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Friday, 6 April 2012

PG experiment

I added PG to my tasteless VG eliquid that I complained about. This morning I felt it had brought out the flavour that I know is there as I added it myself. So I filled my tank. I vaped it till  about four-o-clock this afternoon and it felt good - but not amazing. While out for afternoon coffee, I vaped a different flavour and now my improved eliquid tastes completely bland and disappointing. Maybe my palate has been altered, or I'm tired - it's the end of the day?

Oops! battery is blinking. Maybe THAT'S the problem?

With a new battery, and a reassuring sound of snap crackle and pop as I draw on my dual coil tank, my vape should be better? Oh well, not wonderful, not really quite adequate.

The result of my experiment is that if I want flavour, I'll need to add more concentrate.

Memo to myself - order more concentrate and rescue the stuff properly.