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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vapoteurs have authority to speak

We should confidently claim our authority.

This is the free dictionary definition of "authority"

8. Confidence derived from experience or practice; firm self-assurance: played the sonata with authority.
All vapoteurs have authority. Our authority comes from our experience of vaping. We absolutely KNOW about vaping because we are vaping.
No Authority (different meaning) should override our authority. 
Definition of Authority -
a. The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.
b. One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials: land titles issued by the civil authority.
2. Power assigned to another; authorization: Deputies were given authority to make arrests.
3. A public agency or corporation with administrative powers in a specified field: a city transit authority.
These people in Authority, have no authority. In the UK, Public Health Authorities are very confusing. Some are simply Lobby Groups, Sock Puppets who get our taxes to lobby the Government about things that THEY deem important. In other countries, Lobbying is controlled. Here we pay lobby groups to lobby! They are businesses to my mind.
Within Government there is a Government Health Department.
They can do extraordinary things like desire to close down a heart unit in a hospital, be legally thwarted by public outrage, and then, do it anyway (because that's what they wanted to do in the first place to cut expenses), showing us that people in the UK have very little power.

Looks good on paper, yes?

A Government is a registered Corporation. We pay the employees with our taxes. (that includes doctors, teachers, the police). I have seen a frightening growth of Authority in my life time. Science is an Authority on just about everything and leads our culture by the ring in our symbolic noses. Because Authority is intimidating, we become feint hearted before it. We obey - even if it is non-logical.

But, Vapoteurs (life-style vapers), keep heart. About vaping WE are authorities.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Different motives in vapers which include e-cig users and dual users and e-cig users using e-cigs to quit.

So, how I see it, there are vapers which include e-cig users and dual users and then there are e-cig users using e-cigs to quit.

I think in my post There are vapers and electronic cigarette users - different animals 
I should have made it clear that the motive is the thing that makes these two groups different animals.

There are loads of electronic cigarettes being sold for "quitting". People buy them to quit smoking. They are very successful for quitting. It's the idea that vaping is only a step in a smokers journey to free himself from the terrible enslavement of smoking that will endear e-cigs to anti smokers. These are the electronic cigarettes that Tobacco Control will support. Their dream is a world free from smoking.  Medical e-cigs will have a dual benefit, money in the coffers of the drug companies, and a delicious feeling of victory to lifestyle sculptors and do gooders.

Vapers, those vapers which include e-cig users and dual users who have the motive of continued vaping are going to be their nightmare. It's us that are going to cop it because we don't WANT to quit. 

I'm a child of the sex, drugs and rock n roll generation. We are proving to be a damn nuisance because of our hardiness. Many of us are smokers. It took me a long time to admit that banning smoking indoors was a good thing, unless indoors was full of consenting smokers where banning it became a most illogical step. It is an illogical law in our modern technological age where air purification is so easy to do, not to provide smoking rooms. I recently went into a pub where I gagged on the stink. It was better when smoking was allowed there.

To stop people smoking outdoors, in buildings open to the air like train platforms, parks, outdoor events etc is not logical. It was this skewed thinking that made me understand that we are not working towards public health, but towards a whole eradication of smoking. We are a society now guided by the insane.

So, if the anti smokers get their way, which they have terrifyingly done in one generation, they will not want vapers whose motive is NOT to quit, to carry on vaping.

I believe that people should have autonomy in what they do when it affects no one else but themselves. Second Hand Smoke has been the trump card for making people conform to interference and society to allow this intrusion into smokers rights. And smokers do have rights. They have the right to smoke a legal product, tobacco. I feel really angry that the anti smoking movement have perpetrated an act of violence on society in the name of health. It's not about health, it's about power and vengeance, profit and greed.

 Vapers which include e-cig users and dual users who want to continue using, by their motive, will be a problem to anti smokers, precisely because we don't WANT to quit.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

VT Talk 27.03 The EU and Glenis the Menace - excellent listening for vapoteurs in the UK

I am a real fan of VapourTrails.TV. If you live in the UK, it's a gateway into things that are happening here and vaping. Most episodes are worth watching, but VT Talk 27.03 The EU and Glenis the Menace, is especially good. It uplifted me, depressed me and inspired me.

