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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Thoughts on Tobacco Control and the enemies of vaping and saving vaping - please ACT!

You might like to read this thread on Planet of the Vapes to understand that there is STILL work to do if we want to protect our hobby of vaping.

When I think about the whole smoking/vaping thing I remember the very first time I heard of the lung disease and smoking link. I was a teenager and my mother took me to the hospital to visit "Aunty" Kit who had been a smoker all her life and was busy dying because she had smoked. No one in our family smoked or drank or had sex. My upbringing was what you would think of as repressed. I'm not sure if I was dragged off to see "Aunty" Kit, to make a point. But the smoking = lung disease was simply acknowledged - and that was before the Doctor's Study. People already knew.

(Report 2004) Three years ago on the BBC radio programme Desert Island Discs, Doll said he had formulated a strategy towards health education: "Find out what the tobacco industry supports and don't do it, and find out what they object to and do it." He told the presenter Sue Lawley something that came as a surprise to those who knew him well. He said the effect of someone lighting up a cigarette in his presence "is so small that it doesn't worry me", a comment which some interpreted as a denial of the impact of passive smoking. In fact, he had just published a study from 12 European countries suggesting the opposite: it was estimated that non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke are between 20% and 30% more likely to develop lung cancer. In other words, the damage first detected by a young doctor 55 years ago has turned out to be far worse than anyone imagined.

Since "Aunty" Kit died Tobacco Control has become an enormously profitable industry, not selling anything, but funded by the very same people they have come to persecute. What a most brilliant business model! Furthermore, they have used nocebo subliminals on Tobacco products since the Seventies to kill smokers and those in the vacinity (SHS) quicker. In other words, the damage first detected by a young doctor 55 years ago has turned out to be far worse than anyone imagined.

It is interesting that Doll himself noted that smoking seemed to do more damage in the 1990's than in the 1950's. 

It is my voice crying in the wilderness that this is the fault of Tobacco Control interference by changing the mix in tobacco, and placing warnings on packsTobacco Control is a lethal industry. It has a powerful ally - the Pharmaceutical industry and they work in tandem most profitably in self evolving. 

It is Tobacco Control that is now the enemy of vapers. They were allowed to twist, lie, manipulate and further their own future in a world, had it been left alone, would have figured out why "Aunty" Kit died through experience and education and by word of mouth. Smoking would not be as dangerous as it is now and Joe public, despite Big Tobacco, would have put two and two together all by himself.

Currently we have a strange situation of vapers - especially the younger ones, unaware of how they have been socially engineered in their thoughts and behaviour, by Tobacco Control, becoming unhappy when it comes out against them. 

Tobacco Control is a lethal foe. It must have cost us billions and billions over the years to do what it has done. It has been far more expensive than the cost to us of smokers dying from smoking! Smokers anyway pay their own expenses and subsidise our National Health. And billions from there is funnelled off to the pharmaceuticals for NRT - a useless treatment - so Tobacco Control has been a money vampire second to none!

This monster has turned its attention on vaping. It's a powerful enemy. Medicalising vaping? Well of course! It's logically profitable. Demonising vaping as smoking (which must be denormalised) - of course! Makes sense - yes? Vaping is smoking. Tobacco Control needs to secure its future.

Vaping might have saved my "Aunty" Kit. Electronic cigarettes are the only thing that might eventually reduce tobacco smoking. But Tobacco Control bangs on about the danger of vaping "normalising" smoking. It was only they who pushed to de-normalise it by social engineering, to interfere with the tobacco mix, to drip poison into our minds about nicotine. to profit from it. For a quarter of the population, smoking IS normal.  Smokers are not stupid. They are trying vaping. Some of them, like me, prefer it.  

Vaping is both the Tobacco Industry's nemesis and it's future. They are not stupid either. 

"Find out what the tobacco industry supports and don't do it, and find out what they object to and do it." said Doll in 2004. 

The world has changed - vaping is a safer smoking. Tobacco Control has cost the world trillions financially. No matter how vicious they have been, how many twististics they have produced, smoking cigarettes is still normal. 

I think it is how they are behaving towards electronic cigarettes, that will finally expose the depth of their corruption and duplicity and show them up to be the really stupid ones!

To all us smokers and vapers, who deal with the guilt and shame induced in us on purpose by Tobacco Control, you have no idea how vengeful they are. Vaping is smoking to them. If you want to save vaping, ACT. Become political.  Write to them  or better still, visit your MP or MEP. Take your devices with you - show them, talk about them, share!


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