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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Me and Google+ Is ANYONE actually there?

As "Vapingpoint" I use google to blog on, to youtube on, to email on. I use twitter to tweet on.

I want a google+ account in the name I blog, youtube, e-mail and tweet on i.e. "Vapingpoint" - but will they have it? NO!

I have lodged proof of my internet presence in numerous appeals - so numerous, I now don't know which "NO" matches which appeal!

I shall explain the problem.....

I once fell into a horrible trap with google+. I teach computers, so I made a computerstuff account that reflected my teaching web and other tools I used to teach with. the idea was that my students could practise their google+ skills and e-mail, picassa and other skills on that account.  I used my birth name to register it - the same name as my private google+ profile with "Computerstuff" as my name. Well, it displayed my birth name preferentially so my computerstuff got crazily muddled up with my private stuff. No one could work out why I appeared in two places! People looking up "me" found themselves adding me - the wrong me - babbling on about computerstuff and not finding  a single person in common! My students were completely muddled poor things. I was frustrated beyond words. I was only able to seperate the two by having very obviously different Avatars and laboriously explaining costantly that the yellow one was the teaching me and the blue one was the private me. What a mess all caused by my name.

That is NOT going to happen to me again.

Who are the people "investigating" my appeals at Google? I think you are really just a robot simply re-sending your template refusal. There is definately no thinking creature there. No "person" has checked my submission proofs. Is ANYONE actually there?