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Monday, 30 June 2014

Perfect Vaping Pillars - but not in the Land of Oz

Clive Bates has uploaded a new post on his blog.  He talks about "The Four Pillars" for regulation of e cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems - what he calls "low risk" products.

I think his Four Pillars are good.  Please read his post HERE for his rationales.

Yet, yet.

The problem is still the ideology of the Tobacco Control Industry Complex.  The ideology has morphed into a collusive, corrupt, profitable self sustaining anti nicotine "group".  Society has been engineered so profoundly by the Anti Tobacco Complex, that the public mind can be activated very quickly to believe anything. In Spain the fear of electronic cigarettes has been a good example of what might  happen world-wide if prohibitionists get their way. Carrying on smoking is very profitable to the Complex, and in Spain, that is exactly what is happening. Smokers have been turned away from electronic cigarettes.

I personally think that even vapers' "friends" in the Tobacco Control Complex - and there are a good few, have NO IDEA of how powerful the "group" is. They themselves, have been engineered, and like Dorothy and all the people in The Land of Oz, do not understand who is working the machinery.

Nevertheless, Clive's Four Pillars are well good for a perfect vaping world. But the world is controlled by Oz - the Tobacco Control Complex. The curtains need to be drawn back on THAT. Then Spain won't happen to the whole world.

These are Clive's excellent regulatory "Pillars"

Summarized Quote
1.To raise the standards of products and industry practice
Rationale: Primarily to increase consumer confidence and to provide appropriate protection of the health and safety of users.(read more on the post)
2. To maintain and enhance the appeal of the reduced risk products relative to cigarettes
Rationale: To encourage the greatest number of smokers to switch – retaining focus on the dominant health effect: the health and welfare improvement to smokers who switch, rather than marginal reductions in risk to vapers.(read more on the post) 
3. To promote, rather than inhibit, innovation, diversity and competition in low risk alternatives to smoking
Rationale: So that these products become better alternatives to smoking over time and more smokers find products that suit them.(read more on the post)
4. To protect against unwanted or unintended consequences
Rationale: Avoiding practices or products that would tend to increase smoking, but recognising that regulators control product specifications and business practices, not the behaviour of users (see discussion on regulating population effects). (read more on the post) End quote

And then follows these pleasing visuals to demonstrate the sweet spot in regulating nicotine delivery systems..

From his post, quote

Diminishing returns

A further point… this graphic illustrates the potential for mischief in regulation: the tacit collusion between regulators and large players to raise regulatory barriers to entry.  It might be unintentional or even well-meaning on the part of the bigger players, (my bold) but the effect can be predatory in terms of its impact on the market as a whole:
diminishing returns 2

End quote

"It might be unintentional or even well-meaning on the part of the bigger players"? No Clive - you are too nice! Who will pull open the curtain and expose the great Oz?! While he is "great and powerful", your perfect four pillars cannot stand. The Wizard will use all his tricks to obfuscate your truth unless he is exposed. Who will be Dorothy? I do not have the answer.

Dorothy needs to be a "leader" in the land of Oz, with enough drive to get to The Emerald City. And then, with enough courage, to pull open the curtain. The Great Oz will be unable to rule the land when it is seen who he really is. Until then, the people in the Land of Oz will simply go on believing.

It's SUCH a shame!

(The Great Oz is the ruler of the Land of Oz and highly venerated by his subjects who believe he is the only man capable of solving their problems. Eventually, it is revealed that Oz is actually an ordinary conman, who has been using a lot of elaborate magic tricks and props to make himself seem "great and powerful.")

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Vaping is terribly BAD for you

I feel really quite hopeless about the state of things I see.

On Sunday I attended an event. A friend I hadn't seen for months, who knew I vaped, greeted me by saying "Ooo, I see such a lot about vaping in the news. And then I think of you. You really must stop - did you know vaping is terribly BAD for your health!" I looked at her in utter astonishment completely dumbstruck.

My brain has become dumbstruck.

The person warning me about vaping is just an ordinary non smoking person, reasonably events aware, without internet skills, just relaying to me what she had read in the press, seen on TV and heard on the radio.

She is an ordinary person. And that's what she thinks according to the media she uses.