Please listen. Please decide what YOU can do to keep your autonomy despite the impulse by politicians to to legislate, legislate and ban, ban, ban.

Evidently Glenis Willmott is important in that she is  Labour's EU MEP and sits on The Tobacco Directive Commission. She is an ignorant lady and she represents US. We might be able to politely educate her. Remember also to tell your personal story to your MEP and MP. you can do that easily on "Write to them" (but remember doing it that way, you will NOT be able to embed any live links which is a great pity.)

Glenis Willmott
Harold Wilson House
23 Barratt Lane

Tel 01159229717
Fax 01159224439


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Vapoteurs should we be alarmed at this news? Mmmm.

I was a bit alarmed to read this - its a summary of this.

This is a manufacturing issue and after some thought during the night I realised it can be put right.

Basically, in prefilled cartomisers tested from one suplier in USA over a two year period,
"The filament, a nickel-chromium wire, was coupled to a thicker copper wire coated with silver. The silver coating was sometimes missing. Four tin solder joints attached the wires to each other and coupled the copper/silver wire to the air tube and mouthpiece. All cartomizers had evidence of use before packaging (burn spots on the fibers and electrophoretic movement of fluid in the fibers). Fibers in two cartomizers had green deposits that contained copper. Centrifugation of the fibers produced large pellets containing tin. Tin particles and tin whiskers were identified in cartridge fluid and outer fibers. Cartomizer fluid with tin particles was cytotoxic in assays using human pulmonary fibroblasts. The aerosol contained particles >1 ┬Ám comprised of tin, silver, iron, nickel, aluminum, and silicate and nanoparticles (<100 nm) of tin, chromium and nickel. The concentrations of nine of eleven elements in EC aerosol were higher than or equal to the corresponding concentrations in conventional cigarette smoke. Many of the elements identified in EC aerosol are known to cause respiratory distress and disease."
"The presence of metal and silicate particles in cartomizer aerosol demonstrates the need for improved quality control in EC design and manufacture and studies on how EC aerosol impacts the health of users and bystanders." End quote

Oooo - I don't like the bystander bit! Reminds me of SHS. But we can expect persecution of SHV too.

On the whole, the report on the testing of the cartomisers didn't give me the feeling of pre-determined-planned-attack-on-vaping mode by the researchers who did it, especially when you read the care they took in their research (second link).What do you think?

Some vapers do not use cartomisers because of the stuffing in them. I don't use them because I think they spoil the flavour of my e-liquid. So I use tanks. And I make my own atomisers - but I am still using wire and wick. And I really don't know what kind of metal the shaft in my tanks are. It has occured to me that everything seems plastic, and I know plastic releases chemicals too.

I am sure we will make progress in making vaping very safe. God knows what came into my lungs over fifty years of smoking! My vaping is better for me - I can FEEL it.

Also, we live in such a hypocritical world. We have spent billions to stop people smoking and blaming every illness under the sun on the habit, when we are harming ourselves with all kinds of emissions like deisel, plastics, etc and now we purposely put nanoparticles in cosmetics, medications, clothing, cleaning products and sun block. Who is worrying about THAT?

So - what the hell! 

I shall carry on vaping vapoteurs - it's still better for me than smoking. But today I have been counting my puffs!

from Wonder Wikipedia

Diesel exhaust pollution is thought to account for over one quarter of the total hazardous pollution in the air, and a disproportionately high share of the load of sickness and death caused by pollution.[2]

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Vaping - answer to the West's prayer - for the privileged

I think electronic cigarettes and vaping have been the West's answer to a prayer. I know China has lots of good ideas - but for me personally, the e-cig has been one of it's best!

We are still getting used to the idea of this amazing invention. Lots of people are suspicious of it - but I think it's unstoppable now. But maybe mainly in more wealthy countries among people who can afford it. I have just given a load of stuff to someone I know who is very strapped for cash, and who would like to try vaping. For someone like that, even disposables look expensive.

I was reading an article that appeared in Canada - (see below). I think it has some good points in it - and some of these points will apply to countries where electronic cigarettes are more expensive than smoking. And where communities do not have access to shops, or the internet. Vaping in a country where cigarettes are cheap seems a little crazy, especially because the cost is greater and to a new electronic cigarettes user, the experience is not always better.

