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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cripes! Triple coils

I'm having enough trouble providing power to my dual coil cartomisers - imagine trying triples on the batteries I've got.  They work on my size battery - vape time?  Very short I think. Not going to try these yet.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blowing things up

I love to get cross - incandescent even - I feel alive when I'm "fiery". I love protesting, but I'm not stupid.

I just read this from BigBrotherWatch.

I nearly got all steamed up - but then I read it properly. No one is saying you can't share your piccies and videos or even post them on Google, Twitter or Facebook. So why get all enraged? Sounds ok to me. And it pays to read to the end of anything. Glad I did. I'll save my energy for something really important, like whether we can VAPE at the 2012 Games.

I made the "for commercial purposes large" to emphasise what the Big BrotherWatch eyes have missed!

The wording for the 2012 games is :- ‘Images, video and sound recordings of the Games taken by a Ticket Holder cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes and a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish video and/or sound recordings, including on social networking websites and the internet more generally, and may not exploit images, video and/or sound recordings for commercial purposes under any circumstances, whether on the internet or otherwise, or make them available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thankyou Google gods

My Google+ account has been un-suspended - there must be someone at google with a brain! Thankyou to whoever that was.

Me and Google+ Is ANYONE actually there?

As "Vapingpoint" I use google to blog on, to youtube on, to email on. I use twitter to tweet on.

I want a google+ account in the name I blog, youtube, e-mail and tweet on i.e. "Vapingpoint" - but will they have it? NO!

I have lodged proof of my internet presence in numerous appeals - so numerous, I now don't know which "NO" matches which appeal!

I shall explain the problem.....

I once fell into a horrible trap with google+. I teach computers, so I made a computerstuff account that reflected my teaching web and other tools I used to teach with. the idea was that my students could practise their google+ skills and e-mail, picassa and other skills on that account.  I used my birth name to register it - the same name as my private google+ profile with "Computerstuff" as my name. Well, it displayed my birth name preferentially so my computerstuff got crazily muddled up with my private stuff. No one could work out why I appeared in two places! People looking up "me" found themselves adding me - the wrong me - babbling on about computerstuff and not finding  a single person in common! My students were completely muddled poor things. I was frustrated beyond words. I was only able to seperate the two by having very obviously different Avatars and laboriously explaining costantly that the yellow one was the teaching me and the blue one was the private me. What a mess all caused by my name.

That is NOT going to happen to me again.

Who are the people "investigating" my appeals at Google? I think you are really just a robot simply re-sending your template refusal. There is definately no thinking creature there. No "person" has checked my submission proofs. Is ANYONE actually there?

Monday, 23 April 2012

What not to do in a live broadcast

I had so much fun at 2.00am this morning. I was interviewed on Vapersplace live talk radio by Kev with the lovely laugh. Of course, I couldn't HEAR myself, so I listened this morning. Well, what a shock. I was so noisey! Not only do I have a sort of low gruff voice typical of of smoker of 50 years, but I cleared my throat, shifted about, and banged things! What on earth was I doing? Couldn't figure it out myself.

But this is what I now know.

In a live talk radio interview, do not sit on a swiveling computer chair with your legs entangled in computer cables connecting your laptop to the electricity, router and earphones. It makes scuffeling noises as you try to extricate your legs from the mess.

 In a live talk radio interview, lock your pets in the bedroom so they don't rub themselves against your entangled legs, or lie on your entangled feet, or otherwise try to inquire from you what you are doing up in your pyjamas at 2:00am.

In a live talk radio interview, do not bang your PV device down on the wooden surface that is supporting your laptop with its sensitive mic. Especially do not do that everytime you've vaped. You CAN hold the device in your hand between vapes. Or better still, if you are really nervous, a side table, or soft cloth might cushion the blows that will be heard in the broadcast.

In a live talk radio interview, remember that words like "so" and "and" or "so so" and "and and" can get irritatingly repetitive and you can't edit them out like you do in your videos.

In a live talk radio interview, remember to thank the interviewer for all his skill in making you feel relaxed and seem reasonably intelligent against all odds.

Thank you Kev at VapersPlace - it was a blast!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

To the Gods of Google

I am TRYING to set up a google+ account for vapingpoint - or vaping point - THAT is my blog name, my twitter name, my youtube name and my email name!  That is what I am KNOWN as.

That is not my name you say? Well it is to people "out there". I don't mind giving you my birth name - but I have already got a google+ account in that name and to display it as my name in my vapingpoint google+ account is totally useless to me. The people I want to network with do not know me by that name!

