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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beware of anti-vaping violence - nocebos inhaled to the brain

Oman has only recently enforced criminal nocebos on their cigarette packs. In this report it seems they are fully aware of how many of their citizens smoke. It would seem to me that there will also be statistics on how many of their smokers also die from smoking related illnesses. It would be really scientific to examine how, in future years, as they clamp down on smoking in all the known Western ways, their smokers might get sicker quicker as a result of the notices on packaging.

Not all countries have been abusing the minds of smokers with medical violoporn. It is those countries that would be a fertile study area to see if and how nocebos affect the health of those who are abused by them when those countries conform to WHO regulations. It would answer the question of whether "Smoking Kills" is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Quote - "Presently, the burden of tobacco use is greatest in high-income countries (18% of deaths attributable to tobacco use), intermediate in middle-income countries (11%), and lowest in low-income countries (4%).7 However, because rates of smoking are increasing in many low-income and middle-income countries and decreasing in most high-income countries, the proportion of deaths from tobacco use could increase in low- and middle-income countries as the number of tobacco-related deaths increases.6,7"

I'm not sure how to read this, but the burden of tobacco use is greatest in high-income countries (18% of deaths attributable to tobacco use), intermediate in middle-income countries (11%), and lowest in low-income countries (4%). It seems to mean 4% of deaths from smoking occurs in smokers in countries who might not yet have learnt the technique of brainwashing their citizens to death. What is a low income country - one where citizens are free to smoke without guilt? Low income countries that I have lived in, have been smoking for thousands of years, but they smoke their own mix.

Of course scientists will not  expend energy on that kind of research, until we realise how important the mind is on personal heath.

I have raged Here and Here

We vapers need to be acutely aware not to take into our minds the negative things being spread around about vaping. A lot of them are aimed at us by vaping enemies (anti smoking groups). We need to stay mentally in our positive attitude to vaping. It is a healthy attitude. I choose to vape as I chose to smoke. I smoked mostly in an era that was lighthearted about smoking. A time before medical violoporn and criminal subliminals dripped into our minds. I was ignorant and happy - and WELL

I loved smoking. Some of the best memories of my life are of smokes and peak experiences - after the births of my children, on planes to exciting places, on top of mountains, next to a lake, after meals, at special parties, and often, just feeling happy, safe and relaxed in my own chair in my own home. In my happiest times, I have smoked.

I am delighted with vaping. I enjoy it more than smoking. I am looking forward to some really happy times.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Well done UK - no war - a miracle - Vapoteurs, we need another.

Last night I was really upset at the erection of the unsightly telecomunication pole we all fought against last year. All our efforts have been in vain. Furthermore, it has been put up in the most in-your-face place right in front of the houses, and not behind NWPower's own building where it would have been partially obscured. Its almost an act of revenge. We did, after all, hold it back for five years. Punishment has been metered out it seems. Our MP works very hard, he's now got this act of revenge to handle.

But last night, our MP was very very busy. He was too busy to think about the petty act of reveng on us. He was voting against our revenge on Syria.  And well done to him. He got hundreds and hundreds of letters asking him to do so. In this case Democracy has worked. No war. A miracle!

Tonight I feel better. Maybe, our letters, videos protests and actions will cause change for the future of vaping. So vapoteurs, vape on. Miracles DO happen.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

F**** you, citizens - your opinions mean zilch! That is what your Government thinks of you. They know better, and for the sake of progress you can live with it.

In Vaping the pole away which I wrote last July, I lamented that we do not really have a democracy in the UK. Well - we don't. Despite ALL the protest, the mast has been erected.  F**** you, citizens - your opinions mean zilch! That is what your Government thinks of you. They know better, and for the sake of progress you can live with it.

What do I think about ALL our efforts to get vaping as we know it to continue in a useful form that will actually get smokers off smoking rather than medicalising it? F**** you, citizens - your opinions mean zilch! That is what your Government thinks of you. They know better, and for the sake of progress you can live with it.

I am appalled at how the vaping causes cancer press reports started by The Mail  are multiplying across the world, becoming more hysterical as they travel.   (I can't find the link because my normal laptop got neuked last night by my glass of water - and this one is using Ask .com - terrible thing - don't know how it installed itself here - but its days are numbered!)

I think vaping has BIG enemies...they are spreading every negative word they can. I hope that next year this time, my blog will be praising the wisdom of the UK Government in legislating electronic cigarettes with the lightest touch - but I am not holding my breath!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nicotine, nicotine, nicotine. everyone has been brainwashed!