Paul Bergan asks at the end of his blog "These are just points that have come up in wondering about whether there is a bit of a class difference in vaping. Can it really penetrate all the way down? Or will the healthier (and more pleasant) option remain a privilege of higher earners?"

And I think the answer is yes. I think we are privileged.

The points Paul makes are below the link to his of them that struck me is that you can't offer e-cigs around as you would a cigarette. Mind you, I never did, because I rolled my own, and they had been well and truly licked by me! Only the most hardy friend accepted one.

Vaping will grow for other reasons than being healthier but it will still remain out of the reach of some people

1. The non-disposable market is tough for anyone but really motivated people to get into. I have an espresso machine and grinder and it took me a while to get them just right. To me good coffee is the dominant luxury in my life and I will work at keeping it being more than mundane. In Canada, it is pretty easy to get kits but, except for non-nicotine versions, disposables are more difficult to come by. So, it is the device with a learning curve against the well known strike a match and yer done.
2. Unless they are disposables, people who make the least money and also are the most likely to smoke cannot afford the initial outlay to get into one of the kits. Once you have it it might be cheaper but if you are living near the edge its hard to pony up the $60 or so it takes to start.
3. Disposable or not, cigarettes remain a social glue in the ability to give one to someone.
4. Vaping undermines the idea of a cigarette break for those who still get or demand them. Cigarettes represent a set passage of time.
5. Most of all, cigarettes are still easier to get. You can walk into a store with $10. You do not need a shipping address and credit card or internet connection.
6. Though few take advantage of this, anybody can grow tobacco in their back yard.
These are just points that have come up in wondering about whether there is a bit of a class difference in vaping. Can it really penetrate all the way down? Or will the healthier (and more pleasant) option remain a privilege of higher earners?

Monday, 25 March 2013

There are vapers and electronic cigarette users - different animals

The way I see it, and the problem that exists with people ignorant of our habit, is that you can put us into two groups.

There are the group that use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

And there are hobby vapoteurs who have taken to vaping instead of smoking.

The first group will have the sympathy of our masters in Government and the European Union because they actually seem to have figured out that electronic cigarettes are more successful in helping quitters than the old NRT stuff. The group that use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking are safe.

The second group - hobby vapoteurs will be considered smokers. We are the people who want to continue our addiction to the terrible drug, nicotine. Nocotine, is, of course, THE evil thing in tobacco that has enslaved all pathetic, disgusting smokers and the drug that will enslave all the children who touch cigarettes or try vaping. Nicotine is a dangerous and terrible poison. We all know that because it has been drummed into the world psyche as an unchallengeable truth (and proved by science!)  

Our masters are guided carefully by the Anti Tobacco Industry whose meticulously unbiased science, and completely honest and translucent motive to improve the health of the world, has been a rallying light making interference in personal liberty seem quite moral and right. This has made smokers the most vilified species on Earth. Can you think of any lifestyle more evil? Smokers have complete disregard for polluting the air around themselves and causing illness and death to millions of poor souls worldwide, and polluting the air in their own lungs bringing about illness and death to themselves and costing the Health Services in all countries millions and millions in wasted money. There are no more despised people than smokers. There are no more persecuted groups in the West, than smokers, and, in the name of health, all of the world is expected to despise and persecute them in the way of the west. Anti smoking missionaries are busy everywhere.

Hobby vapoteurs are keeping the pleasure of smoking alive. They have no intention of quitting. They enjoy, ENJOY their hobby!  Now, if you believed that it was quite moral to persecute one group of people for a lifestyle choice so that they are constrained by regulation never to enjoy their habit anywhere except in their own homes (and even those have been threatened), then lumping hobby vapoteurs into the category of "smoker" seems a logical extension.

Do we have any leg to stand on? Nicotine dependence is a horrible addiction. Nicotine comes from tobacco. Tobacco is evil. E-liquid is therefor a "tobacco" product. It must be controlled by our Masters for our own good. All the gains of the last 40 years of  meticulously unbiased science, and completely honest and translucent motives by Tobacco Control to improve the health of the world, will be blown if a pleasing alternative to smoking establishes itself. Harm Reduction will not be good enough to justify allowing it.

