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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Let me depress you today - battery safety video

I seem to be going through a really negative phase in my vaping career. I think my original ecstasy  has been replaced by a fear that this delightful hobby of mine, that has given me such hours of pleasure, will be attacked from without. I feel vaping is being threatened by the accumulating anti tobacco efforts lining up ammunition against us. I have a negative presentiment of our future and I am watching carefully.

I have written regularly just lately of how, whether we like it or not, we are intertwined with smoking and smokers. The first blog I ever wrote about that idea worried me, in case I offended my vaping friends. But I have to get it out. I am not optimistic of our future. My blogs are not designed to pull you down and my intention is not to depress. My intention is to WARN. We can't sit back in our vaping heaven.

We need a battle plan - but what? What more than writing to our local MP's?  Should we also request a review of the smoking bans? Vaping is being banned everywhere as it is perceived as normalising smoking. Perhaps smoking is what needs defending then? The Press don't help. Just like smokers are only represented negatively, we might not avoid that happening to us too. Explosions make good headlines and good excuses for banning electronic cigarettes. Cigarettes don't explode.

 I read e cigarette explosion and watch videos like this I think "Oh no! More stuff they can hold against us! 

So today I made a video on charging batteries safely. I hope I look cheerful. Please share your own safety tips in comments in the name of education so we can share them on. Thanks for reading my blog!