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Saturday, 18 November 2017

I am giving up

I am thinking of terminating my online presence. I'm giving up, bowing out.

Since 2011, I have promoted vaping - it is a wonderful thing in my life. An accidental substitute for smoking which delighted and surprised me.

The 2013 EU Tobacco Control Directive spoiled it for me - I wrote lots and protested like everyone else.

We "saved smoker's lives". That made me feel uncomfortable.

How did vapers save people's lives?  It was called 'harm reduction'.

Since then, we have had to save our own lives from the malicious activities of Tobacco Control by pleading 'harm reduction'. That made me feel uncomfortable.

I have done a lot of thinking about the things that make me feel uncomfortable.

I will not criticise smoking and smokers by offering them 'harm reduction'.They are grown up people for god's sake. I don't mind if they smoke, or not.

The nub of the whole problem, is not vapers vaping, nor smokers smoking.

The nub of the problem is Tobacco Control. The nub of the problem is a "Smoke free World" - "The Endgame". And the constant meddling in the private and public lives of people. It is the template for more meddling - obesity, alcohol, lifestyle, for plain packaging on alcohol, tax hikes and general persecution of the population.

I see something totalitarian in Tobacco Control - it's a new 'form' I don't recognise. There is something sinister about the effort to engineer society, to prapagandise, brainwash, to turn people against each other, to deconstruct society and reconstruct it in a new 'cleansed' form.

But other things are happening around me that have a similar sinister 'form'. I think they are linked.

I think we have a new Western culture developing - or rather being purposefully directed by the philosophy that has infected academia, our elite and our governments.

I am talking about the creeping oppression I perceive around me, as the few are 'freed' at the expense of others and a new 'normal' is set in place - by force.

In my lifetime, there has been a huge change in society. Wrongs righted, standards of living improved, equality for women, acceptance of homosexuality, political rights for black people and medical advancements. But, as we were living through these freedoms, new regulations were imposed on us 'for our own good'.

I have lived in the UK for twenty years. There have been major changes here in that time - major.

We are being influenced by a philosophy deliberately promoted to breakdown the old ways and introduce new ways of thinking and control behaviour.

There are sinister influences afoot, breaking down our culture to produce a weakened, divided people. We are in the middle of a social revolution. It is being set up all over the world. Its flagship and model is Tobacco Control. The way it has promoted prohibition is the pattern on which other repression can be affixed.

Is this uncomfortable alteration in society, 'evolution' of our thought as we become more sophisticated? A natural process?  The development of a caring and responsible culture? Is it enlightenment?

No, I don't think so. It is being developed on purpose. It's a political manipulation..

I mentioned my thoughts on Frank Davis blog post Disintegration.

Is it this thing suggested below....?

Nisakiman replied - I quote (with permission)
Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief – or even the hope of belief – that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the ‘oppressive’ order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus—‘continuing the work of the Western Marxists by other means’ as one of their members noted.
To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):
1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family
One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:
• attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.
• abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
• abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces
• declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’
Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.’
The School believed there were two types of revolution: (a) political and (b) cultural. Cultural revolution demolishes from within. ‘Modern forms of subjection are marked by mildness’. They saw it as a long-term project and kept their sights clearly focused on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture.
Or is that just conspiracy theory? the same ideas but blamed on conspiracy theory, that is increasingly becoming a 'respectable' idea by thinking people about this historic change in our culture.

Or is it rather? a new social science -  

Cultural Marxism sees culture as a main cause for many different kinds of inequalities:
  • Race (Whites/non-Whites)
  • Culture (Western/non-Western)
  • Family (nuclear family/non-nuclear family)
  • Religion (Christianity/atheism and religious minorities)
  • Gender (men/women)
  • Sexual orientation (heterosexual/LGBT)
Cultural Marxism places great emphasis on analysing, controlling, and changing the popular culture, the popular discourse, the mass media, and the language itself. Seeing culture as often having more or less subconscious influences on people which create and sustain inequalities, Cultural Marxists themselves often try to remove these inequalities by more or less subtle manipulation and censorship of culture. Link

You decide what this thing is that is changing our world, which old people see, but which young people are not aware of. Anti Conservatism? or Conspiracy? or Philosophy? or Totalitarianism?

However you view what is happening in our world, it is new and inexorable.

Common sense and wisdom have been silenced. We are ruled by small groups lobbying for their rights/ideologies at the expense of the rights/freedoms of others, sanctioned by our elite.

I got completely depressed on reading Clive Bates new post  - a perfect example of a totalitarian industry at work-

I cannot fight such a thing by complaining about Tobacco Control. It is a tiny aspect of a huge problem that we should all be aware of. A problem of new 'industries' employing people to corral other people and cleanse society on a massive scale. Controlling the people by legislation is called totalitarianism, whether you are controlling thought by regulation, hate crime, immigration, abortion, alcohol, food, behaviour, health, or habits.

It is wrong.

Ubuntu, my friends.Thank you to those who have followed me.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Updated Vaping in the UK - leading the way....

I have updated this post today 1st November 2017

Vaping is not included in the Smokefree legislation in the UK.

That means, vapers may vape where smoking is prohibited.

This is a very important concept.