I have watched how the world has been changed to persecution mode in my lifetime. It has frightened me to see it. I have watched how human rights have been honoured in all sorts of surprising and morally correct ways which has pleased me. Some things are much better than they were. The insanity that has distressed me is how easy it has been for a small group of people to take Second Hand Smoke as an excuse to twist the thinking of virtually the whole world. The end vision is a world without smoking, SHS was just a convenient scapegoat.

And we have just allowed it. People have stood by whilst smokers have been punished and made to abstain from the pleasure of smoking by banning smoking even in the outdoors showing that the legislation has got nothing to do with health, but with something much more sinister. Who has fought for the right of people to choose their own way of life? Who has protested at the hardships that MY generation has endured so that smoking can be stopped as any kind of pleasurable thing? How many old people, now, simply stay at home?

So, vapoteurs, if we are serious about our hobby, what do we do? I really don't know.

I didn't know what to do when, gradually, laws came in to constrain me as a smoker. I was always sure someone would speak out. But they never did.

And so, it continues.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vapoteurs - standing up for smokers?

I wrote this in June last year - We ARE smokers which said:- "This might be a touchy point for all vapers who feel holier-than-thou over those poor souls who still smoke. I know, I sometimes wonder why smokers don't vape - I feel cleaner, better, fitter and and internally delighted that I don't have to go outside and stand in the rain to have my fix. I can vape anywhere - even in taboo places - by vaping in the loo. That's an advantage over smokers. There are advantages that vapers have over smokers - but that is ALL they are, advantages and not indications we are in any way better than smokers.

I watch how smokers are persecuted. I place myself firmly against anti-smoking witch hunting. I will not do it myself - I am a smoker who vapes. What happens to smokers is very important to me, watching how the persecution is rolled out, gives us vapers foreknowledge of what might happen to us. We ARE smokers!"

I had several cross responses to my post on Google+ and Facebook.

Yesterday's post by me, received two important comments. One pointed out that when we approach our MEP's we need to be polite. My post was not to my MEP and Bill Hicks was not polite in the clip I embedded!

And this comment is important, Pat Nurse MA has left a new comment on your post "How should the EU regulate e cigarettes? Rabecca T...":

"Smoking became a problem when it became an "industry"" - Yep - same for E-Cigs too.

It is completely offensive that E-Cig companies try and market their product on the back on smoker denormalisation and smokerphobia.

I will stand up for E smokers - because you are still smokers however you try to sanitise the difference between us - but will they stand up for me?

Time will tell."
So, I have been thinking about the e-cig "industry". Currently e-cigs are not actually a whole "industry" - yet. They are fragmented, chaotic even. But many small companies are marketing themselves by seeming anti smoking, that's true. Of course, they do this at their own peril. Big Tobacco have entered the game with Blu in USA and purchases of some companies here in UK. So I think the "industry" is forming. One aspect is to make money off smokers trying to quit. And the other aspect is to make profit from smokers who have become vapers. So, we need to ask - Do we need to stand up for smokers at all?

Are we sanitised smokers? Should we be begging MEP's to "save our lives" and the lives of millions of smokers by not interfering with electronic cigarettes too much?

We are trying to save our skins by riding on the back of all the poor dying smokers?

On one side there are smokers consisting of people who smoke, smokers who vape, hobby vapoteurs and people who feel it is everyone's right to smoke or vape without persecution and on the other side there are anti smokers that include anti vapers and those trying to quit smoking and hoards of sheeples trotting along behind.

I think the confusion in this situation is that some of us vapers have got muddled up with the sheeples.

What do you think?

I  know which side I'm on. I'm too bloody-minded to be a sheeple. And as I said at the top of this page in June last year, I'm a smoker that vapes.

I am perfectly aware that as soon as the vaping "industry" clocks in properly, vaping will be promoted by marketers to everyone. And the whole witch-hunt, twististics and lies tactics used against smokers will be used against us.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

How should the EU regulate e cigarettes? Rabecca Taylor post

Rebecca Taylor MEP has had the manners to ask us vapoteurs what we feel about EU regulation of e cigarettes. Please respond!

