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Friday, 25 November 2016

This is how its done folks - spreading untrue/true lies.

I have been very depressed about the constant untruths spread by the anti-tobacco industry to undermine vaping. I've even stopped reading stuff with ANY negative content. It simply goes on, and on and on. Information about vaping is rolled out that simply isn't TRUE! How can untrue information be spread as if it is the truth?

Make no mistake, vapers' enemies are also the enemies of smokers. The group that have set out to persecute smokers is the anti tobacco industry. What do I mean by the anti tobacco industry? I mean the conglomeration of all charitable/governmental/World Health Organisation's spawns that have set out, with intent, to stamp out smoking world wide by hook of by crook (mostly crook) and profit from it.  And anti tobacco is vicious. If you believe any of them are our friends, you have lost sight of the fact that our whole predicament exists because of their attitude to smokers.

I repeat - vapers' whole predicament exists because of anti tobacco's attitude to smokers.

I might be a vaper, but at heart, I'm a smoker and I havent forgotten the persecution and victimisation I have endured in my life from the anti tobacco industry. And they have spread misinformation and lies about smoking from the very start. Their methods verge on the criminal. The legislations that have stemmed from the anti smoking lobby groups, here in the UK have altered the whole of social society and our economy, and opened the door for young people to experiment, not with smoking, as we did in the old days, but with drugs instead.

So I have wondered to myself, how is untruth spread? Why is it there seems more untruth, than truth in the Press about vaping. Where has the truth gone? Why is untruth predominant? It's almost like a conspiracy happening before my eyes.

Well, the other day, someone posted this link (below) on a forum I belong to. It's not a vaping forum. So this article is not about vaping, but about politics and TRUTH! I found it quite disgusting, ethically and morally. It repulsed me. The writer of this article that repelled me, tells us, proudly, how he faked  reports and information during the recent election in the USA and spread them over social media, to the point that they were mentioned by the media - and even Hilliary Clinton herself. And noticed by Russia. The blow-by-blow account you may read about here -

I’ve Been Making Viral Fake News for the Last Six Months. It’s Way Too Easy to Dupe the Right on the Internet.

This is how people's brains are being infected by irresponsible, immoral groups/single persons/ideology promoters.

And I wouldn't be surprised if the enemy of smokers that is our enemy too, aka the anti tobacco industry, is perfectly able to use these tactics too. So do not believe everything you read on the Internet, or in the Press - there are untrue/true lies out there!

I find my old fire of protest has burnt low, I don't do rousing blogs, or attempt to inspire "the troops" any more.

I've given up.