It means a no smoking sign does NOT mean no vaping. And a no vaping sign affixed near to a no smoking sign means the placement of it is in ignorance of the advisement of Public Authorities.

England has led the way in many things, historically. It has influenced attitudes of other countries, politically and morally and introduced new ideas. (Top ten Inventions)

I am hoping it will do it again. As far as getting a grip on the "problem" of vaping and vapers, it MUST be leading the way. Australia seems to be in the dark ages, and the USA, might soon be if they cannot realise how amazing vaping is and how it can be used to improve the lives of many.

But dark forces are still out to misinform the public about vaping. Link I am hoping that the acceptance in our UK parliament of vaping and vapers, will eventually muzzle the fear mongers. And spread the idea that vaping is a good thing to the rest of the world.

Here are some highlights (below) of the debate in Parliament that took place yesterday here in the UK.

It pleased the vaping half of me - and also the smoker part of me. In fact recently, I have decided that modern smokers are very lucky to have vaping as a tool when smoking is forbidden. That was not available to me when I was persecuted all those years for smoking.

And the new advice that vaping not be included in smoking bans, is VERY good.

It gives, even the most hardened smoker, a way out and leaves them with some dignity.

It would have made me, the smoker, far less bitter!

May the United Kingdom lead the way again.

Here's a good debate (highlights of) that occurred in Parliament, in the Commons, in October 2017

The video below is the debate in Parliament on 1st November 2017


Friday, 6 October 2017

Tobacco Company e cigarettes - to vape or not to vape?

I have recently reviewed an e cigarette made by Fontem, a subsidiary of Imperial tobacco. I have no problem with Tobacco Companies entering the e cigarette market for these reasons.

  1. As a business, it would be foolish not to. We should expect it, not howl in opposition to the very same Group that we happily bought our cigarettes from during all our years of smoking.
  2. In my experience vaping is a substitute for smoking - it's the 'new' smoking - it's the way to take smoking into the future. Big Tobacco already have the cigarette market, so offering e cigarettes at point of cigarette sales is logical.
  3. Those who have been introduced to vaping by buying a Big Tobacco point of sale vaping device at a cigarette counter, might investigate other products on sale elsewhere once the vaping ice is broken. In fact I'd expect it. Big Tobacco products 'break the ice' into vaping.
  4.  Big Tobacco has been very slow to get on top of vaping - to offer anything truly pleasing to smokers. As large lumberous companies, they cannot possibly offer the products that come and go at mercurial speed that Vape Shops and specialist places do. 
  5. I see hobbyist vapers that cloud, sub ohm, build coils etc, as a subset of the group called 'vapers' in the world. I see the more humble devices to be the real backbone of vaping. Those are the ones we use at work, out shopping and travelling with. THAT'S vaping.
So I get to the place where I have to admit that most people switching from smoking to vaping, need to be steered away from using high wattage, low nic, 'specialist' devices. To my mind they are expensive. They are expensive in extra e liquid, battery power and possibly health wise. I say this because I don't know how injurious it is to my lungs to inhale such huge amounts of vapour, especially flavour in vast quantities. 

So I prefer to talk about the humble, the 'out of date' beginners stuff because I have the gut feeling the future of vaping is the solid, safe stuff. I include in that box mods and variable wattage devices, improved tanks and methods of inhalation.

I would consider 1st generation devices - the little pokey cigalike - obsolete! But even they have their place.Big Tobacco seemed to offer smokers those first, or devices with pods or pre-filled cartridges in an attempt to keep vapers in a buying loop. That was an error! Smokers aren't stupid. But BAT now offer quite decent box mods and respectable utilitarian devices and tanks. 

Big Tobacco is waking up. What do we do about that?

They could use their power to wipe out the small businesses as seems to be occuring in the USA , but my guess is that as they stumble forward into the vaping market, lots will be happening under their wings in small business versatility.

I think Big Tobacco will provide the solid, utilitarian vaping products for smokers well into the future.

A smaller company than BAT (British American Tobacco) that I supported for 50 years by smoking Rothmans and rolling my own, is Imperial Tobacco. Their subsidiary is Fontem, the makers of the Blu Pro.

I liked the Blu Pro when I reviewed it two or three years ago. It has improved. I still like it. It is what I would call a good, solid, no fuss, inexpensive utilitarian device that will provide smokers with a pleasing experience.

I reviewed six new flavours. But there are many Here 

I believe Blu are coming out with something new - a new device. Maybe it's a box mod? Who knows?

If they ask me, I'll review that too.

Big Tobacco is hated by so many vapers, and I don't know why. Tobacco Control is our real enemy.

I do not hate Big Tobacco and blame them for making me smoke, nor blame Big Alcohol for turning me into an alcoholic, or Big Food for making me fat. I think the dishonesty about smoking from Big Tobacco has just about been equalled by Tobacco Control about the harms of of SHS and now, of vaping.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Reduced nicotine cigarettes and other insanities

Here is a picture from an article by an idiot in the New York Times

Taking the Addiction Out of Smoking

This picture is supposed to show how taking the nicotine out of cigarettes will help smokers smoke LESS. (fourth image)

I kid you not!

So I am going to suggest this picture should be reversed to show what happens when you take the nicotine out of cigarettes.