 I just oured a glass of water over my keyboard. Some keys do not work, forgive the layot!
Why is it that nicotine is always blamed for increased heart rate and not the four thousand other chemicals in cigarettes? My ecig seems to not affect my heart rate at all. I tested it. 
Here is the latest on  Nicotine and Heart rate , not Smoking tobacco and heart rate.......

I can see the difference  why can't they? Does NRT make for heart trashing?

The debate over nicotine products as aids to smok
ing cession is complicated with the recent rise in elec
tronic cigarettes and their potential to deliver high
doses of nicotine, thereby perpetuating a nicotine ad
dition, albeit using a less toxic delivery system. There
is urgent need for research and possibly regulation
of these products if they are found to deliver harm
ful levels of nicotine. Although the evidence currently
suggests that up to half of the nicotine content may be
exhaled in the vapour, there are also suggestions that
nicotine replacement products such as e-cigarettes
simply promote a slower absorption of nicotine.
In terms of the limitations of this review, the evi
dence contained herewith needs to be considered
within the context of methodological shortcomings,
such as the difficulties of comparing different nico
tine delivery systems, and the paucity of data on new
er nicotine products, such as electronic cigarettes.
Smoking cessation is fundamental to cardiovascular
disease prevention, and it is associated with a signifi
cant reduction in risk of all-cause mortality in those
with coronary heart disease. Inflammatory markers,
which can indicate atherosclerotic disease, have been
shown to return to baseline levels five years after
quitting, suggesting that the inflammatory compo
nent of cardiovascular disease resulting from smok
ing is reversible with reduced tobacco exposure and
smoking cessation [45]. With a greater understanding
of the chronic impact of nicotine use on chronic rest
ing heart rate, it is hoped that clinicians will take a
long-term view and redouble their efforts to encour
age and support abstinence from all forms of excess
nicotine consumption  <my bold>

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Jewel of the NHS says e-cigs are another way of smoking and nicotine is "deadly" - the seeds of vegeance.

The Jewel in the NHS Crown is having a problem because less people are going in for stop smoking NRT from them. The reason they blame is e-cigs. E Cigs are another way of smoking - mmm - fancy. And people are inhaling the deadly poison nicotine!  I am astonished The Jewel is so ignorant. As a spokesman for the NHS, I hope someone in the NHS will bring them up to speed.

The whole problem of e cigs is that they ARE a different way of smoking. Vapers who dissociate themselves from this fact by trashing smokers and smoking are really playing with fire I think. Those who point out that, yes, vaping is the smoking of the future, but safer, are on more stable ground. The enemy to them is the same Tobacco Control Industry that has persecuted smokers. Remembering not to believe the fudged figures, the social brainwashing, and the lies and denormalisation pograms in the war against smokers by The Tobacco Control Industry, and also not to repeat them, makes the right attitude to fight the same enemy which is now ours too.

The nub of the problem is not that smoking is horrid - or even kills, or vaping is just smoking (and now causes cancer). The nub of the problem is the methods used by the anti smokers' lobbies that have caused Government intrusions into people's lives through legislation. Some of these - like no smoking in parks or train stations, or banning vaping outdoors - are frankly ridiculous and are about vengeance rather than health.

Vengeance is an ugly thing. Vapers, like me, are smokers who vape. The vengeance against smokers has been a hurtful thing which I have taken personally. It is vengeance against me.

If you think like a smoker and not be a part of the anti-smoking vengeance mob, which some vapers are, you have a better chance of defending yourself against the persecutors because you can see the lies and smudges in the pogram more clearly. Otherwise, you too, have just been taken in.

I believe the corruption needs to be exposed in the anti-smoking movement. People need to know they have been duped. If that does not happen, that movement will become an anti vaping movement too.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hell freezes over.....

My survey showed that almost 70% of the 400+ people who did my survey, are PROUD to be non smokers. 70% vape openly.  About 3% of the people who did my survey woud like to stop vaping too,
None hate themselves for vaping.  Over 80% think vaping is safer than smoking and 9% are not sure. If vaping were taxed like cigarettes are, most vapers would continue to vape.

I was surprised that not more vapers ticked the box "I will continue vaping till hell freezes over" but it was a strange question. What does that mean - Hell freezing over? After all, Hell is never going to freeze over is it? - well I think it impossible - if there were a Hell. That would be just as astonishing to me as the fact that I no longer smoke cigarettes. I haven't smoked a cigarette for almost two years - that, for me, is a miracle.

And the most amazing aspect of it is I don't miss not smoking! Three years ago I would have told you I will give up smoking when hell freezes over -  i.e. NEVER. But look what happened. Hell has frozen over for me.

