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Monday, 30 September 2013

Scary Panda bed-time story for vapers!

I have just made this scary video. Enough for a nightmare! I'm not good in speaking - age related incoherance is a pest! Some things I say are not as succinct as other people better skilled than I am, put the problem. But I humbly hope the general idea is there  - maybe.

Anyway, wot-the-hell, it was fun.

If you think it's worth anything - please share!

We cannot go extinct - so we must get

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

And one more time - Go for it Vapoteurs in the UK - pretty please!

Oh dear  have been having a really hectic time with sick grandchildren so I haven't blogged for over a week! But I got myself into gear at the request of Chris Davies, MEP and I just produced another letter to my MEP's  (I'm so tired of it) but I hope this sounds fresh?

Dear Ms Mccarthy, and Mr Simpson, copy sent to Linda MacAvan

I am writing about something that the Labour Party is making an error on. Linda MacAvan (Labour) is the Rapporteur for the Tobacco Directive which meets to vote on October the 8th in the EU. She has been determined to make electronic cigarettes "medical devices" and it is the Labour Vote on that point that will turn what is now the one great opportunity to cut back on the habit of smoking tobacco worldwide, to the biggest error, by effectively banning electronic cigarettes as they are now, legislating that they are "medical devices". Electronic cigarettes are not medical devices. They are a safer alternative to smoking! If Labour meddles with them, as they, the only party in the UK, is trying to do, they show themselves up to be quite out of step with the thinking of others, vapers, academia and doctors alike.
Electronic cigarettes, as they are now, are THE best anti smoking tool to be given to the anti tobacco industry in history. Each vaper that vapes, uses a different setup to do so. We pay for our equipment ourselves. We choose how we combine our equipment to provide us with the best experience so that each one personally stays off tobacco. None of this is of any cost to any Government. And electronic cigarettes have been invented and spread worldwide without any impetus from Anti Tobacco
Electronic cigarettes are not a tobacco product.
Electronic cigarettes are not a medical product.
Electronic cigarettes are not a Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Electronic cigarettes are a consumer product.
Electronic cigarettes are already quite tightly regulated in the UK.
Electronic cigarettes are a substitute for tobacco for smokers.

For me, they have been miraculous. I gave up a fifty year smoking habit accidentally and with no intention of stopping smoking by switching to vaping. I am just one of millions of us in the European Union. The fact that science has not kept up with recording how efficient electronic devices are at stopping people smoking, is the fault of science, not the fact that these consumer devices are brilliantly successful.
An election will be upon us next year for MEP's and in 2015 for a General Election. One and a half million tobacco users are now vaping in the UK. Many, like me, are not smoking at all. Making electronic cigarettes medical devices will morph what we use now into useless "look a likee" cigarettes manufactured by medical companies, or compliant wealthy electronic cigarette companies, to standards set by legislators who think anti tobacco rather than anti harm. The result of the vote on the 8th in Brussels will have the most important outcome for millions of vapers in the EU. Making them "medical devices" is against current, modern thought. And will be a Labour Party policy error of extreme stupidity, going against the flow of learnt wisdom.

Please do not do it.
Yours sincerely
My Chris Davies letter request is here below with all the email addresses you need! Go for it vapoteurs!
E-cigs - I need your help
Dear Friend,

The European Parliament will vote on October 8 to determine its position as to whether to classify e-cigarettes as medicines, potentially restricting their availability, adding cost and forcing some manufacturers out of business.

I believe that e-cigarettes could be a game changer in helping people to get off tobacco and live healthier lives.  My impression is that there is growing momentum behind this view but we are still some way off winning the vote.  We need a positive and decisive result to ensure that e-cigs remain at least as available as tobacco products in order to send a strong message to those who will be negotiating a final agreement between MEPs and EU governments.

This is why I need your help.

Obviously we need support from MEPs in 28 different countries but Parliament's rapporteur (team leader if you like) is British Labour MEP Linda McAvan.  Until now she has supported the medicines regulatory approach, and so have all her British Labour colleagues.  If they can be persuaded to move it could make all the difference.  We can already count on the support of my Liberal Democrat colleagues, together with British Conservatives.  On this issue even UKIP MEPs may cast a vote, and if they do it will be along the lines we wish.

I have attached the email addresses of Labour MEPs to the bottom of this email. 

The most effective way of persuading them is NOT to send identical e-mails to all.  I would encourage you to write only to the MEPs for the region in which you live, and tell your personal story about why e-cigs have made a difference to you.

