continue an unaffordable habit, passed down over and over again, from generation to generation."

Smokers self medicate for complex reasons, not only because they are "poor and uneducated". But what the hell - if you smoke you can be called any name, classified as deviant, moronic, de-normalised, bullied, legislated against, abused, disempowered, restrained, excluded, misunderstood, and even wiped clean from the slate of life. No one pauses to question THAT!

Thank god I vape - but my anger is for what I so recently was - a smoker. I am a smoker who vapes, not a vaper who feels holier than my smoking brothers and sisters. I can't believe, now that it is not politically correct to be such a lot of things, it's quite okay to abuse smokers anyway you please.

Shame on you...