I vape openly mostly 281 191 67.97%
371 263 70.89%
408 286 70.10%
I am proud I do not smoke anymore 281 183 65.12%
371 256 69.00%
408 284 69.61%
I would like to give up vaping/smoking 281 7 2.49%
371 11 2.96%
408 13 3.19%
I hate myself for vaping 281 0 0.00%
371 0 0.00%
408 0 0.00%
I believe vaping is safer than smoking 281 221 78.65%
371 298 80.32%
408 328 80.39%
I'm not sure if vaping is safe 281 24 8.54%
371 31 8.36%
408 37 9.07%
I won't vape if it's taxed like smoking 281 17 6.05%
371 27 7.28%
408 32 7.84%
I will continue vaping till hell freezes over! 281 172 61.21%
371 230 61.99%
408 247 60.54%

Friday, 23 August 2013

No Thank EU - Smokers and vapers please sign

I think the smoking ban has been devastating. I think the smoking ban will continue to mutate in the most disgusting intrusive blinkered monster that will affect even more poisonously the lives of people personally, socially and economically. 

On a personal level, the barrage of nocebos and repulsive pictures on cigarette packaging - especially plain packaging where they are bigger and the intention is to do more harm to smokers' psyches, will make more smokers sicker quicker and spill over into the community so that others will manifest the same illnesses. This is an absolute crime against our citizens. 

Socially the smoking ban has created thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pariahs who are rejected by others because they smoke. This is the most vile discrimination put in place purposefully by Tobacco Control and our Rulers who co-operate with them. I can't think of any other instance where a person's way of life is so intruded into by those who disapprove. This has especially impacted on old people - my generation - who have retreated into their homes, like I did. Treating people like this is barbaric and happens in other countries - it is a criminal action on citizens in an "enlightened" country. 

Economically, how do we not know that the smoking ban has not caused the downturn in the UK economy? Pubs have closed by the thousands and thousands, one quarter of the population have been discriminated against even though we live in a modern country where air conditioning and air cleaning is practised in every restaurant kitchen, factories and hospitals, but cannot be allowed in pubs! This is criminal viciousness perpetrated by a colluding Government with an INDUSTRY called Tobacco Control. 

Plain packaging - or "standard" packaging as the euphemism is currently used will affect lots more people. I object to it because cigarettes are already hidden in the UK and next year will have to be in all the smaller shops too. What is the insane costly logic of putting cigarettes in grotesque packages as well as hiding them from everyone's sight? The criminal part is the affect on the minds of smokers who see the packs and all those who see them using cigarettes.

Smokers, in their struggle for at least some consideration from a culture of hate that envelops them, need support - even from vapers. I am unhappy that vapers forget their smoking persona and replace it with an anti smoking one. I am only a vaper by accident. But I am still an angry smoker by heart. The EU are not only acting against us, but also against smokers. What they are trying to do is yet another assault on smokers. I have already signed this petition and I hope you will too.

Save ecigs - add your signature - click on your flag - we need to be STRONG.

This letter has been put up to collect signatures to take to the EU by the Save ecigs Campaign.

To add your signature, simply click on the flag of your country, and add your details. It's for friends and family of vapers. I am my own friend and family to myself - so sign - you are also your own friend and family. You will get a confirmatory email in your in box.

At the moment, it seems confusing with all the various petitions that are around. I just sign them all - including the ones anti anti-smoking!

I am weary of writing letters to MP's and MEP's and I think our local MP dreads meeting me. I'm either on about the criminality of infecting the nation's health with medical violence porn on plain packaging, or demonstrating vaping, or educating him on how next election I'm voting UKIP even though there is no UKIP in our area because they support reviewing the smoking laws and are pro-vaping.

The point is, it's wearying. But it's worth it.

First they came for the smokers - now they come for us.

If every vaper did something to protect their future, we'd be strong indeed.

Get active purrrleeze!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vivi Novas and VG e liquid - how I failed.

I did a review for the Genesis Mini Vivi Nova 

I failed to explain it was designed for their own electronic cigarette batteries. I simply complained they wouldn't fit mine! I woke up in the middle of the night feeling I should put that right.

I did a review about 100% VG e liquids I failed to point out that VG uses up quicker than PG. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling I should say that.

So I have!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Allergies/sensitivity in vaping - 100% VG the solution?

I made this video unasked because for those people who have allergies to Propylene Glycol, knowing you can get 100% Vegetable Glycerine e liquid might be useful.