Lets call the images one, two, three, four.

Number four image is the face with the least smoke around it. To my mind and from my own personal experience, image four is a picture of a person who smokes GOOD STRONG CIGARETTES!

Number one image is the smoker who has been forced by insane meddling to reduce nicotine, to smoke a product that is harming them. They are smoking more - MORE. They are obliterated by smoke.
Cigarettes with nonaddictive nicotine levels would be radically different from what used to be known as “low tar” or “light” cigarettes, marketing gimmicks now barred by law. Those cigarettes were advertised as delivering less nicotine and tar into the lungs, even though there was no actual reduction.
No - there WAS a reduction in the experience of the consumer buying the product. They were terrible things! People smoked more.
Under the F.D.A. proposal, nicotine in cigarettes would be set at a level so low that smokers would not be able to extract enough to create or sustain addiction. Cigarette makers today keep the nicotine at between 1 and 2 percent by weight, having found this to be the Goldilocks optimum, neither too harsh nor too mild. Reducing this percentage by a factor of 10 would make it very difficult for cigarettes to become addictive. Reducing it even further would make addiction virtually impossible. Kids might start smoking, but they wouldn’t have trouble quitting.
Really? What a load of bollocks!  Nicotine has already been reduced - cigarettes today are not like they used to be before they were meddled with.
The beauty of the Tobacco Control Act signed by President Barack Obama in 2009 is that while the F.D.A. is barred from requiring the removal of allnicotine from cigarettes, or from banning cigarettes altogether, the agency can set a maximum nicotine level in the interest of public health. So though the tobacco industry cannot be forced to reduce nicotine to zero, it could be required to cut the level by, say, 99 percent.
The BEAUTY? Beauty?

Come on.
If the industry is serious about what it claims to want, maybe cigarette makers should sit down with the F.D.A. and hammer out a plan to end this catastrophic and entirely preventable epidemic.
This catastrophic and entirely preventable epidemic has been made worse by Tobacco Control interfering with the product. Give smokers proper cigarettes made with proper NATURAL tobacco as it once used to be. It should have been required that cigarettes be manufactured to high standards, with the best ingredients.  THAT'S what you should have done. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Remember all our hard work in Brussels?

I have never heard of the group

Corporate Europe Observatory

They expose corporate lobbying at the European Union. That's a good thing, yes?

In their leader, they say 
'Brussels is at the centre of EU decision-making and as such attracts thousands of lobbyists promoting the interests of big business. In this section you can find basic information about this corporate lobbying and how it affects you as a citizen.'
That's a good thing, yes?

So, I did a bit of surfing around on their site looking for 'Smokefree', ASH and other lobby groups.

Well, they don't seem to be lobby groups - just NGO's.

I see my protest blogging started in 2012 with posts called

By 2013, us vapers and smokers were working hard - HARD! 

HURRY,HURRY,HURRY Vapoteurs! Links to share on my behalf- pleeeese!

Our guts were pouring out in the end. Some of us just collapsed under the strain. Other stubborn ones carried on. They are still at it! I thank them all for fighting so hard - the vapoteurs united! Every single small action by a ton of ordinary folk led to a tsunami of citizens  across the European Union trying to change our future as the death knell sounded for US by decree from World Rulers - Tobacco Control.

Would you like to know what was thought about us in the European Union?