With regards

Chris Davies MEP
Liberal Democrat spokesman on the environment and public health committee
Labour MEPs
Glenis Willmott MEP - East Midlands -
Arlene McCarthy MEP - North West -
Derek Vaughan MEP - Wales -
Richard Howitt MEP - Eastern -
Mary Honeyball MEP - London -
Claude Moraes MEP - London -
Stephen Hughes MEP - North East -
Brian Simpson MEP - North West -
David Martin MEP - Scotland -
Catherine Stihler MEP - Scotland -
Peter Skinner MEP - South East -
Michael Cashman MEP - West Midlands -
Linda McAvan MEP - Yorkshire and the Humber -

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No. I won't do Stoptober

This was my Last Year's Stoptober blog.

For me nothing has changed  I still vape. But if I were a smoker, I'd be just as pissed off as I was last year.  Why should smokers be challenged to stop smoking? Whoever is left are the last bastion. I consider myself one of them. And the others will become the last bastion under more and more pressure they are made to endure. Smokers have been singled out for discrimination and persecution like no other group I can think of. The Government is spending money on this Stoptober thing - MY money! Smokers consume a perfectly legal product from which the Governments of all countries scoop off a huge profit after smokers have paid for their own smoking related illnesses. They do not cost anything. They are a money making asset to any country.

Switch to vaping  which is now eroding tobacco sales and Government taxes profits, and there is a scramble to get vaping under control so it can make billions for Governments and their lobby groups by medicalising it.

In the Stoptober campaign, they will be pushing NRT. They will not be pushing vaping as a way to get through a whole month of not smoking.

I will make it my business not to encourage anyone to stop smoking in any way at all. If folks wish to smoke, that's OK by me. It's their choice. Also, I am aware that in a few years time (if the nitwits who rule us haven't been able to secure vaping for their own profit) I might be paying for an "event" that encourages all filthy disgusting nicotine addicts, to stop "using" for a month with taxes levied on vaping.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Well I never! Do you know this? Steeping

I make my own e liquid and I admit I am rarely on Forums so I'm sure there are huge holes in my knowledge; but I never knew about this! (Thank you Cool Breeze)

When I say I make my own e liquid, I mix a base. I fill my tank with base and add flavouring. Maybe I should change my method of production. I think I'm missing out!

"Essentially steeping (in the context that we are interested in, i.e. for e-liquids), is a process, or number of processes, used to blend, age and mature an e-liquid, to the point where the best flavour can be obtained from vaping it.

Steeping will provide the best possible flavour from our e-juice by rounding out any harsh flavours, blending multiple flavours together, developing, maturing or ageing flavours. Flavourings need to completely diffuse into the base liquid.

In addition, air is required to interact with the e-liquid, this causes oxidation, replenishing the air in the bottle will help oxidation and in turn quicken steeping, leaving the cap off helps (but make sure it is in a safe position, out of the reach of children and pets). As an e-liquid steeps it will normally darken, this can be an indication as to when an e-liquid has matured, and usually the higher the Nicotine strength, the darker your e-liquid will turn.

This is a recommendation for all e-liquids not just ours, all will improve with some steeping, manufacturers usually bottle as soon as an e-liquid is made, this halts the steeping process to a degree, employing the “cap off and dark warm place method”, will improve 99.9% of e-liquids."

And there follows  Various methods used to steep e-liquids


The first and most traditional method of steeping is “Time”. Leaving the top off the bottle (allowing air to get to it) will steep and improve an e-liquid by itself, this is usually done by placing the opened bottle in a warm dark place for anything from a day or two up to a week, occasionally giving the bottle a squeeze to expel the air in it and replenish it with fresh air. Benefits are naturally steeped and matured juice, disadvantage, the length of time it takes.
Steeping however, in particular the time element, can be reduced by also employing a number of additional methods.


Vigourous shaking, stirring, etc will help, allow time for the air bubbles to rise to the surface and then repeat again (as many times as you want).

Water Bath Heating

Putting the bottle of juice in a warm (not hot) water bath will shorten the time it takes to mature an e-liquid, it firstly thins the e-liquid and allows interchange and fusion at a molecular level. However, HEAT is an enemy of Nicotine, it will degrade the Nicotine content if too hot. WARM not HOT water is advised.


Be sure to take the cap off first!
Another method of heating is a microwave. This acts like above, but also has another action thought to do with increased molecular particle fusion when e-liquid is blasted with microwaves. Once again, Heat is an enemy of Nicotine, so use in short 1 sec bursts to get it warm, not hot. 

Using any (or a combination) of the above methods and then allowing time in a warm dark place, will improve any e-liquid considerably. This isn’t something I’ve tried myself, but having read quite a lot of forums and discussion boards/Facebook, Reddit etc, I know this is a very popular method.

