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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Keeping our wits

We must NOT trust scientists. They are misusing science. Science is fantastic unless it is used to promote ideologies or dogma.

Industries carrying ideologies that have emerged in our modern world are the Global Warming Industry, The Charities Industries, The Tobacco Control Industries, The Education Industries, The Quango and Advisory Industries, The Politician Industry, The Health and Pharmaceutical Industries, The Psychiatric Industry, and many more. They all have self-perpetuating motives and an internally self consensus bias that promotes their own self-righteousness.

Those who break ranks or who criticise are viciously hated.

How do we ordinary people expose these errors of science?  Without scientific knowledge we cannot. But we can use our wits. If there is an "industry" dangling off a set of "facts" (like the facts of second hand smoke, or the perils of vaping) our personal experience should sharpen our perception that the "facts" are suspicious.

I think this is a mass hoax era. And the new industry scientists drive it with their "expertise". Science today is not like science when it began - a rare and noble calling. Scientists nowadays are two a penny and are employed to do science that is acceptable to their employers.

There are many wonderful bloggers, on vaping and smoking, and in other fields, and even Big Pharma critics who have their wits about them that are pointing this out. 

Thank god.