I quote -

Paul Murphy MEP explained that in the Parliament, MEPs “are subjected to a lot of astroturf campaigning in the sense that it is manufactured. We get emails from so-called ordinary constituents about electronic cigarettes. But they are really detailed about the Directive.”
‘Astroturf’ is the name given to seemingly grass roots campaigns, that have actually been established, encouraged and sometimes funded by companies and corporate lobby groups interested in their success. One MEP assistant told CEO: “They have organised online, created electronic cigarette forums. They’re quite an aggressive lobby”. Another said: “We get a lot of abuse on Twitter about calling for more legislation on electronic cigarettes.”
Totally Wicked, another UK electronic cigarette firm, sent every MEP an e-cigarette. One MEP commented incredulously that “They are sending addictive drugs to MEPs. It is quite incredible”. Jutta Haug MEP from the S&D said she had been “strongly lobbied by electronic cigarette users”. The rapporteur on the Tobacco Products Directive, Linda McAvan MEP, has also said that “There is a very aggressive attitude.”
The tobacco lobby – and e-cigarette industry – has been intensifying its lobbying offensive towards the European Parliament. Their tactics and strategies have included frequent calls, emails and invitations for drinks and meals; the distribution to MEPs of product samples; turning up to MEP offices without prior arrangements; putting pressure on MEPs to table amendments that are in their interests; orchestrating email and social media campaigns; and, indirect lobbying through small retailers, anti-counterfeiting firms and farmers’ groups. All of this should be seen in the context of the UN FCTC – which prohibits contacts between public health policy-makers and the tobacco industry unless strictly necessary to regulate it, and then only under complete public transparency.
The bulk of our research, including contacts with MEPs, has indicated that:
  • Many MEPs, their assistants and advisers have described an intense or even 'aggressive' lobby from tobacco industry representatives, particularly in regards to high numbers of telephone calls, emails and requests for meetings. Others seem to be less targeted, and note public health NGOs, although far fewer in number and resources, also have a prominent lobby presence.
  • It is apparent that the tobacco lobby knows who to target to achieve the best results (for its interests), in particular targeting MEPs that they see as more receptive to their arguments as well as those on opinion giving – rather than the lead committee on the Tobacco Products Directive – committees.
  • The electronic cigarette industry has in recent months represented a particularly vociferous lobby, notably using social media campaigns, ‘astro turfing’ tactics as well as the distribution of free samples.
  • Only some political groupings, as well as certain individual MEPs – notably including the rapporteur on the Directive - are publicly disclosing meetings and contacts with tobacco industry representatives. There is not yet a consistent implementation of the UN FCTC rules on contacts with tobacco lobbyists by the European Parliament. There have even – very worryingly – been signals from the Parliament that suggest they do not consider the FCTC to be legally binding on them and consequently see no need for a consistent approach to transparency around tobacco contacts.
  • There is evidence that industry-sourced amendments have made their way more or less word-for-word into the amendments proposed by some MEPs. Two MEPs in particular appear to have largely copy-pasted from the documents showing amendments in the industry's favour – and contrary to the strengthening of public health policy.
With a key European Parliament ENVI committee vote on new tobacco legislation taking place later this week, this report is a curtain-raiser on the scale and intensity of tobacco industry lobbying that has been going on in the Parliament in recent months. The tobacco industry has a long record of manipulation and disinformation, which has - uniquely - resulted in international law intended to minimise interactions between the tobacco industry and public-health policy makers. The lobby battle around the EU's new Tobacco Products Directive however shows considerable activity from traditional tobacco lobbyists as well as e-cigarette companies, resulting in numerous contacts between policy-makers and the tobacco industry, many of which are subject to little or no transparency. The concerns expressed by many MEPs about the apparent tobacco industry amendments tabled via their Parliamentary colleagues, indicates that the tobacco lobby is having significant success where it should not even be having significant access.
For every vaper/smoker/non-vaper/non-smoker/friends/families that personally sacrificed their time, their money, their relationships, the 'astroturfers' all, that fought in this campaign, I salute you!

Tobacco Industry? My foot!

In actual fact the 'astroturfers' you ignored - millions of us - yes millions - were just ordinary people like me.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why should smokers defend vapers?

I recently published a post called Why should vapers defend smokers. a lot of people have read it.

But today, I want to ask why smokers should defend vapers.

There has been such bad blood between vapers and smokers with vapers resorting to all the Tobacco Control language like 'the filthy habit of smoking' 'stinkies' (for cigarettes) and repeating Tobacco Control catch phrases and dodgy science about smoking. Even 'vaping saves lives' can be seen as a judgment on smokers.

Smokers see vapers as trampling all over THEM whilst trying to get approval at cost to the already persecuted smoker.

The treatment and complete disregard for smokers has been abominable. My rage was ignited when, as a smoker, on a training course, I was 'allowed' to smoke in a 1910 urinal, uncleaned from that time, stinking of old pee that encrusted the walls and floor - an unused 'room' at the end of the building that was 'the smoking room'. This was way back when businesses were required to provide smoking rooms. I was a dignified woman, being trained to manage other dignified women, and we had to cower in an unclean urinal, trying not to heave or touch anything. The company for whom I actually worked had provided us with a perfectly good smoking room, so the complete disrespect was a stark, offensive thing to me.

There were many, many offensive things done to me as a smoker. I have not forgotten.

But I shall tell you of this experience which branded on my mind that Tobacco Control was the most evil thing and very dangerous in its ideology. I had flown back from Paris. (where there was a charming open air garden in the middle of the airport where smokers could smoke) to Manchester airport. The smokers on the plane, me included, that were travelling up to Cumbria, made a beeline for the station - the OPEN AIR station, to enjoy a cigarette. There were new 'NO SMOKING' signs everywhere. No smoking on an open air station? So we lit up. Within minutes there were airport staff on the platform with squeegy bottles of water spraying those of us who refused to put our cigarettes out. People were shocked. We were being physically attacked in our own country by insane 'enforcers'. We were attacked by our own countrymen.

So you will see that inciting the citizens of a country to attack their own countrymen for an ideology, is not far off dangerous stuff that can spin out of control to much deeper, evil actions.

Smokers in the UK may be attacked in any way, by law, by taxes, by exclusion, by insults, by vilification by anyone, anywhere, however they wish. It is approved of by the state.

There is only one word for such state approved violence in a country - unacceptable!

That is what vapers need to get their heads around. Stop buying into an evil system. Don't do it yourselves!


Smokers - look sharp - the arrival of vaping technology that every passing week is making vaping as pleasurable as smoking, is a wonderful thing for all smokers. Vapers might have insulted you in their efforts for survival, and I'm sorry for that. But suddenly it looks as if vaping will be 'normalised' for the first time in any Western Country. Vapers may vape at work

Smokers could take some time to consider that supporting vapers in their efforts for fairness towards themselves, could be very good for smokers too. Despite the dreadfully unethical actions that you have endured, the fact that there IS a substitute for smoking is a wonderful thing. It's not smoking as you really like to use tobacco, but it's a way to comfort and (even) give you pleasure.