I bang on here about evil Tobacco Control (I mean by this, the industry consisting of all anti tobacco groups everywhere) and yesterday I posted a not-very-popular post called "Bloomberg's war" about the funding that goes to religious groups - ALL religions - to promote Tobacco Control. Readers seemed to think I might have gone bananas, but fortunately, Frank Davis  did a similar post called The Religious War on Smoking and the comments on that post, are eye opening!

If you are a follower of this blog, you will know how I dislike "Tobacco Control". I disliked it as a smoker. But I dislike it even worse now that I am a vaper. THEY are electronic cigarettes' biggest enemy.

They have changed most of the western world to become morally righteous in their legislation against perfectly legal tobacco industries, the theft of their packaging copyright, the criminal tax on their products and the persecution of a whole section of the population without a second thought.

The power of their determination to eliminate the recreational use of tobacco (aka nicotine) is only possible with money. In our modern world, in politics, money is what gets a hearing. Trillions is invested in Tobacco Control world wide.

Tobacco Control have mobilised themselves to consider electronic cigarettes. They do not want a world I described in my Imagine this post.

When I follow blogs or am on social media that are friendly to vapers, I can get the idea we are surrounded by friends. I am further comforted by people like Clive Bates who is friendly to vaping but who is still Tobacco Control. But is he living in cloud cuckoo land too?

Our social media protesting got us labelled as an abusive "cult", MEP's admit they have no power in the European Parliament. 

Tobacco Control changed most of the western world to become morally righteous on the statement "smoking is bad for you" (and expensive to society) and then, when that didn't work quickly enough, "The smoke you exhale is bad for other people".

Tobacco Control have the political power, they are funded in the sqillions, they have moral righteousness on their side. And the social mind is a prepared viable field to plant a million seed varieties like "Vaping is bad for you" and "Second hand vapour is bad for other people".

Cheers to my friend for trying to save my life by telling me vaping is terribly BAD for me. But I beg to differ. I will not believe lies put about by the enemies of vapers.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bloomberg's war

Bloomberg's jihad was my first title on this post  but I have changed it when it was pointed out that it does not mean what we in the west, think it means.  Jihad which I first used in my title has varied meanings according to different sources. Here I meant it as Bloomberg's "war" - his holy war - and I have read he believes he is "inspired" to change/benefit the world - to leave his mark.


In case anyone thinks my suspicion and dislike for Tobacco Control is silly because "they" have the good of the world at heart, here is a glimpse of how it works behind doors that are seldom opened to us. Tobacco Control are promoted through the benefit of MONEY. The war on tobacco is above morals, compassion, consideration, negotiation - or even truth.

Mayor Bloomberg and wealthy cronies, have bought their way into Tobacco Control - created it. In fact, one could say they ARE Tobacco Control. Their aim is to stop the world smoking. I point out that although I absolutely cannot prove it, I should think that their cosy friendship with the World Health Organisation and The European Union, is what has classified electronic cigarettes "tobacco" and are included in the ideology as something to be stopped.

Here is the blurb on the figures on tobacco. I have trouble believing them. They morph every time someone repeats them. Our UK friends and foes alike use them. Vapers themselves quote them! Seeing Tobacco Control cannot be trusted because we know they fudge figures  and they make up untruths like "smokers lungs are black" and "Tar" is black, and the biggest lie of all - Second Hand Smoke kills - I cannot believe any information they offer.

But here is what Mr Bloomberg says. Do take the stats with a huge pinch of salt!

About the Bloomberg Initiative

Tobacco kills more than 14,000 people every day. Unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will kill 8 million people a year by 2030, 80 percent of them in developing countries.
In 2006, Michael R. Bloomberg, philanthropist and Mayor of New York City, launched a $125 million global initiative to reduce tobacco use in low- and middle-income countries.(my bold)  The Initiative was extended with a new $250 million commitment in 2008. Other funders have also made contributions to the Initiative.

The four major objectives of the Bloomberg Initiative are:
1. To refine and optimize tobacco control programs to help smokers stop using tobacco and to prevent children from starting.

2. To support public sector efforts to pass and enforce key laws and implement effective policies, including taxing cigarettes, preventing smuggling, altering the image of tobacco and protecting workers from exposure to secondhand smoke.

3. To support advocates’ efforts to educate communities about the harms of tobacco and to enhance tobacco control activities that work towards a tobacco-free world.