How long do I let an e-liquid steep?

The answer is “as long as it takes”. No two e-liquids are the same, or will taste the same to you or me. Not only are peoples’ taste buds different, also the time that they have been tobacco smoke free will make a difference. Someone who still smoke the occasional “cigarette” may not realise it, but their taste buds will not be in “tip top” condition compared to someone who has not smoked a cigarette for weeks, months or even years. 

Only you can say when an e-liquid tastes “great” it may be as little as a day or two, but, you will have to experiment, one thing is definite, given time to mature and using some of the methods above, they will improve from the first opening of a bottle.

This is a recommendation for all e-liquids not just ours, all will improve with some steeping, manufacturers usually bottle as soon as an e-liquid is made, this halts the steeping process to a degree, employing the “cap off and dark warm place method”, will improve 99.9% of e-liquids. Because we make all e-liquids “fresh to order”, you can be sure that the e-liquid you purchase from us has not been sitting around in a store room for months. This means that every bottle of e-liquid you purchase from us will be at the same point, so you can repeat the process which suits you best and get the same result.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Aaaah no! Aaaah yes!

Aaaah no! I can now report that Giant Ecuadorian Prawns dripping in garlic lemon butter RUINS your vape flavour. 

Aaaah yes! I can also report that a large piece of chocolate brings the palate back to life and vaping tastes great again!

To prove this scientifically I am going to have to repeat this experiment over and over again to collect subjective stats.

I don't mind.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dave Dorn - from me to you - you're wonderful!

I was uplifted today watching this - this episode of Vapour Trails TV - it is a must for all vapoteurs.  See below....

In a world of insanity against smokers and vapers, all the discussion here in this debate never once trashed smokers or smoking. Smoking is NOT a healthy habit, I can feel the difference in my own body now I don't smoke. It is a very normal occupation for many. I believe Second Hand Smoke dangers have been grossly over exaggerated by a vengeful Tobacco Control in a desperate attempt to make us conform to their desire to eradicate smoking. Smoking genocide so to speak. In the process they have been allowed to say things and do things that have caused legislative vengeance to be performed against smokers (one quarter of the population) that would never have been perpetrated against any other segment of the population, say Black, Gay, or Disabled people. Tobacco is a legal product.

Legislative vengeance is the law that bans smokers from smoking indoors in ventilated rooms or outdoors anywhere.  My brain still shorts out wondering how such a law could ever be legal!

So, I held my breath wondering what insults, obscenities, lies and defamities I would hear in a debate about vaping from those who are also anti tobacco when Dave and Sav went to London yesterday. I think Dave's talk was wonderful! It was straight from his heart. I love his passion.  We vapers owe him a huge debt of gratitude and thanks. And in this discussion of the benefits of vaping, no one trashed the smokers. Vapoteurs, if you don't know who Dave Dorn is, let me introduce you!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vaping cloud cuckoo land

 These were my "e-cigarette" notifications of press coverage yesterday - spot the weapon of choice?  Can't get us on second hand vapour, but they CAN by emphasising "the Cheeeldren".  I've been through the anti smoking vengeance - so I think this is just the beginning for vapers. If we expose the tactics Tobacco Control purposefully used to sculpt the attitudes of society to smoking, and not fall victim to them ourselves, we might be able to rescue ourselves from the same fate.    But we CANNOT live in cloud cuckoo land, thinking what happened to smokers, will not happen to us.  Kids' use of e-cigarettes increasing Edmonton Journal
FILE - A sales associate demonstrates the use of a electronic cigarette and the smoke like vapor that comes from it in Aurora, Colo. on Wednesday, March 2...
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Children's use of e-cigarettes increasing, study finds CTV News
ATLANTA -- Children - like adults - are increasingly trying electronic cigarettes, according to the first large U.S. study to gauge use by middle and high school ...
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E-cigarettes popular with teens; snake found in Starbucks; Sofia ... Plain Dealer
Electronic Cigarettes Teen use of electronic cigarettes has doubled. Read more about this and other popular stories trending online today.Associated Press file.
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Electronic Cigarettes Gaining in Popularity Among Youths Doctors Lounge
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Teen use of e-cigarettes on the rise The Tennessean
R.J. Reynolds said its VUSE-brand electronic cigarettes are targeted only at adults. / Reynolds American Inc. / Associated Press ...
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E-cigarettes As Effective As Nicotine Patches, Study Says Everyday Health
Electronic cigarettes were just as effective as nicotine patches for helping people quit smoking in a new study, but experts caution more research is needed.
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More teens using electronic cigarettes than ever before WKYC-TV
Last year, 10% of high school students say they tried e-cigarettes, up from 4.7% in 2011, according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey released Thursday by ...
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Children's use of e-cigarettes rises Enterprise-Record
A sales associate demonstrates the use of a electronic cigarette and the smoke like vapor that comes from it in Aurora, Colo. on Wednesday, March 2, 2011.
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Study: Children's use of e-cigarettes increasing Houston Chronicle
ATLANTA (AP) — Children — like adults — are increasingly trying electronic cigarettes, according to the first large national study to gauge use by middle and ...
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Kids' use of e-cigarettes increasing ; health officials worry it will lead ...
ATLANTA – Children – like adults – are increasingly trying electronic cigarettes, according to the first large national study to gauge use by middle and high ...
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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Stealth? Or discreet? Up yours, antis, either way!