And the best thing I like about vaping EVERYWHERE, which I do on purpose because it gives me such joy, is saying in my mind "Fuck you Tobacco Control, Go stuff yourselves!".

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Why should vapers defend smokers?

My video 'Letter to Theresa May' got shared big time through other people's posts and other bloggers. Unfortunately the election went poorly for Mrs May and it seems she might not be Prime Minister for very long. Also, she had to face two terrorist attacks and the burning of Grenfell Towers. I should imagine my letter is languishing in a file - or rubbish bin/trash dump somewhere in the UK.

I got a reply telling me Mrs May was a bit busy (!), but my letter would be passed to her. But actually Mrs May is still busy. She's trying to save her political life. The letter was a real paper letter - and the next one will be too. But next time, I'll address it to 'The Prime Minister'.

But what THIS post is about is why I defend smokers, when I myself have not smoked a cigarette since 2011.

My letter only concerned smokers - not vapers. 

Why am I not concerned about vapers?

Well I AM concerned about vapers and that's why I defend smokers.

Tobacco Control in all its forms, harm reduction activists, charities, lobby groups, World Health Organisation, The European Union Tobacco Control Directive and all anti-smokers are working at the Endgame.
 ‘the final stage of the process of ending tobacco use’.
 zero or close to zero prevalence of tobacco use), complete (or close to) ending of commercial sale of tobacco and tobacco use being fully denormalised in society, with virtually nil exposure of children to tobacco use
I repeat -  

Tobacco use being fully denormalised in society, with virtually nil exposure of children to tobacco use.

To me, this is something that is completely offensive, in every way -  morally, ethically, spiritually, ideologically, politically. Smoking is a lifestyle choice, not a mosquito, or bacterial infection that needs stamping out. It is not an epidemic in the way of Polio or Ebola. It is not even genital mutilation.

I find it astonishing that smokers are given no consideration even though most smokers do not die from smoking. Well -  in the 1960s it was reportedly 1 in 5.  In the 1990s  it was 1 in 3.  And lately, it is " up to half of all smokers" die from smoking. So you can see that Tobacco Control nocebos of medical porn on packets of cigarettes are making smokers die even more quickly than they did before!  (no joke actually)

Smoking is a pleasurable activity. Vapers substitute vaping for smoking.  Smoking and vaping are inseparable. 

Whatever is said and done to smokers is being done to us. The same regulations will apply.

And they already are being - Where can you still Vape?

Where can you smoke?

I have heard vapers say "Don't vape where you can't smoke". The Smoking Bans are the problem because smoking and vaping are perceived as the SAME. 

That's why we need to demand consideration for smokers. We need to demand an end to their persecution. Without legal consideration for smokers, there will be no respite for vapers either.

There needs to be a change in attitude to how smokers are treated.The torture screw needs to stop turning on them in the Tobacco Control attempt to reach The End Game. If vapers just chill out thinking they don't have to defend smokers because they don't smoke, THEY are going to be crushed in the torture screw too. And it won't make the least little difference on how 'harm reducing' vaping is compared to smoking. It won't make one jot of difference!

Defending smokers, which we so recently were, is a vaper's duty. Vapers are simply smokers that vape instead of smoking.

Vapers AND smokers need to stand together against The End Game. It's a most evil totalitarian ideology to which controlling the people by legislation is being attached. It is vile in its guise of being about our 'health'!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Letter to Theresa May

12th May 2017

Dear Mrs May,

I have great admiration for you. I am wishing you the very best for the coming elections. We need your strength to deliver Brexit safely to our country.

There is something I am hoping you would clear up for me – and many others like me. I would like to know how our government can continue to perpetrate abusive legislation against smokers through its laws?

Gradually over the last twenty years, I have watched how Tobacco Control have infiltrated our Health System. Under Labour, a total indoor smoking ban was pushed through Parliament when smokers were expecting a partial ban. It worried me that the law entered private property. That is not moral. But at least smokers were allowed to smoke in their own homes, psychiatric wards, prison and space rented as their “home”. I believe that the ban greatly affected our economy and made misery for millions of British citizens. I am talking about personal misery, loneliness and the destruction of communities and hardship for the older generation.

This is serious stuff for me.

As the years go by, I see the influence of Tobacco Control gradually lobbying for more and more – and more legislation against the people of this country - out door smoking bans, private vehicle smoking bans, hidden stock in shops, and now medical porn on plain packs. Such nocebos on packaging are a crime against the health of the people!

All these things that have come to pass, are totalitarianism in it's purest form. I find it very frightening that a small funded elite group that know what's best for everyone in the name of health, can come to have such power in the Government of this country. I am shocked that the government has ALLOWED it.

Our United Kingdom has the most restrictive smoking regulations – and it's NOT because it's the European Union's “fault”. It's ours! Our government has believed Tobacco Control ideology, especially the Second Hand Smoke idea that they “manufactured” to make every smoker guilty of harming others and every non smoker fearful of smokers.

What is wrong with us? How are we so blind?

So I need to find out who speaks for smokers in our government?

Who will say this is enough legislation?

Who will say “Enough is enough! In fact we need a roll back to sanity.”?