4. To develop a rigorous system to monitor the status of global tobacco use.

The Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use is implemented though five partner organizations: the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the World Health Organization (my bold) and the World Lung Foundation.

Countries are given grants to implement  the objectives of Tobacco Control. Especially poor countries are given grants bribes to implement  the objectives of Tobacco Control.

Indonesia - struggling with REAL problems was offered a bribe

Quote -  "An organization owned by the mayor of New York City has channeled over US$390,000 to Muhammadiyah as part of a global anti-tobacco campaign, but the country's second largest Islamic organization denied the funding influenced its recent edict banning smoking."  The Bloomberg Initiative says on its website,, its program with Muhammadiyah aims “to mobilize public support towards obtaining religious policy on tobacco control and to support FCTC [Framework Convention on Tobacco Control] accession” End quote

 I find "support towards obtaining religious policy on tobacco control" most offensive.

But I'm sure Bloomberg wouldn't mind who promotes the global war on tobacco. He definitely would like these guys! Perhaps they applied for a grant too?

Quote - "In a major coup for public health and safety the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has banned smoking, alcohol, and guns in the provinces it conquered just days ago, the International Business Times reports." End quote

This picture is of burning cartons of cigarettes on religious? grounds.
Cartons of cigarettes

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Thank you for sleeping with the enemy

Vapourtrails TV  and their whole team, have done a huge amount of work on behalf of vapers - in promoting vaping and more specifically, keeping us informed. If you want to know what is happening about vaping in the UK, that's the station to watch. If you can't watch live, it is always on catchup. I watch everything - except perhaps "Tin your Tip" and that's only because I'm not a "tin tipper".

VT Talk 11-06-14 - APPG and the Welsh events In which Sav and Dave host Sara Jakes, Lorien Jollye, John DIver, Rhydian Man and Andy Sutton for their experiences in the APPG meeting and the Welsh Senedd meetings, is particularly worth watching. You will find it embedded below.

Several times, Dave Dorn mentions that some people think he and the team are "sleeping with the enemy"

Sleeping with the enemy -The phrase “sleeping with the enemy” is often used to describe a situation involving a non-adversarial relationship between two individuals or entities that would normally be unfriendly or adversarial. This frequently includes business deals between competitors, joint projects tackled by enemies, and political maneuverings that require the cooperation of competing parties. Sometimes, sleeping with the enemy involves cooperating just for the purpose of gaining inside information or the upper hand in a competitive situation. In other situations, however, opposing parties may actually work together for the good of a common goal. 

I believe the Tobacco Control attitude to cigarettes is the nub of the problem for vapers. I dislike them with a vengeance even though I don't smoke! I see their deviousness and controlling agendas being used on vapers. It's the repetition of similar lies to promote anti smoking, that are now being trundled out to demonise vaping. The terribly poisonous and evilly addictive nicotine that is perfectly acceptable in a patch or inhaler, but not in a PV, will make a new generation of nicotine addicts. And the vapour, first, second or third hand, will be used as a weapon just as they did with second hand smoke. These things make my teeth grind. Harm reduction is not on Tobacco Control's agenda. How vaping is being "twisted" is well represented in Vaper Scene Ep 76  - I like the gentle presentation always and this episode is worth watching.

Vapour Trails team, are perfectly aware of Tobacco Control machinations. They know the enemy.

Right now, my rants will get us nowhere. They just make ME feel better. In fact, they are the key to my good health! I repress nothing. I do not bottle anything up. If I resent something, I don't do it. I was not always like that. I learned the hard way, that if I didn't deal with stress, I got sick. Repressed resentment is a killer. It once nearly killed me. Resentment means - bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. So I don't do it silently anymore - I talk/write it out.

Right now, somebody HAS to sleep with the enemy. It's the only way. Thank God for Dave Dorn and all the people around him. Keep strong - we need you and thank you for your courage and endless commitment.

Vape on, Vape hard, and don't let Governments wear you down!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Tobacco Control - (in capitals) means the complete collection of tobacco control businesses in the Tobacco Control Industry.