The three ideas that upped and hit me were how to stop children vaping yummy flavours (banning flavours), how to stop vaping normalising smoking (banning vaping in public places as smoking is banned), and how to stop people taking up vaping.

So, for me, it all comes down to talking about smoking again.

The habit of smoking has been a normal part of life since humans lurched onto two feet. We've ALWAYS done it! How can you denormalise something that is a human activity?

Smoking became a problem when it became an "industry" and was marketed to society as desirable to do. I am against this kind of consumerism - advertising - that is strangling us in this modern world. I think Bill Hicks was right when he told Marketers to go and kill themselves. So that was a bad thing.

In opposition to this,we have marketers pushing the industry of anti-tobacco. This anti opposition has been a really profitable industry for all the workers in it - and the Drug Companies involved in the nicotine trade. So they are pushing the idea that smoking is not a desirable thing to do.

But humans have always enjoyed smoking. I enjoyed every cigarette I ever smoked. I never wanted to give it up. Smoking was my best friend. I have a thousand memories of peak smoking experiences. So my point is humans like smoking.

This whole marketing drive to denormalise smoking is insane. There will always be smokers. I find it disgusting. It is bullying, persecution and witch hunting at it's foulest. The people who promote it should go and kill themselves! (For you Bill)

Vaping is my new smoking. I love it. I like it just as much as smoking. We will not be able to stop children vaping if they want to, Shisha sticks and all.  The EU will not stop serious vapoteurs vaping because most of us could cause our own mechanical devices to be made, and produce our own e liquid. We can carry on just like we once did rolling chopped leaves in a bigger leaf and smoking in our caves.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

EU talk talk for vapoteurs

I have just been listening to the EU Tobacco Directive debate. Oh dear -  talk talk talk.  Why not just make smoking illegal and ban tobacco and tobacco farming and close down all tobacco companies? Why on earth don't we have a war on smoking by just making smoking and everything connected to it illegal?Any revenue lost by this, could be made up in prosecutions.  We could have smell police out on the streets with little SHS detectors snooping round the community - or black vans on the end of streets monitoring the poisons that smokers release into the air and closing in on them in Tobacco Control Dawn Police raids. We could have citizens reporting on each other - committed phone lines for reports - rewards even - medals for those who catch the most offenders.

Imagine the illegal tobacco growing and trafficking?

The trouble with smoking is - it smells - that's the whole problem if it went underground.

I must say, all my years of smoking (50) I never smoked anything with flavours added - not even menthol. I can't imagine what chocolate cigarettes taste like. I do know, my cigarettes tasted good! Somebody said smoking should be made as unpleasant as possible to the smoker. Well, in the Napoleonic war, soldiers looted for books. They needed the pages so they could wind their tobacco in them for a good smoke. There was no Tobacco Industry then - and smoking was still good.

We should IMPOSE educating children against smoking in all schools in all countries someone said. That offended me. Already children are stressed if their parents smoke, expecting them and themselves to drop down dead at their next breath. Poor little things. Induce enough fear and they will not smoke. Show them medical violoporn pictures so that illness and death is burned in their psyches and the psyche of the world. Fortunately, a speaker actually pointed out that the EU cannot IMPOSE anything n any country, it is not their remit. I hope the UK will note that fact.

No one said anything really helpful about electronic cigarettes except make them medical devices. Well I don't consider myself to be an electronic cigarette user. I'm a vaper - a vapoteur.

They might come down hard on us.

Well, vaping doesn't smell. That is the most wonderful thing about it! Anyone can have a sneak inhale almost anywhere. And it wasn't invented by the tobacco Industry so there has been little lying or cheating about it - yet. If tobacco was completely outlawed (which it won't be) nicotine exits in other plants too and, to let the imagination run riot, we might be able to extract it in secret stills hidden under our sinks from - say - tomato leaves. Glycerine and Propylene Glycol is used for so many things it's hardly likely to be banned and the same with food flavourings.  Oh well - the talk talk is over - I didn't hear anything I haven't heard before.