I was under the impression that the PG carried the flavour and throat hit and VG was what made the best vapour. I thought that in VG alone, it was hard to make the flavour "stick". But I tried three flavours of this brand and they were all good. Using a slightly higher nic content was something unnoticeable to me - maybe I did feel I might be vaping less. But after all - I'm a chain vaper. 

If I use mostly PG e liquid, I get scratchy vocal chords and have to clear my throat a lot. Other people get more serious symptoms of incompatibility/sensitivity like sore throats or sores in their mouths.

When vaping, I forget to drink a lot of water. (Note to myself - drink more water!) Glycerine can dehydrate you. Because I hate water, I can go a whole day only having a random cup of coffee or two. I know I need water when I imagine my eyes can't focus properly. And maybe they can't. I used to notice that even before I switched to vaping. Maybe I suffer from shrivelled eyeball syndrome - it's a sign I need water! I then drink. I know I must, must drink more water. It heals a lot of things.

Of course, new vapers get all sorts of symptoms that might not be connected to either PG or VG - they are going through withdrawal. This is a good article on that. 

Not only are some people sensitive to PG or VG, but flavours can trigger the sneezes or a runny nose too. Vaping Fever instead of Hay Fever! Enjoy my video - made with love.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Oh phoooeie! Dud attie day.

The other day my personally wound attie just went "POP" on the first draw giving me a real start. Today, I have tried three spares just waiting in my vaping box since I wound them a few months ago. None work! Its a real nuisance. Sometimes I produce real perfection - sometimes I produce duds!

I can't be trusted. It's much easier just to buy the dam things.

I have no wick atm, so I'm using pre-wound atties since my stash is finished. They really are much more reliable - they WORK!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pop goes the attie!

Strange experience just now - I put a new atomiser in my tank - an attie I wound - it sizzled beautifully on my test - but as I took the first draw on it, it literally made a loud POP! I got a real fright.

I had a look at my winding - not burnt. Looks perfect. But not working either. Dang! 

Mmmm - will have to investigate my error. How disappointing.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shite! I give up! Science on Vaping....again...

I am sick of this kind of "Medical science"  see this German Study. From the very first second of reading, I can just feel the bias. By the time I got to page 33/34, the top of my head nearly blew off! This is what is says: -

Efficacy of electronic cigarettes for sustained tobacco cessation
To date, there is not a single study available based on reliable methods (randomized controlled study) with a large number of participants and sufficiently long observation period to provide evidence of the efficacy of the electronic cigarette as cessation device. According to the surveys, over two thirds of respondents are using electronic cigarettes to reduce or quit smoking or to prevent relapse. More than 90 percent of consumers perceive the devices as helpful in smoking cessation only in the smallest of the surveys, no more than 20 out of 81 participants said this was so.Due to the way in which participants were recruited in the above three of the studies, such as in user forums, on websites where electronic cigarettes are sold, or at a user meeting, it cannot be excluded that disproportionately more enthusiastic users participated and hence that the overall satisfaction with the product may be overestimated. In an online survey with 1,347 participants from 33countries (mostly European)recruited through the websites of two popular e-cigarette vendors, 74 percent of participants reported not having smoked any conventional cigarettes for several weeks or months since they started using e-cigarettes, and 14 percent said they hadsubstantially reduced smoking

According to a survey with responses of 216 first-time buyers of e-cigarettes, abouttwo thirds of participants (66.8 percent) reduced cigarette consumption, almost half of them (48.8 percent) were temporarily smoke-free and 31 percent of users reported being completely smoke-free within six months after starting to usee-cigarettes. Most of these former smokers (56.7 percent) continue using electronic cigarettes; only about one third of them have stopped using nicotine-containing products.
However, it cannot be excluded that considerably more successful ex-smokers have completed the questionnaire than have e-cigarette consumers who continue smoking. The real success rate may therefore be significantly lower. The case study reports about three heavy smokers, who had already tried to quit several times and failed. They were smoke-free for at least six months after starting to use e-cigarettes. How ever, only one of them also quit using the e-cigarette after some time

In a small prospective cohort study,smokers with no intention to quit were supplied with electronic cigarettes for 24weeks. At the end of the study, 13 out of originally 40 participants had cut down smoking by 50 percent; nine percent had stopped smoking, with six of them continuing to be regular e-cigarette users However, as one third of participantsdropped out in the course of the study, the final evaluation included only the data of individuals. It cannot be excluded that the participants who dropped out were mainly those who were dissatisfied with the devices and continued smoking. In this case, smoking cessation success rate would be lower than assumed in the study.

