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Friday, 29 November 2013

HURRY,HURRY,HURRY Vapoteurs! Links to share on my behalf- pleeeese!


Please  read Clive Bates They just don’t get it – Commission proposal for the regulation of e-cigarettes

Then sign,

This petition that is going to be presented at the EU next week by Chris Davies MEP

The meeting of the vile villains of democracy happens on Tuesday 3rd December....They are conniving to virtually close down vaping as we know it. (see Dave Dorn video below)

I am very tied up right now with no time to myself.  My husband had a TIA (a little stroke) and we are backwards and forwards to hospital. 

So please share these links - EVERYWHERE.  I have no time to!

Link to Clive Bates blog -

Link to The EU petition  -

Link to Dave Dorn Video -

Relying on others to do what I would normally do.

And thank you!

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