But I just wonder about the repressive culture we live in today with loads of little people all puffed up with civic duty, yakking on and on, in committees and Governments and Parliaments and Federations and Political meetings all over the world about smoking and electronic cigarettes being banned, controlled, and otherwise meddled with, with absolutely no consultation with the smokers and vapers concerned.And all to save our lives!

I do think that vaping as we know it - i.e. hobby vaping with substantial devices and all the fun whistles and bells attached to it, will not go away. We are too resourceful. Too passionate about "our" thing. Well I am. And I hope so.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Preparation gone bonkers

Last night I lost a tank. A green clearomiser filled with Hermano Rubio. I took it upstairs to put it on a recharged battery for today - out this morning -  so I use a 650mAh battery when I'm out.  Preparation is essential for happy vaping.

But when I came to put the tank on the battery - no tank. No tank anywhere! Not in my pockets, under the bed, in the bed, or on the bedside table. Not finding my tank even spoiled my day today.

Till now.

I still haven't found the green tank. But I have discovered a really happy fact. Vivi nova atomisers, of which I have many prepared (at low resistance) also fit rebuildable clearomisers, of which I have more than Vivi nova tanks.

So now

I am vaping Hermano Rubio  in a clear rebuilt Clearomiser, and I hope the green one will decide to show itself to me when it's ready.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

54mg of nicotine

I can't believe it! Im really cross with myself. It's already after three o'clock and I just got in from walking the dog and I remembered I forgot (again) to order my e juice components.

I need Propylene Glycol and Vegetable glycerine and a 54mg bottle of nicotine.

With this I will mix my base e liquid to 12mg or 18mg strength without flavour so that I simply add it to my tanks plain and add the concentrate flavour in drops.  Actually, it's ok to just vape it plain - and I often do if my taste buds are tired.

I would never dream of vaping the 54mg strength nicotine mix! It would blow the top of my head off! In fact I mostly vape 12mg strength.

How would you know if you had overdosed on nicotine? Well, you would develop a headache, nausea and you might feel jittery with a racing heart. I don't think you could fail to notice! Fortunately, I must be a strong old bat - I can even vape 18mg at night and still sleep like a baby!

My heart doesn't race often - life doesn't make it skip a beat. Though it used to - once - in the good old days.  I get excited at the thought of climbing into bed, and watching TV in my Jim jams. And vaping! That's what makes my heart skip a beat nowadays.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Damn - I forgot to order - again

I have a  new tank to test. So I filled it with my normal e-liquid, and I was somewhat disappointed. It's taken 24 hours for the vape on it to get satisfying. I presume this is the tank "maturing".

So I have come to fill it again, and damn, I remember I meant to put in an e liquid order. I've totally run out of 54mg nicotine and my base mix is almost finished. Well, I'll do it now and maybe, if it's sent off tomorrow, it'll get here on Monday. Thank goodness for the internet!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Excercising the dog...

Look! I think this is a wonderful device! I want one

But you'd miss out in the end - you'd miss  the comradeship of walking the dog - or lobbing balls for it. Or glimpsing a squirrel or bunny rabbit.

It would feel the same as vaping inside when all your smoking friends had gone outside for a hit. I actually miss that. I saw many bunny rabbits, squirrels and shooting stars in my day as a smoker. And the comradie was excellent!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Vaping Mother's Day

Its Mother's Day today in the UK. I got a card from my daughter. It said "Recipe for a perfect Mother's Day :- a lot of vaping, a little bit of blogging and a dollop of chocolate!"

I'm having a really good Mother's Day.

Here's my blog, I've already eaten the chocolate and I'm very, very busy vaping.

Hope you have a good vaping Mother's Day too....

Friday, 8 March 2013

Frank Davis - quite right.

I really like Frank Davis' blog. This one recently Only Obeying Orders seems to collect up a lot of the frustration I feel about "regulation" that interferes with living our lives in freedom such as ">> and introduce plain packaging. And minimum alcohol pricing. And smoking prohibitions within 20 km of any public building. And windmills. Lots of windmills. The kind that kill off millions of bats, before spectacularly catching fire. And extra dim lightbulbs. ‘Progressive’, ‘cutting edge’ extra dim lightbulbs."

Ha ha!