Who will see that we now live in an abusive society where smokers have no consideration in any way whatsoever and the persecution simply increases?

Who is saying that the Tobacco Control Industry influence needs to be stopped?

Who is weighing up the cost of Tobacco Control in all its forms in money spent by the government, the cost of implementing their ideology, the cost of black marketing and lost taxes and the cost of the suffering of the people?

Who is questioning the morality of stopping smokers smoking in psychiatric wards, in prison, in their own offices in their own homes, in their own homes, in the open air, outside hospitals, on station platforms, on beaches – beaches!? This is not ethical.

Who in this coming election will be giving smokers ANY hope that the insanity of the few who desire “The Endgame “ i.e a smoker free world, will be curtailed? And their offences against smokers stopped? A persecution of Christians, Buddhists, Coffee drinkers, cyclists, biscuit nibblers or any other lifestyle choice would never be accepted in a fair country. Our thinking has been vitiated by design.

There are millions of smokers who are waiting to hear who will give them some consideration.

I am hoping YOUR government will have some consideration for the smokers who have had no voice, no power, no media support and no confidence to describe their pain.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The healing power of smoking (vaping)

There is something evil in the air worldwide - and its not smoke or vapour. What the evil is, is the intrusion of The Tobacco Control Industry into the private lives of smokers and vapers and their malice aforethought in re-sculpting the whole of society.

I shall use smoking to mean vaping and smoking. For vapers, the way smokers are treated is the absolute pivot of their own treatment in the world. To defend ourselves, we have to defend smokers.

I believe, the suppression of smoking, has caused a devastating alteration in society. It is especially noticeable here, where I live in the United Kingdom. Where I am, is, of course, the only place I have experienced. I see that since the smoking ban that came in in 2007, thousands of people are lonelier, more isolated and more depressed than before the ban. Society has been weakened. Smokers have been weakened. People have been weakened. The inner spirit, the verve, the "guts" of the population has drained away. The use of alcohol and other drugs has increased and suicide rates have gone up. Mental health is a problem. Cancer rates have increased. Guilt is the stick to beat any person who becomes ill here. Your condition, whatever it is, is because of your lifestyle. You smoked, someone else smoked, you ate badly, you drank too much, you got sick.

Political correctness has been pushed since about 2000 and absurd laws here forbid actions or speech that might offend others to the point that the citizens of this country, have become mightily dis-empowered.

People are bombarded by anti smoking, anti health, anti freedom propaganda constantly as The Tobacco Control Industry lobby our parliament for more and more legislation against smokers. Having pushed them out of doors into the streets, smokers are being banned from the streets, parks and even beaches! This is the plan of the "Endgame" in Tobacco Control. It is genocide of smokers worldwide. Furthermore, any protest here in the UK has been completely muzzled through the disapproval of any speech defending the habit of smoking or smokers. Talking about smoking is not politically correct, unless it is to denigrate it.

There is a healing power in smoking. Many people use smoking unknowingly as medicine, to control mood, supply pleasure, focus their minds, relax, uplift and help them cope with life. They smoke to be creative, to be social, to amplify aspects of coping - to fill holes, to comfort. Smoking is not simply a filthy habit. In each person's life, smoking is fulfilling something required.

Tobacco is an extraordinary plant - medicinal in many ways, and, once, cigarettes were made with natural tobacco. The crime that Tobacco Control has committed is to meddle with consumer choice, demanding "safer"cigarettes of manufacturers causing modern tobacco products and the production process to change.  Added to this, the use of medical porn on cigarette packs, together with constant anti smoking propaganda, they have criminally infected the minds of the whole of society. Once, cigarette packs held a single warning "smoking kills". I believe the harm of Tobacco Control is to have created a situation where smoking will kill much quicker than it has ever done at any time by their brain-fear dogma drip-feed, plain packs, hidden stock in shops and wild science. Anti smoking busybody healthists, have completely overlooked the beneficial aspects to a society that smokes.

It has produced a society dessicated of the old vitality of the smoking era.

Something has died. There is an evil in the air. The prohibitions placed on our people here, in the UK and other countries on smoking, on thinking, on speaking out, on personal choice, substituting guilt for self esteem, is totalitarianism. It is a monstrous plot against people, to make them weak and feeble and accepting of their own repression.

As a vaper who is in my 6th year of not smoking, I believe that whatever is done to smokers by the Tobacco Control lobbyists applying their noose of Government regulation, is done to me. Tobacco Control is part of a wider plan in our world, it's not just about tobacco - it's about taming the people. It's about the politics of power.

I shall NOT be a tame vaper. I am first and foremost, a SMOKER.

I will not become a tame person, accepting of my repression so that my rulers may manipulate me into conforming to their will. 

Smoking is not filthy habit that needs eradication. Smokers smoke for their own personal healing - for a thousand different reasons. Smoking should be made safer by the use of natural tobacco and legislation against the harmful additives put into commercial cigarettes. The biggest failing of Tobacco Control is prohibition without ever considering what smoking does for society, or making certain that cigarettes are strong, real and satisfying. But compliant, fearful and feeble citizens are the desired product for any developing totalitarian society.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The wolf in sheep's clothing - Tobacco Control and other animals

I have ranted against the Tobacco Control Industry in many posts. (Here with capital letters)

The Tobacco Control Industry, for me is all the institutions, groups and charities involved with social engineering in all its forms. They are the authors of the purge on smoking.

