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Friday, 8 November 2013

The day YouTube died

Hosts of YouTube channels have had the "reply" facilities removed from comments on their channel.  What to do? I hope Google will deal with this CHOP CHOP! It puts me off Google, which I have loved and promoted since they began, but Google+ is really a mess and now YouTube too. Come on - wake up Google - you cannot FORCE everyone to have a Google+ account. YouTube is a complete mess - I now have TWO Google+ accounts and my followers are on the one that is NOT linked to my YouTube vapingpoint page! How daft is that?

I am now on Google+ as vapingpointLiz with 300+ in my circles AND vapingpoint with 0 everything 0 posts, 0 followers - and a vapingpoint YouTube channel with 700+ followers with whom I can't communicate!

Am I mad? You bet!