According to a survey commissioned by the European Commission, at present the devices neither seem to be popular for smoking cessation nor do they show much efficacy. In Germany, only seven percent of smokers intending to quit say they are using electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. By contrast, 17 percent of smokers trying to quit are using pharma ceutical nicotine replacement products and  majority of them (66 percent) try to quit smoking without any aids and succeed indoing so. 75 percent of successful ex-smokers report having quit without any aids;six percent managed to quit with the aid of nicotine replacement products and none of the ex-smokers report having become smoke-free with the aid of electronic cigarettes.
Since the survey was based ona random sample, it does not necessarily reflect the ratio of smokers, former smokers and non-smokers  in the population. In addition, the sample may have been too small to adequately capture the small proportion of e-cigarette consumers in the population. Both factors may distort the results obtained.

To sum up, although available studies suggest that electronic cigarettes can reduce the urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms, and even though some smokers switch – at least temporarily – from conventional cigarettes to the electronic devices, only a very small proportion of smokers seems to achieve sustained cessation of nicotine consumption in this way. Based on current data, the long-term duration of a switch or cessation is not clear, because currently available studies cover only a maximum time period of six months. However, relapse after smoking cessation is not uncommon after much longer time periods. Although the desire to smoke does subside over time after smoking cessation, one third of ex-smokers still feels a certain need to smoke even after one year
Generally, it is a matter of concern that most smokers trying to quit with the aid of electronic cigarettes may quit smoking but will still continue consuming nicotine. This is a big problem not only because of the technical product flaws described in Chapter2, but also because the long-term health risks involved are unclear. Moreover, the goal of tobacco cessation, from an addiction therapy perspective, is to withdraw completely from the addiction. This is not achieved when smokers switch to or continue smoking electronic cigarettes with nicotine. Instead, nicotine dependence and addictive behaviour are maintained.
Electronic cigarettes can reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms.
Even e-cigarettes containing no nicotine reduce the desire to smoke and
withdrawal symptoms.
Some smokers cut down smoking or quit smoking as a result of using
The efficacy of e-cigarettes as an aid for sustained smoking cessation has not
yet been proven.
We urgently need to know more on the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as
a cessation device.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

There is a place for plain electronic cigarettes - ROK ICON

There is a place for the plain and simple electronic cigarette. I have introduced several of my friends to vaping and although they have seen me using mods and egos with tanks, if I offer to help them on the Internet choose something nice for themselves, every one of them has ordered a lookalike electronic cigarette!

When I first started vaping, I ordered a black V3 from JACVapour in Edinburgh. I never wanted a white electronic cigarette because it would look like a cigarette. But I must be peculiar - I don't think like my friends. I have pointed out all the benefits of an ego battery and a tank, yet they have gone for looks rather than quality of the experience. I chatted about the ROK LEGEND a while back. I think it is a perfect starter kit - but it doesn't look like a cigarette.

I have just rewiewed - if you can call it a review rather than a rambling chat - the ROK ICON.  It is a beginner's pack for those who like their electronic cigarette to look like a cigarette. It's very nicely made, easy to use and well presented. My friends would have been happy to have it. It is exactly what they would have liked.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What does my Vaping/Smoking survey tell me? Vaping makes us feel well - yes?

My survey is still ticking on. (you can do it here) But the % of attitudes are almost unchanged. I will be blogging some thoughts on it.

The clearest information is that 75% of vapers consider themselves to be "ex" smokers - that is, they do not consider themselves smokers. Most are not dual users.

Vapers are prepared to get their stuff on the black market if vaping is indeed medicalised. 60% This shows me a dedication/devotion angle to vaping by us vapers. I too will go black market. Ain't no one going to meddle with MY stuff!

And 80% of us feel that vaping is safer than smoking. Very few - 6% - preferred smoking.

Do we say vaping is safer than smoking because we are told that? Or is it something we intuitively experience? Vapers can feel how much better they are after doing the switch. We don't need science to tell us anything - we KNOW. Our bodies tell us more clearly than any statistics could do. Vaping literally makes us feel better than we used to. And that's very precious personal information.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Aaaah! Our visitor - top pic.

Yesterday we had a visitor - so I thought I'd splash his/her picture all over the Internet.

Aaaah  - how nice - posing in our pond...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ooops! Near disaster.

Yesterday I was vaping when the phone rang. I usually only use one hand (my other doesn't work so well) so I popped my device into the jar on the table I use for storing my devices.

Something like this - but - ooops!
It was actually this! Thank God it was only half full, or half empty whichever way you think.....battery it must have been half full!