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Friday, 3 January 2014

BAN, BAN, BAN! Vapers - Little lies build up to big lies!

    BAN, BAN, BAN. Banning is the new Public Health creed in action, "Thou Shalt Nots" - Commandments for the Modern age from those experts who know  -  Epidemiologists - who speak from their "studies" and guesstimates. The media spread the word, lobby groups lobby parliament and  the politicians BAN. And Public Health GROWS.

    We might end up in a world like Demolition Man, the1993 movie that has not been given the credit it deserved for prophecy. It's well worth a watch if you are one, like me, who looks upon all intrusions into our private life with mounting horror. Here's a snippet - it will make you feel great! and the movie is fun and thoroughly thought provoking.

    The way to stop BANS is to question, question and challenge them.

    Why for instance are smokers banned from smoking in parks infused with traffic fumes? For perfection, all cars should be banned. Diesel fumes cause cancer it seems. The ban on smoking in the open is not logical by any measurement and the ban on vaping is a ludicrous insanity.  It is a symptom of a very sick kind of democracy that is now controlled by minority lobbies able to manipulate society.

    Bloomberg, the ex New York City mayor  was a BANNING adept. He's famous for them. His most astonishing BAN is the new e-cig ban everywhere. But, lest we forget, this was built upon the foundation of the smoking ban.

    Unfortunately, the new Mayor seems set on the same path - Mayor Bill De Blasio Promises To End Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

    I believe vapoteurs should be alert to the incongruities of all the banning going on around them. The BANNING mentality of Public Health and Governments is the behaviour we should challenge. every action they take should be questioned vociferously.

    Has anyone written to The Advertising Standards Agency to complain about the visual inaccuracy of smoke chemicals being black in the new anti smoking advert put out by Public Health and what a nocebo it is? Quit smoking adverts highlight toxic risk to brain.

    Here's the link  for complaints - please complain. Little lies have huge consequences - will people worry about blood received in transfusions?  Will smokers be banned from donating it? How many people will have that image implanted in their psyches every time they approach a smoker or a vaper? Little lies build up to big lies!

    Details are important! Watch this from Demolition Man...

    For your interest -


    1. The big question is, what are the Vapers going to do about it.
      Let me tell you.
      Nothing ,zero.zillch
      They will crawl down their ratholes just like the smokers,cringing,groaning,tweeting,
      clattering keyboards,flittering about on Facebook,stabbing their I-Pads in silent agony ,isolated in their pathetic protest,cowardly in their action

      The prohibitionists and fellow contollers are on an easy run
      Not surprising,take a close look at the opposition

      1. I am hoping that society will come to it's senses the more things are exposed in other areas of their lives. ALL lies need exposing so we have a culture that doesn't accept bullshit - ever! I think more and more stuff is being exposed as untrue. Some of THAT light will fall over smokers and vapers too. See my post Thanks for your comment

      2. Maybe offer a helpful suggestion then Anon.? What efforts are you yourself contributing to the 'cause'... easy to stand on the sidelines and hurl insults... no fortitude needed for that Lots of things are going on in the background as we speak, are you a member of any Vapers group or organisation? they do exist as support for the vaping community .... maybe you could join a couple and give them some advice in dealing with these bans?