So, as I have said before, I say again, the problem for vapers is the attitude of Tobacco Control to smoking that is the actual nub of our problem. Most ordinary people don't care whether smokers smoke or vapers vape. It was ever only an issue with those who found they could earn a damn good living with a job in the new persecution promoting industry of Tobacco Control - all for the good of humanity and especially the children. I am sure, in the beginning, the motive was pure, but it is now a "business" - an employment opportunity in which there are "reputations" at stake and "reports" and "advisors". See Ash Briefing here

I am sure that, in the beginning, the company that invented mass produced cigarettes, was simply offering innovation for profit, a principle we see at work today in capitalism.

But both Big Tobacco and Tobacco Control have been as crooked as each other. Tobacco Control in their deliberate persecution of smokers, as devious as Big Tobacco in offering smokers an easy, pre-packed tube of adulterated tobacco in the form of cigarettes.

I really can't decide which group is the more despicable!

The war on tobacco just didn't happen because of changing attitudes - attitudes were changed forcibly through a very careful plan of action.  The 3rd World Conference on Tobacco or Health (note the choice!) planned the future very carefully and with malice aforethought. I say malice because they were perfectly aware of the immense emotional suffering their plans to stigmatise smokers and denormalise smoking would cause. 

The other devious group was Big Tobacco who lied about the fact that they knew their product  was killing people and marketed low tar and lights as safer smoking in response to Tobacco Control.

They both have fudged science to further their cause. They both have propaganderised shamelessly.

They both blame the other for their own persecution, but one is slightly more truthful than the other. Big Tobacco say it is hounded by Tobacco Control, and that's true. No other Industry has had to fight such odds. Tobacco Control says all criticism of themselves comes from Big Tobacco shills, front groups or stooges writing pro smoking blogs, and that every comment against them is paid for or generated by Big Tobacco. And that's not true. There is no room in their minds that ordinary people (like me) might be disgusted enough to grouse about them all by ourselves.

I notice that in all the hoo haa going on about vaping, it is Big Tobacco that is credited with giving us electronic cigarettes and being the evil plotters in trying to get us to buy them. That makes me blow my top.

When will Tobacco Control Groups be truthful?  When will they get their heads clear of of their own brainwashing? Now we have inter-science challenges. And it is so good that some important people are on the side of vapers. But the money and the power is in the hands of Tobacco Control nevertheless. They are ruthless. They are hardened rigidly by years of deviousness. They rule.

The nitty gritty centre of vapers' problems is still the attitude of Tobacco Control to smoking. Neither they nor Big Tobacco offered smokers electronic cigarettes. But Big Tobacco have seen a possible future, whereas Tobacco Control has got its head stuck up its arse. It is so desperate to stop people smoking cigarettes, it cannot see that it has gone too far already and there are a lot of cross people like me venting our venom.

They do not see that their actions have blow-back. Black market cigarettes are more dangerous than proper ones. Constant nocebos on cigarette packs will kill smokers and others quicker than ever before. Can they not accept that the world has been indoctrinated with a Second Hand Smoke myth and a terrible fear of nicotine by them - on untruth? I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro-vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control has fudged the science on smoking as they are doing now on electronic cigarettes.

I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control has been devious and often dishonest. I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control is going too far. Who is actually criticising Tobacco Control? Everyone seems to be "negotiating". We need their exposure.

But the most important thing about smoking that hardly ever gets considered in the smoking wars that Tobacco Control are determined to prolong at all costs, is that smoking is a PLEASURE.

Smoking can be substituted, now, with consumer pleasing electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco cigarettes. Most are not manufactured by Big Tobacco. Innovation and safety are being driven by consumers themselves. Yet we have Tobacco Control all over us. Everyone is arguing, banning, judging, praising, condemning, interfereing. The mind boggles. We have in fact solved their problem. We are "smokefree" just like Tobacco Control have always wanted.

And that wonderful technological solution - vaping - should have nothing to do with THEM!    

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Department of Public Harm

Anti tobacco meddling has caused more deaths than you know of or imagine and are likely to do so even more in the future. These deaths are not just old age pensioners dying in the cold outside, or more pedestrian accidents outside pubs and hotels, nor smokers falling on pavements whilst out taking a puff.