I have sent in appeals with all my evidence too, and after the first refusal, I get no reply or even an acknowledgement, which shows you have no manners either. And my profile is STILL suspended.

This blog is specially for you! How else do I contact you?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

They WILL die together!

Today I found out a new thing about vaping.

If you go out somewhere with a few - say three (as backup) batteries that are not quite fully charged, or you have no way of telling, really, whether they are charged or not, you will disover you will have to rush home again to fetch your charged spare, for they WILL all die together. Guarenteed.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Oh no! I broke my new toy!

Oh no! Leaving the house today in a rush, I dropped my new glass tank on our stone floor - and it BROKE! (the tank I mean)

I've heard these tanks are really robust and I'm sure if I'd dropped it anywhere else things would have been fine. Stone floors are not compatible with them however.

I've broken my new toy!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Clouds of vapour secret

I must be a bit slow mentally. I have only just twigged that those wonderful reviewers who encircle themselves in clouds of wonderful vapour, don't inhale first!

Am I right?

Note to myself - next video, don't inhale!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sobranies for Kev at vapersplace

Do you remember these?

They were fun! But Vaping is more fun!

Plain paper packaging - not!

Have a look here  at how a box of cigarettes might look under the new possible (read probable) regulations for plain paper packaged cigarettes.  Plain paper not.

But could be collector's items in the future? There'll be loads of diseases of all kinds to decorate the "plain packaged" boxes with because we all know smoking causes most of the illnesses known to science.

I come from the generation that should have dropped like flies because of our smoking - but we are all, now,  just a drain on society - too many of us to cope with evidently.

I loved smoking - but I think I'm having more "fun" vaping.

Having lived through the change from "Smoking is normal" to "Smoking is unacceptable" I get a bit tetchy about the determined attempt to blot the habit off the face of the earth. We've been smoking something or other since the beginning of time. The smoking hatred I see around me, scares me like any other kind of intense self righteous zeal. Feels like society unhinged.

Hope it's never turned on vapers.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Note to myself as a Vaper

I've really enjoyed browsing Antismokers' Dysfunction Syndrome (ASDS)

As a vaper, I've noticed the anti-smoking talk of other makes me uncomfortable.

(Note to self - I need to be aware of  Antismokers' Dysfunction Syndrome (ASDS)
in myself - so here's a bookmark to check if I'm getting it!)

(Note to self - read book - Dissecting Anti-Smokers' Brains)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

So funny - fags for sale

 One of the comments on Dick Puddlecote's blog replies has had me in stitches. Out of the mouths of the workers comes pure truth!
Steve Brown wrote:
Went into a supermarket this afternoon for a packet of fags. The fags were all on display with the shutters up. After queuing I asked the lady who served me if the shutters didn't have to be down. She said that the shutters had to be closed after each sale. I asked why the shutters were up all the time."It's because we're the bloody tobacco counter, that's why!" came the immediate reply. "Every bloody sale is fags or baccy. We've got no time to be opening and closing those bloody things."'Nuff said!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

I could have told you so!

This morning on the BBC  news there was a snippet interview with a Doctor about the benefits of hiding cigarette displays from children's view.(It's all about the cheeeldren!)

It made me reminisc  about my first cigarette. I came from a family in which no one smoked. But one of my Mom's friends did. We used to go and stay at her house occasionally. I knicked one of her cigarettes from the pack in the lounge and skedaddilled along to the loo where I had one puff. It was ghastly. I must have been eight or nine. The memory of that stopped me smoking all the way through my school years till I had left home.

My first real cigarette was a Lexington (toasted!) that someone gave me to try in our student digs. I lay down on my bed to recover from that one.

The point is, I didn't lust after any cigarette packed in fancy boxes or displayed in shops. I can't remember even noticing them.

My upbringing was EXTRA moral - judgmental, fun-less and disapproving of smoking, drinking and sex. I could have told them, THAT was the reason, eventually, all these practises seemed MOST attractive to me!

Today on the Telly, the lady doctor let slip, that child smoking is on the rise....well I'd read that too actually. So the solution is to hide cigarettes away behind closed displays. This makes something people do - millions of people still smoke - secret, mysterious, fascinating! Will it stop our cheeeldren smoking? Naaaa. I think they'll smoke more.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Light" Cigarettes

I had a thought today. The people so far in my life who can't seem to handle vaping, are those who smoke "light" cigarettes - i.e. cigarettes with only the shadow of nicotine in them.

