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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Plain packaging to be scrapped rumour, if true, is a giant leap forward for UK Government

I will be very proud if it is true that the UK might keep their head (for whatever reason) and NOT introduce Standard Packaging for cigarettes as it is now called.

I think it had to be re-named because "plain" packaging was obviously ridiculous. If you follow my blog, this one, Vapingpoint and  Life on an Alien Planet,  you will know that I am very against the medical porn that is shown on them. I believe that the pictures alone are an act of violence on smokers and smokers should get sicker quicker by nocebo. So, to me, "plain" packaging is a criminal act.

I have made my thoughts clear to the original government investigation and to my MP, who, horrifyingly, was pro "plain" packaging for the sake of the cheeldren. He got a snappy letter from me, and I met him shortly afterwards at an event. I was verbal again about supporting what is really an act of rape on the mind of smokers and how he should be ashamed.

That event was a fortunate moment. He must have rued the day, for I also demonstrated the benefits of vaping and how my PV worked in detail. I told him about the EU effort to make them medical devices - and he had NO IDEA!  (He also had no idea that citizens in the UK are not allowed to listen to the public radio broadcast in public without a licence!) So he went away educated. I have not voted for him today.

If the UK can keep their head about Standard Packaging for cigarettes when all around are losing theirs, it will be a proud, proud day.

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