The demand that cigarettes become less harmful, led to the production of low tar cigarettes. People had to get used to them as this old advert (below) explains. But they were so unsatisfying that people smoked far more than if they had had the old type cigarette that was strong and did the job. Part of the new "less harmful" cigarette drive for safer products, included putting small holes where the filter joined the tube causing an airy disappointing experience. People smoked far more, inhaling the really poisonous stuff - the smoke. Without Tobacco Control insistence, cigarettes would have been less harmful they had been left alone.

Of course  the blame for "lights" is placed fairly on the shoulders of Big Tobacco trying to keep their customers.

This was an unintentional and regrettable outcome.

But it shows that Tobacco Control efforts to help are not always wise. Any meddling in electronic cigarettes to make them medicinal products, to control the nicotine dose, to interfere in innovation in any way, is a massive error - far greater than forcing cigarettes to conform to THEIR demands by making a product more dangerous than it was before.

This is how the new low tar, inferior smoking experience was advertised in the UK.

Fortunately I used to smoke Rothmans. I never fell for the new "light" cigarette. A doctor warned me to keep away from "lights" because I would simply smoke more. Seemed pretty logical to me.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Imagine this

Imagine - let your mind go free.....

Imagine a world where everyone - or rather MOST people vape.

That is, imagine a world like it used to be with smoking. Young people probably wont know this, but once, not so long ago, you could smoke anywhere -except no one smoked in churches. Smoking was accepted as perfectly normal.

People smoked inside - in pubs, hotels, bars, pool rooms, clubs, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, court rooms, police stations, cinemas, ships, aeroplanes, buses, trains, taxis and tubes.

People smoked outside - in parks, picnic sites, coffee shops, markets,  sports days etc.

But "ladies" would never smoke in the street. It was considered "cheap".

People really enjoyed smoking. It was a profound pleasure that connected everyone. Anyone could smoke if they wanted to. Politicians, doctors, lawyers, policemen, entertainers, nurses, scientists, priests, artists, famous people, ordinary people, soldiers, pilots, air hostesses, teachers, professors - anyone - even The Pope.

In those days, people already knew too much smoking was not a good thing. Very heavy smokers developed health complications. It was known too, that too much alcohol or too much eating made people ill. Doctors might warn their patients not to overdo smoking, drinking or eating.

Imagine now, a world where vaping has become something people do like they smoked in those old days. They smoked because it gave them pleasure. The smoker in me vapes because it gives me pleasure like smoking did.

What if there is a "smoker-aspect" in all humans. We like repetitive, comforting actions. When tobacco companies produced cigarettes for the masses, it appealed because it was a cheap, easy and convenient way for people to feel better for a short while. Cigarettes didn't make people drunk or violent or addle their thinking. A cigarette seemed to make whatever you were doing feel nicer.

Vaping makes my life feel nicer. The nicotine in my e liquid, addresses my concerns for risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I would have gone on smoking just for the nicotine protection. But I prefer vaping. So I am a vaper now. Vaping seems far less addictive to me than smoking ever was. I never get the screaming heebie jeebies if I can't vape, like I used to get if I couldn't have a smoke.

So, if humans enjoy pleasurable things like smoking, drinking and eating, people might try vaping and find it makes life nicer. Imagine if everyone took up vaping and it became as popular as smoking was, and we could do it everywhere in a relaxed non-discriminatory and nicer world. I think that would be absolutely wonderful!

But this vision of the future is what is terrifying the anti smoking industry. Vaping might become the new smoking. This is what I think they mean when they talk about vaping "normalising" smoking.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Public Harm England

In this country, the United Kingdom, we have new department created by our Government - the one that promised to prune out lobby groups and sock puppets!  The Department of Health (which we had before) is now advised by Public Health England. It is an  executive agency.

In January 2014 it launched a new offensive on smoking called "Smokefree Health Harms" on television and on billboards across England. These consisted of what I consider criminal nocebos designed to shock and offend. When I complained about the terrible images that British people were forced to take into their subconscious minds by having to look at massive billboards of pools of blood and black tar and TV adverts of black blood circulating in peoples' brains I got a reply from "The Department of Health"

Quote "We received a number of complaints about these ads which included irresponsibility and offence, harm to children and those with haemophobia and concerns about appropriate scheduling and misleadingness.