I have an internal dislike of all of it. I physically churn when I think of the smoking ban, the eviction of smokers into the outdoors, the eviction of smokers from outdoors to not the outdoors - but where? The regulations not to smoke in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and even rented homes, cars, airports, train stations hospital grounds, beaches even.

And the long lists of other places.

I am not a smoker anymore. I vape, but I think like a smoker.

I am watching how tobacco control in all its forms is morphing vaping. And vapers. Many vapers are just holier than thou ex-smokers spewing out tobacco control mantras and buying in to the harm reduction idea. Vapers are not EX-smokers, to me. Vapers are smokers that vape instead of smoking.

Vapers are smokers that vape instead.

And as such, I feel, we should be concerned with tobacco control which is a wolf in sheep's clothing for us too. We need the same illumination about the idea of tobacco control. It's the IDEA that upsets me.

It is Totalitarianism - protecting people from what is observed by our betters as "bad". It is patriarchy - obsessive and discriminatory. Tyrannical. It is controlling, not so much of tobacco, but of people. Tobacco control is about manipulating people.

Tobacco control has made a monstrous uniformity of thinking in our society. It's a cultural construct and from the very start it has had an agenda to groom us by fear and guilt and shame.

Not smoking is an  idea promoted to be a collective idea - it removes personal responsibility from the individual to voluntary engage in the problem of smoking, by legislation. It makes non smokers feel safe from the deliberately constructed idea that second hand smoke is dangerous to them.

It has been a violent forcing of people to conform to an ideology, by poisoning their ideas. I'm not joking about this. You should hear the vicious rhetoric against smokers (and vapers) by the puppets of tobacco control ideas on the Internet.

Smokers are prey to legislated montrousness. Vapers - be prepared for the same.

The press are muffled into silence by political correctness - there is no defence of smokers, nor any consideration of them. Smoking/smokers always have negative press. Have you noticed the same about vaping recently? That's the wolf at work.

Never underestimate the wolf. It has guile beyond imagination!

You will realise how sick our society is when a story like this hits all the front pages of the newspapers. "Nurses grant dying man final wish – a cigarette and glass of wine"

A man has been granted his dying wish of a cigarette and a glass of white wine by staff at a hospital in Denmark.
The Tobacco Control Industry has removed your right to be free. You have to be "granted" your behaviour.

THAT is why I think the Tobacco Control Industry is an evil, sinister thing.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The friends of your enemies are not your friends

As a smoker who smoked for fifty years, I was emotionally traumatised by the actions of the new so called Tobacco Control industry that arose about twenty years ago in my life when I was first confronted by it in the UK.

Before that I was living in Africa - I smoked Rothmans. People could smoke anywhere. You either smoked, or you didn't smoke. But there were a growing number of people in my work - teaching - who didn't smoke. They didn't like "the smell". They just got disgruntled, when, in a meeting, they had to endure it. So we smoked before or after a meeting at their request. To me, that seemed reasonable.

Suddenly doctor's waiting rooms, dentists and so forth "requested" people not to smoke in the waiting room. There were signs that did the requesting. So we smoked before or after visiting the doctor.

I have two memories of this time in Africa as a mum with kids. May I remind you that parents smoked, or didn't smoke. We both smoked, my husband and I, in our own home - always. It would have appeared insane to "go outside" for a cigarette. Our children are middle aged now - none of them ever suffered from the horrors we are told second hand smoke causes. But that's beside the point.

Back to my memories.

Memory One. The specialist told me to wait for him at the main door of the children's ward where one of our kids was in quarantine for a scary, nasty, life-threatening infection. So I waited patiently at the door and finished my cigarette, tossing it into the sandbox especially there for cigarette butts. Sandboxes outside hospitals were ubiquitous then, as a consideration to smokers. Suddenly the doctor arrived with his white coat open and flying in the wind, in a real hurry. He was drawing on a cigarette as hard as he could to finish it before we had to go inside. He threw the butt away in the sandbox. Now there were two butts - mine - a Rothmans filter - and his - a plain Texan - the most ferocious fag you could get at the time. I wondered where HE smoked at his rooms.

Memory Two. Our family doctor was a laugh. Once when I was laughing at a joke he told, he looked at me seriously and said "You have a smoker's laugh. One day that will be how your death rattle sounds". Scary idea that, don't you think? It freaked me out. And probably true. Our family doctor was not a smoker. He was not old. He was a really good guy in the traditional "family doctor" (now forgotten) way. We had only just arrived in the UK nearly twenty years ago now, when I was shocked to hear he had died - of lung cancer. I've always wondered whether HIS death rattle would sound any different to mine.

When we arrived in the UK, we had a favourite coffee shop in the town we lived in. They served fantastic coffee and they had a smoking section. We were good customers. One day, I remember arriving there in the grey drizzle of a horrid English day, to find the smoking section gone, and smokers "requested" to smoke outside. That was my last visit. I drank coffee at home from then on.

