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Saturday, 23 November 2013

The "greeness" of vaping - more uncomfortable thoughts

I remember when I saw the Vype disposable being tested by Dave Dorn on Vapour Trails TV a few months ago, feeling horrified that they could be produced and marketed in such a resource depleting package. I remember the one Dave used on the show lasted hardly half-an-hour. I should imagine billions of Vype disposables will be sold and end up as trash, packaging and all. At least the Vype re-chargeable would last a little longer - but AGAIN, something that really annoys me is there is only ONE battery supplied! What is wrong with these people? ONE battery in any "starter" pack product is simply not on. One battery only lasts a wee while, leaving the user in the dwang completely. But that's beside the point.

I'm talking about the "greeness" of vaping and the Vype just makes the point that tobacco companies getting a real foothold in the marketplace and producing stuff like the Vype could eventually use a lot of Earth resources. If e-cigarettes are medicalised it will do the same. I am presuming that it will be lookalikees that Pharmaceuticals will produce by the billions.

I am saying all this because e-cigarettes are stunningly successful as a consumer product and the answer to safe smoking. I am presuming that they are the future, because I believe they are.

Going along on my chain of thought of Earth resource gobbling devices, would be 2nd generation devices - an ego with a tank.  These last longer and are not so quickly disposable as the above - but take more energy in battery charging. We would dispose of less tanks than cartomisers/cartridges I would imagine.

Further along, and getting "greener" would be 4th and 5th generation devices - mods, rebuildables in tanks - maybe glass tanks. All this is less disposable and more re-useable.  A solar charger would be a great addition to save on electricity and to use in power outages - I like the idea, but it would be totally useless where I live as we rarely see the sun!

I'm not the only one who has been thinking about us lot (vapers) wasting resources.

I am interested to see what's on its way with technological innovation occurring almost daily in the e-cigarette industry.

This innovation, of course, can only happen if they - WHO? - leave it alone.

If everything get frozen in time by legislation that offers smokers stuff like the Vype - or it's duller cousins, the e-cigarettes that will be churned out by Pharmaceuticals -  1st generation stuff using the old technology that, honestly, is NOT satisfying in the long run, then we are really in for trouble.

I see that we will be persecuted for normalising smoking firstly, and then for not being "green". How do we defend ourselves on those charges?  Uncomfortable thought? Yes!