There was a suggestion in the comments of my last blog, that I should call "stealth vaping" "discreet vaping" Because "stealth" indicated that we need to hide. Trouble is, the way the antis are winding people up about vaping - especially not in public or in front of cheeeldren, I think we are going to have to hide. I think every vapoteur should learn to stealth vape. Stealth vaping is the technique of holding the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds and then breathing in a second time, and holding before you exhale. There will be virtually no vapour on your out-breath.  That is stealth vaping - it's HIDING the vapour. I can't think of another word for it. It's more than discreet vaping. It's getting a nicotine fix with no outward indication to be seen. It's secret vaping. The cheeeldren wouldn't even notice.

Discreet, for me, means vaping in consideration of others - go round the corner, go out with the smokers, only vape in your car - that sort of thing. Being discreet. "discreet means careful, judicious, circumspect ( you can rely on him to be discreet ).

But I'm an angry smoker remember. I'm old, cross and wise. The twististics that have been churned out to terrify the population about the deadly poison of nicotine and the instant scythe of death second hand smoke will do to anyone in sniffing distance, will be used about US. I dn't think we'll be allowed to be discreet. We will have to be stealthy.

I'm an sccidental vaper with the heart of a smoker. As a rebel - I feel good - very good.

I love stealth vaping - everytime I do it, I think "Up yours, you won't stop me now!"

Thursday, 5 September 2013

What vaper doesn't know you can vape in the john?!

I just read this article

The 9 Laws Of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Guide For E-Cigarette Smokers

The question asked when it was posted was "Do you agree?"

And no - I don't agree!

Why don't I agree?  Well, this is why.

Rule One (no -sorry, its backwards) Rule Nine - You may not puff your e-cig at movies.
Well, I agree, you should not PUFF your e-cig at the movies, but there is nothing to stop you stealth vaping. Every vaper should learn to stealth vape so they can vape at the movies.

Rule Eight  - you may not vape at the dinner table. I always vape at the dinner table. And if it's not MY dinner table, I have found my hosts all know I vape and don't mind. In restaurants I go out with the smokers if I have to, but otherwise I stealth vape.

Rule Seven - Refrain from vaping in an open office (what is an open office?) but here again - stealth vape in the drawer or down your blouse, or in the stock cupboard or have a relaxed vape in the loo.

Rule Six - Don't vape in the john. Oh for God's sake!

Rule Five - Vaping isn't for quitters. After reading this several times it implies if you have an anologue, you have let other vapers down. You want an analogue? Be my guest - it's none of my business and I really don't mind! If you do have a cigarette, you haven't even let yourself down - the guilt about it will do you worse harm than the cigarette. Never feel guilty.

Rule Four - Don't vape e-cigs on public transportation. Again, stealth vape. Some transportation allows vaping - if it does - VAPE - spread the word!

Rule Three - Cigarette smokers are not your inferiors - don't act like they are. Praise! I agree. Let's patronise cigarette smokers by adding Rule Three.

Rule Two - Do not vape around children. Why not? The world is full of things children should see and know about. Children should know and see that some adults smoke cigarettes and others drink alcohol, or stuff themselves with food. They should see that people come in all colours, sizes, silliness and wisdom. Children should know and see that adults are not perfect, but are just grown ups doing stuff that grown ups do. That way, they will not be taken by surprise when they are grown up, or think your'e a lying git when they discover you vape.

Rule One - don't leave a trail of e-cig cartridges and wrappers lying around. Now this rule exposes all! These rules were not witten by a vaper. Thse rules were written by an anti-smoker to create the same restraints on vapers that are imposed on smokers. What vaper talks about "cartridges"?  When did YOU, dear reader, last use a "cartridge"?