What is it about low nicotine cigarettes that make them so addictive?  Well, it's not the nicotine for sure!

Years ago, I was at a meeting (in the days we smoked at meetings) and I found myself next to a doctor (who also smoked). He told me I should not be tempted to change to "light" cigarettes because I'd smoke more, get less satisfaction, and inhale more adverse chemicals from the burning tobacco than if I just smoked a good normal cigarette. Well, in those days, a normal cigarette was about 18mg. and that's what I smoked for most of my life.

I only changed to home-rollies when I arrived in the UK and found smoking so very expensive.

So from a platform of home-rollies (American Spirit Tobacco) I easily transferred to vaping.

From a platform of smoking cigarettes with hardly any nicotine in them, my friend and my sister,  seem trapped by their brand.

How did anyone ever get the idea that smoking "light" cigarettes would be better for you than just smoking?

I think it was at the time when the anti-smoking lobby was demonising nicotine for us. When that got blown up out of all proportion by clever scientists in laborotaries, they omitted to figure out that all the OTHER gunk in cigarettes was the bit that was making us sick. The Tobacco Companies quickly produced cigarettes with less vile, evil and poisonous nicotine in them, yes? People could feel virtuous smoking them!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Vaping on

I read Do bans cause heavier smoking? with complete understanding. I was exactly the same. I think most smokers are forced to smoke more because of the bans. I often used to smoke two home rollies back-to-back if I knew there was no respite for a fag in my near future. Furthermore, as the legislation tightened it's grip on smokers, I felt more angry and more determined to smoke and not to stop.  And more desperate to defend my right to choose to smoke.

The old anti-smoking slogan that "Smokers have no choice because they are "enslaved" to smoking", makes my blood boil. The strangest thing about this statement that makes it a lie, are the numbers of people I know and have known in my long life who simply stopped smoking because they didn't want to do it any more. Something simply clicks over in their brains and they "chose" not to smoke. And they have told me that once they made the decision, it was easier than they ever thought.

I smoked without any desire to stop. I have loved smoking. Some of the best moments of my life are those I experienced whilst smoking. I remember many, many wonderful cigarettes. I really am still a smoker in my mind. And thus, the way smokers are treated enflames my passion - as it would if I were still actually smoking. Society has been criminally lied to and lead to feel free to treat smokers in anyway they please - PURPOSEFULLY - by the anti smoking lobby. In that sculpting, oberservers should feel fear at how the thoughts we think are embedded by external manipulation.

Does society ever have it's own thoughts - ever? Throughout History,  the masses are sculpted by our "betters" to do what we are told.

So I'm a smoker who vapes. There - stick that where it's uncomfortable! Don't you dare tangle with us vapers - your lies and twististics didn't work on me in the past - and they won't work if you produce any in the future. I'll just vape on. So there!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

What planet is this man from?

Two articles from the Guardian have offended me tonight. I love it when my blood boils - I feel ALIVE!

So the first is this - Smoking is no longer part of life. This is what our health secretary in the UK says. I cannot believe this chump can be so out of touch with reality. What planet is he from? Smoking is no longer part of life? What rot! Ask those millions - millions! - who smoke in the UK.

And the second article is Why do people smoke? Andrew Lansley doesn't seem to know
Well, this article tells us that it is poor, deprived and uneducated people who smoke. More rot! Well, that's the smoking research this journalist chose to illustrate her point.  She ends " So in Lansley's (our illustrious chump) Britain, poor smokers can now add deviance to the reasons for their social exclusion, and no one will pause to ask why the our poorest citizens continue an unaffordable habit, passed down over and over again, from generation to generation."

Smokers self medicate for complex reasons, not only because they are "poor and uneducated". But what the hell - if you smoke you can be called any name, classified as deviant, moronic, de-normalised, bullied, legislated against, abused, disempowered, restrained, excluded, misunderstood, and even wiped clean from the slate of life. No one pauses to question THAT!

Thank god I vape - but my anger is for what I so recently was - a smoker. I am a smoker who vapes, not a vaper who feels holier than my smoking brothers and sisters. I can't believe, now that it is not politically correct to be such a lot of things, it's quite okay to abuse smokers anyway you please.

Shame on you...

Friday, 6 April 2012

PG experiment

I added PG to my tasteless VG eliquid that I complained about. This morning I felt it had brought out the flavour that I know is there as I added it myself. So I filled my tank. I vaped it till  about four-o-clock this afternoon and it felt good - but not amazing. While out for afternoon coffee, I vaped a different flavour and now my improved eliquid tastes completely bland and disappointing. Maybe my palate has been altered, or I'm tired - it's the end of the day?