That was my first experience of discrimination in the UK at a restaurant. But before that, anti smokers flapped their hands around or were rude to you about your smoking. I found that unpleasant but understandable. I've never been a Pub goer but Pubs were places of friendliness and smokers. But, like an unstoppable tsunami, the tide changed against smokers.

Suddenly smokers had to have smoking rooms. These places were hideous even to us smokers for they were not properly ventilated - just odd places constructed by employers doing it on the cheap to comply with the law. One particular "smoking room" I had to use once on a course in Bradford, was the 1910 unaltered and unused men's urinal that stank of urine - and smoke. How disgusting was that? It was disgusting, because it was physically disgusting and disgusting in the attitude of the employer to his employees.

In 2007 the smoking ban was passed in the UK Parliament. It was SUPPOSED to consider smokers - but at the last minute it was changed and pushed through deviously by the Tobacco Control Industry. It banned all indoor smoking except in a place considered as your "home" - like your hotel room, prisons, etc.

By the Tobacco Control Industry I mean the over-ruling organisation called Tobacco Control, all their spawns, like charities that lobby government on their behalf, supported by government funding - how corrupt is that?!, that are ruling us.

These people - all of them, are the ones that have conspired to purposefully and with clear intent to reconfigure society to hate smokers and to be complicit in giving them NO CONSIDERATION in any way.

Think about that. Do you know of any other organisation that has the freedom to push governments world wide, to introduce new laws that work AGAINST their own citizens? Yes? Any?

Do you know of any organisation with a focused intention to rid the world of a specific group of people?

Now, as a vaper, I see them STILL at work. I have been abused as a smoker. I see I am going to be abused as a vaper.

My enemy has been Tobacco Control in all its forms. Tobacco Control has to be stopped because it has already abused society by manipulating it in a way that should ring alarm bells in everyone's heads. Society manipulated is a terrifying idea - imagine - manipulation, grooming, re-structuring, re-assembled to the specification of a small group intent on the destruction of another group.

If Tobacco Control was called LGBTQ Control, I would be against it too.

For vapers, I am warning - as I have done in the past - Tobacco Control is the enemy. Any friend of the enemy is NOT our friend. And anyone that talks in any way about the desired endgame of Tobacco Control which is smokercide has been conscripted by the enemy.

Vapercide is on the way!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Nautilus 2 Review

Here is a record of my struggles with Nautilus 2. Now into the third video "My Nautilus 2 Review" and I'm disappointed! 

  • Saturday, 18 February 2017

    Two old videos - one serious and the other after 5 months of vaping!

    Oh dear, I don't KNOW what hapenned here! I tried to improve the sound of the first video, and somehow it got hooked up with a video I've never seen before! - me after 5 months of vaping. At least I look enthusiastic in it! What a laugh. How annoying.

    And then, YouTube posted this all over social media as if I'd only just made it. What a pest.

    The thoughts in the first video are still valid today. It was posted in 2015, and the second in 2011.

    Thursday, 12 January 2017

    Hope? Hope? What the hell it that?

    Good god! These guys got funding to do this study?


    Popova L1So J2Sangalang A3Neilands TB4Ling PM4.

    Author information

    • 11 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA.
    • 22 University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA.
    • 33 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    • 44 University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA.

    >>>adult nonsmokers and current smokers viewed advertisements for moist snuff, snus, and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) with various warning labels and then indicated their emotional responses in terms of anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt, disgust, discouragement, hope, and contentment. Outcomes were openness to using moist snuff, snus, and e-cigarettes in the future and interest in a free sample of each product. Data were analyzed in 2016.
    RESULTS: Hope was positively associated with openness and interest across all alternative tobacco products as was contentment for moist snuff and snus. Anger was negatively associated with openness to moist snuff and e-cigarettes, disgust negatively to moist snuff and snus, and anxiety negatively to e-cigarettes. Being a current smoker, ever trying a corresponding product, being male, and younger age were associated with greater openness to and interest in moist snuff and snus. For e-cigarettes, being a current smoker, ever trying e-cigarettes, and being female were associated with greater openness, and being a current smoker was associated with greater odds of selecting a free sample.
     CONCLUSIONS: Positive emotions, particularly hope, were consistently positively associated with interest in alternative tobacco products. Hope is widely used by tobacco and e-cigarette companies to advertise their products. Antitobacco messages should aim to lower hope associated with tobacco products but increase hope for cessation or life without tobacco.
    Link here

    Do Emotions Spark Interest in Alternative Tobacco Products?

    CONCLUSIONS: Positive emotions, particularly hope, were consistently positively associated with interest in alternative tobacco products.


    But what is the conclusion? Antitobacco (sic) messages should aim to lower hope associated with tobacco products but increase hope for cessation or life without tobacco.

    So, my questions are -
    Why include non-smokers?
    What warning labels were on snus and e cigarettes? 
    What definition did the researchers use to define "hope".
    What is "hope" actually.

    I'll tell you MY hope. I hope such dreadful science, will be laughed away.

    But no! These guys have been very,very busy. In fact there are eleven pages of their so called studies and citations - and they have been cited one hundred an one times!

    This is Tobacco Control at work. The mind boggles! Here is the PDF

    Here are a few of  the studies done by this crowd (and some citations)