And what vaper doesn't know you can vape in the john?!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Damned if we do - damned if we don't

I just did a surprise interview on Radio  Cumbria  - Kevin Fernihough doing "smoking" e-cigs. Alix Martin was on before me - and god knows what I actually said - I hadn't really got up yet - and I still haven't cleaned my teeth even now. We both made it clear that we "smoked"! electronic cigarettes as a substitute for smoking. Alix pointed out that her electronic e-cigs looked nothing like cigarettes. And we were both asked if we thought a Derby football club handing out e-cigs to be used by smokers on the stands was a good idea. Well - of course we both did.

Trouble is, after that, there was me trying to tune into Radio Cumbria. Couldn't find it! It's not on the Telly and my brand new very expensive windows 8 laptop would not play it in desktop - but I have discovered more machinations by Microsoft. On a touchscreen windows 8, you have everything you need to do everything you want on Internet Explorer ONLY. I never use Internet Explorer on principle. I only use Microsoft, having used Ubuntu for years, because everybodybloodyelse does and in my work I have to.

So by the time I tuned in, all I heard was negative stuff.

So I have been thinking how we vapers damn ourselves.

We damn ourselves by admitting vaping is a substitute for smoking. Anti-smokers will be baying for blood - and as someone on the program pointed out - vaping is just normalising smoking and kids will do it. And also - it's not "safe".

We damn ourselves to smokers by arse creeping to the anti-smokers, pointing out vaping stops people smoking - ie - quit smoking - the disgusting stinking habit.  Yet anti smokers are not having the same illusion! They can see what vaping really is.

75% of vapers doing my survey think they are "ex"smokers. That is true for them, but not to the antis.

Soubry and her ilk  in the EU are doing their devils work because they want to get control of this modern form of smoking before it replaces the old fashioned form. They must be scared witless.They still think the Tobaco Companies invented vaping and us activist bloggers, youtubers and tweeters are in their pay!

Vaping is the modern form of smoking damns us because smoking is so disgusting and shameful we can hardly articulate it and it is not politically correct - see Soubry confession.

Vaping is the modern form of quitting damns us because smoking is disgusting and shameful - and we have to work hard to get around why vaping needs to be medicalised.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Vapers are losing friends in our effort to save ourselves. Is there a solution?

How do us vapers protect our electronic cigarettes from being medicalised by the know-it-all Tobacco Control Industry?

I have blogged before about how uncomfortable I feel about trashing smokers in our desperate attempt to protect ourselves. We are making enemies for ourselves - enemies of people who were our friends. (read the responses)

My response which was actually longer than appears there, was to ask how we should protect vaping from intrusive legislation seeing it is is by all intents and purposes, the new kind of smoking. The only branch we can hang onto in the anti-smoking current carrying everything away from us, is that vaping is less harmful than smoking burning tobacco.

I am very uncomfortable when vapers try to rescue us by tramping on the heads of smokers and trashing the habit which was theirs too. I am sorry we are losing friends - good friends - through our behaviour.

I cannot see any way we can avoid our own drowning, and wish there was some solution.

In my survey our attitude to smoking and smoking are interesting. Only 10% of us felt we were smokers that vape. 75% feel they are ex-smokers. Only 6% are dual users.

26% feel smoking is "disgusting" and 48% - nearly half of us - feel smokers should change to vaping. A quarter of us feel we can't defend smoking anymore and a quarter (more or less) say they do. A small amount of vapers feel vapers and smokers cannot unite and a third feel we can.

I wish there was some way we could work together, we already - both smokers and vapers, have so many enemies. We are doing ourselves a disservice and I am sad we lost a friend.

I consider myself a smoker but I vape instead 281 26 9.25%
371 39 10.51%
408 43 10.54%
I am an ex-smoker that vapes 281 202 71.89%
371 280 75.47%
408 305 74.75%
I am a dual user. I vape and smoke 281 19 6.76%
371 19 5.12%
408 23 5.64%
I think smoking is a disgusting habit 281 65 23.13%
371 93 25.07%
408 108 26.47%
Smokers should change to vaping 281 126 44.84%
371 170 45.82%
408 194 47.55%
Smokers should smoke if they want to 281 85 30.25%
371 112 30.19%
408 120 29.41%
I cannot defend smoking anymore 281 63 22.42%
371 84 22.64%
408 96 23.53%
I still defend smokers 281 65 23.13%
371 88 23.72%
408 93 22.79%
Smokers and vapers cannot unite 281 14 4.98%
371 24 6.47%
408 27 6.62%
Smokers and vapers should unite 281 96 34.16%
371 119 32.08%
408 128 31.37%