Oops! battery is blinking. Maybe THAT'S the problem?

With a new battery, and a reassuring sound of snap crackle and pop as I draw on my dual coil tank, my vape should be better? Oh well, not wonderful, not really quite adequate.

The result of my experiment is that if I want flavour, I'll need to add more concentrate.

Memo to myself - order more concentrate and rescue the stuff properly.

Little Addictions

Yesterday, I taught for two hours and vaping never crossed my mind, even when someone "went out for a fag" half way through.

Afterwards, I sat in someone's car, chatting, and I put my hand in my pocket for my PV. My pocket was empty! What a panic. I leapt out and searched everywhere and they (two of them actually - back-up back-up back-up!) were found. But the thoughts circulating in my head were the interesting part. I just knew my life would end if I had nothing to vape on during my journey home - only 20 minutes - and that the devices were pricey to lose.  I was completely duscomforted by not feeling them in my pocket as I was used to.

What am I addicted to? Not the nicotine, I vape very low nic. I LOVE my devices! I felt the same as if I had lost my little dog, or some other precious thing.

I am put out good and proper if a visitor sits in my chair at home. This can spoil my evening (and everyone else's) so badly, that I now say "This is where I sit" whilst almost standing in front of it with arms outstreched in defence of it. I think to myself "Its ok to get weird when you are old".  I am so aware of this when I visit other people I always ask "Where do you usually sit?" and when they tell me, I don't sit there. Everyone LOVES their chair.

My husband and daughters borrow my car. They never put the cushion back on which I sit to drive. I'm short, so if I don't raise myself up, I feel like I'm driving a tank. I LOVE  my cushion - but they don't understand how uncomfotable I feel when it isn't there.

Our addictions get ingrained in us because when we are doing or using them we feel comfortable and re-assured. People are riddled with addictions. It's what makes us human and interesting.Who is not addicted to their special  pillow, soap, tothbrush, toothpaste, bed, tipple, teddybear, TV show, person, animal, walking route, food, condiment, gadget, religion, newspaper, mannerism, sport, hobby or opinion? The list is unending. Without these special preferences in place in our lives, we don't feel comfortably US.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

VG dulls flavour

I am learning - everyday!

I have been using dual coil cartomiser tanks. The one that is filled with PG/VG mix has a lovely flavour. And the other, filled with just VG and the correct number of drops per ml concentrate flavour - is really disappointing! No flavour, no throat hit, no satisfaction. I tried using it the whole day yesterday and ended up with a really phlegmy throat. I think VG pure, does not agree with me.

I think it has killed the flavour of my concentrate. What a waste! Not going to do that again. Think I've got a bottle of PG - might add some. I'll learn another lesson, probably.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vaping Trolls

In the vaping video world, steeljan just closed up shop because - well not sure - but because of trolls, it seems.

I was thinking about trolls from an historical perspective. I think trolls have always been with us. In the Middle Ages, trolls tipped chamber-pot contents on the heads of their targets as they walked along the street. Or they lobbed rotten eggs and fruit at you, and ruined your self esteem and your day. 

Trolls express themselves. What are they expressing? Well, to me, they are expressing the depths of their self-loathing. They get self-confirmation by trolling. They get the thrill of knowing they have made a difference to someone else. Trolls are the rotten egg lobbers of the internet. We must remember that THEY are the ones who own the shit, or the stinking eggs or the mouldy fruit. That is all they own. Just like in the Middle Ages, such behaviour simply confirms how arrid their inner life is.

Internet videos seethe with richness. Colourful people, with interesting ideas and personalities offer videos communicating information to us in every kind of way - the good, the bad and the ugly. But hey, we are all different and THAT is what makes it all so fascinating. Out there, on youtube, there are the most varied set of e-cig reviwers - these folk and their videos are a wonderful teaching aid for us newbee vapers. Long may they carry on!

Fortunately, youtube has a device to protect us from the worst trolls. Comments, ratings and opinions can be monitored, allowed, disallowed, blocked, deleted, disabled and reported. We can close down nearly every aspect of the responses we recieve at any time, even on old videos. This is our umbrella that we can use to avoid the chamber-pot shit of the trollers falling on our heads as we walk down the street.

Trouble is, our curiosity and vanity makes us leave these open, just to see what people are saying about us. How people communicate with us is the delightful part of youtubing. It's an unhappy moment when we find we got lobbed with a rotten egg.