While we acknowledged that the imagery in the poster ad that showed a pool of blood and tar would be difficult for some passers-by, the anti-smoking context was clear. Although we sympathised with any children who had found the ad disturbing and acknowledged the concern of those with blood-related phobias, the ad was deliberately hard-hitting to raise awareness about the serious health consequences of smoking. In this context, the image was unlikely to be seen as irresponsible by appearing in an untargeted medium.

We concluded that the ads were unlikely to cause excessive distress, or serious or widespread offence." End quote

"Smokefree" is an ideology, a lobby, a group of anti smokers now promoted by The Department of Health's new executive body Public Health England. Politically, this is terrifying because any lobby group might be able to push their agendas - anti meat, anti fat, anti alcohol, anti salt, anti whatever with equally dubious scientific evidence to support them.

The adverts Public Health England produced, paid for by the Government, are visually and scientifically incorrect. "Tar" is not black - smoker's lungs are not black. The "tar" in cigarettes has no colour. It is a chemical - not black tar as we imagine it to be. This is a kind of lie promoted by Tobacco Control. And the mental abuse on viewers of such contaminated images are unimportant to Public Health. "We concluded that the ads were unlikely to cause excessive distress, or serious or widespread offence."

This is not Public health, but Public Harm.

Soon they will be concluding that eating fat makes people fat. Or eating salt give us high blood pressure, or that vaping normalises smoking!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I loved smoking

I loved smoking.

I took one puff of a stolen cigarette in a toilet when I was about seven or eight. It was a good venue. I felt so sick! But I could sit down and recover for a while. And put the damn thing out in the toilet bowl. It would not flush  though, but with some ingenuity and a good wadding of loo paper, and a prod with the toilet brush, it disappeared at last into the swirling depths. I felt really, really guilty. My family were anti smoking, anti alcohol, anti sex, anti jazz, anti slang, anti fun, anti just-about-everything.

They were also anti Elvis Presley, anti James Dean, anti cinemas, anti parties, anti makeup, anti high healed shoes, anti, anti, anti. So by the time I was a teenager, I was well screwed up. I ended up in Boarding School - a "good" convent that might help me behave. In all those years, I never tried smoking again.

But every young person is freed eventually from adult persecution. I grew up.

I was sitting on a bed for my second cigarette. It was a good venue. I could lie back and recover. Recovery took a while. My second cigarette was a Toasted Lexington. Aaaaargh!

I can't remember any specific third cigarette, but it wasn't long before I smoked one or two cigarettes a day. As a student there was booze and sex (though I was sufficiently repressed not to indulge too much) and there were parties, music, laughing, dancing and FUN. The fun aspect of life was quite new and delightful. Life contained pleasure!

I only started proper smoking when life became seriously responsible for the first time - marriage (to the wrong man) and children. In between the stress, I smoked. It was lovely! It was calming, comforting and gave me deep pleasure. It made me happy in the turbulence.

Through all the ups and downs of life, in illness and in health, in emotional and physical pain, in happiness and celebration, smoking was my friend. I loved smoking.

I decided only death would us part.

In the face of anti smoking persecution I became more determined NEVER to stop. And in MY life I could not see the "horrors" of smoking manifesting themselves. No one seemed to be affected by second hand smoke. No one seemed to die from smoking. Well, not anyone I knew closely. I suppose I have been very lucky.

However, smoking is not a good thing. I believe it makes people ill. It's just that I have no personal experience of that in my 50 years of smoking. I am the lucky one. I have just had a huge physical "road worthiness" done by the doctor(s) and I am, as I suspected, very healthy. I am pleased that I am going into my seventies unscathed by my fifty years of smoking pleasure.

I believe, as some of you know, that smoking nowadays is more dangerous than it has ever been. The anti smoking industry has built up a huge image in our group consciousness that smoking is more evil than just about anything anyone can do. The picture of illness, suffering and death is so burned into our minds that smoking will harm us before we take the first puff, just by the self fulfilling thoughts we have about it.  Old fashioned  "safe" smoking of unadulterated natural tobacco, free from pre- conditioned thoughts, will never return. Smoking will become more and more deadly as the world picture of it is painted.                           

In August 2014, I will have been vaping for three years. What happened to "death do us part"? 

Well, I found I preferred vaping to smoking. I find it is just as pleasurable, just as comforting and just as delighting as smoking ever was.

I am a lucky person to have found vaping when I loved smoking so much.