Especially about light bulbs. The whole nation has by legislation banning incandescent bulbs,  to be irradiated by light bulbs that emit frequencies untested on humans over long periods of time.  We are the guinea pigs. Light has a huge effect on us emotionally and physically. But, our government is just obeying orders! Who cares if you sit in your little dim lounge, struggling to see in the half dark in frequencies of light that make areas of your cornea blind- you can watch the telly instead!

I hate the dreary, depressing low energy light bulbs.  They demotivate humans. I would love to know if they have made much difference to the energy Europe uses. In 2009 the EU predicted "Such a move will reduce energy consumption for domestic lighting by 30% in Europe. As such lighting accounts for 14% of the overall energy used in Europe, an increase in energy-efficient lighting could save more than 80% of the energy used through traditional incandescent light bulbs." I wonder if it has?

I wrote to the eight MEP's who represent my area in the European Union.  I wrote to them about the seriousness of legislating on the nicotine content of eliquid and the error in making electronic cigarettes medical devices. Only three MEP's replied, and one acknowledged receipt of my letter only. 

My MEP's are not exactly active! I bet no one spoke up about the low energy light bulb experiment and they aren't going to challenge the gobbledegook produced by the Tobacco Control Directive presented on the 25th of last month either, are they?

The EU is our master and we obey while our MEP's, exhausted by nightly bathing in unnatural frequencies from their CFL's, sleep in their chairs in Brussels!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vapoteurs take care....

Thank goodness we have some wonderful people batting for us vapoteurs. We need to be aware of the clever tricks played by our enemies.

In this blog, I ranted about the "fact" that Plain Packaging was coming to the UK. But evidently leaking a "fact" (which might not be true) is a dirty trick employed by Tobacco Control. The headline in the Guardian has gone viral - and now is in every country. UK is introducing plain packaging!

I find that idea - of using an inaccurate headline to make something appear to be happening, when it might not be - very deeply and profoundly disturbing. It is happening with vaping too. Every case of it should be challenged. Who will challenge the Guardian on behalf of all those people who have fought against plain packaging?

If plain packaging comes here, this is how it impacts on business:-

New Research Confirms Retailers’ Plain Packaging Fears

• 90% of small retailers experienced increases in time taken to serve tobacco customers and 75% report additional time is spent communicating with these customers about tobacco products.
• 73% faced increased frustration from adult tobacco customers and 59% have seen an increase in the frequency of staff supplying the wrong products primarily due to difficulty in recognising and distinguishing between brands.
• Nearly half of small retailers consider that plain packaging has negatively affected the level of service they are able to provide their non-tobacco customers.
• The large majority of small retailers find it takes more time to order stock and around 80% have experienced an increase in the occurrence of out of stocks since the transition.
• The majority of small retailers reported that their staff now have a heavier workload.
• Almost two-thirds of small retailers have spent additional time training staff as a result of the changeover while 40% have faced additional costs from training staff members.
• Two-thirds of small retailers do not perceive that Government considers the needs of small businesses at all in its tobacco legislation while the same amount report their feelings towards the Government are now less favourable as a result of the plain packaging legislation.
• 77% of small retailers said plain packaging is having a negative impact on their business overall.
• Small retailers are concerned that plain packaging will result in an increase in illicit trade.
• Couriers delivering stock face longer waiting times in store, a loss of productivity and potentially increased costs.

Isn't this criminal? Such disregard from Governments, such foolishness.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Condensed milk and vaping

When I was a kid, I loved eating condensed milk out of the tin. You made two holes opposite on the lid, one for air in and the other for condensed milk out.

Well, I haven't eaten condensed milk like that for years. But tonight I have. Ooo, it's just as delicious as I remember.

And it goes excellently with my present e liquid. What a treat!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fancy that - I never knew.

I am running low on e liquid so I have broken open a few bottles of stuff I got at the vapefest. Very pleasant apple pie. I have been vaping it for a few days - very satisfying.

I mostly vape 12mg with my own flavour added - or 18mg ready mixed. I like the nicotine - well I thought I was addicted to doesn't seem to matter to my body whether it's 18mg or 12mg - I enjoy the vape either way.

Imagine my surprise when I examined the apple pie to see who made it, to find it's only 8mg!

I never knew! Fancy that. Didn't miss a thing....