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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

These articles and blogs are certainly sufficient for me personally for a day

I used to get such funny comments on my blog before I went and stupidly linked my blog to Google+. I can't decide if it was a good thing or not. People who used to comment, now don't because they have to have a Google+ account to do so. It's really a blackmail system by Google which they first introduced in a very confusing way on YouTube. I think now I have gone and done it, there's no way back, except to move to WordPress. I'm toying with that idea.

I have become part of the Google blackmail system. And the silly comments still come anyway.

Yesterday I got this.

p#####  #######t shared your blog post on Google+
These articles and blogs are certainly sufficient for me personally for a day.

Now, it's seemingly innocuous, but I have hooted with laughter at the implications!  I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!

These articles and blogs are certainly sufficient for me personally for a day.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Vaping going wrong or is it going right?

I began to think about my blog for 2 January 2014 when someone commented on it.
Hon Lik - we deserve more in 2014 and I hope it will be a good year

I was disappointed in Hon Lik's opinion on the electronic cigarette he himself invented. I felt he was in the pocket of Big Pharma - and maybe he is.  Mr Lik's invention is now in generations 2,3 and 4, unrecognisable from the first electronic cigarettes that hardly emitted any vapour at all. They are not the same thing. Now we have Personal Vapourisers. And smokers are moving over to them in droves. We, at last, have technology that really works and fills the big hole in our hearts that occurred when, as vapers, we stopped smoking burning tobacco.

Is vaping going wrong or is it going right?

I think it's going right. The shear numbers are good! Over two million of us in the UK. More and more vendors offer an ego type battery and tank as a starter kit- that's good in my eyes - let's leave Mr Lik's cigalikes behind. But even they have improved.

So we are getting numbers on our side. If smokers saw vaping as an option they themselves should have, even if vaping simply was a poke-in-the-eye to the face of the smoking ban - that's good too isn't it? In a way, smokers are softening up to vapers as they see the boot fall on us too. I don't think it's delighted spite. I think it is the comradie of a despised group together. They told us so, and so it is.

But I think the vaping situation is going right as the "experts" and anti-smoking brigade are trollied out in the media. They are making such arses of themselves, that no logical person could possibly believe what they are saying. This morning's BBC report is a good example of better coverage than we have previously seen. Less puerile. It was quite uplifting in fact. No cigalikes were shown. And the guy trollied out at the end - the expert, no less, Dr Peter MCKereth - shot himself in the foot by implying that banning vaping would make us smoke. On re watching him to write this blog, even he wasn't so bad. What a nice way to start the week.

So I think Vaping is going right in the UK at the moment -  or is it my rose tinted spectacles?

Here it is. Let me make your day!

Friday, 25 April 2014

FDA Regulation against vaping - seriously - How To Submit?

If you follow my blog, you know it is seldom measured or diplomatic. It is my personal vent. I have very good health and sleep well at night because I can let rip here. It's my therapy.

But, despite all the ranting that I have done in the past, hoping to generate the same passion in others, it is now time to be deadly serious.

In our efforts to thwart short sighted legislation we must take time to be polite, yet honest. We need to contemplate, cogitate and respond correctly. This is no time for throwing insults like I do, or calling the Tobacco Control in all its forms "zombie anti-tobacco cult people" or any other sneering terms, no matter how delicious it feels.Those are just vague swipes at the general enemy. Now is the time to aim precisely.

We CAN do something.  In the USA, you have the option of contacting the FDA. Don't hurry. There is time to be polite and measured.

Currently, the best post on what to do in the USA is this one I have read from DimiSphere (quoted below) - But we could also use these ideas in the UK on our own politicians, yes? and why can't we also write to the FDA? Their final decision will affect the world ultimately.

FDA Regulations, what can we do NOW!

Quote - 

The above URL will take you to the place where you can submit YOUR comments! Some information you may be able to share includes:
A personal and concise story about how the E-Cigarette products that have been introduced into the market in the past 4 years (my bold) have helped keep you away from using traditional tobacco products.

Express that while flavors may be appealing to youths, they are also much preferred to the nasty taste of tobacco cigarettes. These flavors and the variety of options available are paramount to the success of E-Cigarettes as an alternative choice for adult smokers.  Explain any and all health benefits you have seen since this change in your life style!
There are many many more things that can be said, I encourage you to be true and honest to your own personal experience. Please encourage friends & family members to submit their comments as well!
While these talking points are a great way for vapers to voice the effectiveness of these new products, nothing is more beneficial than scientific data! While submitting your comments, the FDA allows for you to upload an attachment. Here are a few examples of those studies! (Downloadable PDF of the Impact of Flavour Variability) (Downloadable PDF - Toxicology study on vapor proves electronic cigarettes are much better than tobacco) PDF - Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes has significant health benefits, according to a survey of more than 19,000 users) PDF - Nicotine Abosprtion from Electronic Cigarette use between "First generation" (pre 2007) and Third Generation Devices) PDF - Chemicals generally found in E-Cigarettes pose no health concerns) PDF - Dangers of over-regulating E-Cigarettes) PDF - No Concern for Bystanders of Second Hand Vapor) PDF - Effect of E-Cigarettes on smoking reduction and cessation) PDF - Study that found of more than 2000 former smokers in this survey, 96% reported that the e-cigarette helped them to stop smoking)" end quote

Doing something makes the head rest comfortably on your pillow at night. Do not let what is happening in the vaping world affect your health. Your personal health comes first. We are watching the procession of History. PEOPLE make History. And WE ARE THOSE PEOPLE.

Stay cool. Vape on. Spread the word. And do not trample on on the shoulders of smokers to achieve your goal. We are all in this together.


EU and FDA say nyah nyah ny nyah na - smokers and vapers unite please

If you are familiar with EU regulations on e cigs  -  see the clearest explanation on Clive Bates blog here, and the fact that the World Health Organisation wish to classify all nicotine containing products as "Tobacco" Products, yesterday's FDA proposal published in the morning (in UK), is no surprise.

Whereas if you live in the USA, you have some power over the FDA, the citizens of the EU, have virtually none. 

Some of the worst clangers I can see on the FDA proposals which are so mind bogglingly repetitive don't bother to read them - but perhaps read Michael Siegel HERE, are the fact that the "science" they used to formulate their decisions, was antediluvian and cringingly ignorant, and that all products introduced onto the market since February 2007 will have to apply for licensing (from the FDA of course). Well, anyway, those are the two aspects that struck me. 2007!!! FFS! And the science seemed from then too!

Both the EU the FDA have made sure that the winners will be the three best friends, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and the Regulatory Industries, who will be able to afford (or reap) the costs of regulation on their future products, secure in the knowledge that innovation by the small man will be securely stifled while they prosper.

And there they are with their thumbs in their ears, fingers waving, shouting nyah nyah ny nyah na to all the smokers and vapers in the world. 

Whether you are a smoker or a vaper, this concerns both vapers and smokers. Taking nicotine the electronic way is an option that we should both be entitled to. Everyone should work together. I am very keen on that, being myself an angry smoker who vapes only because I prefer it. I don't expect every smoker who tries it to prefer vaping to smoking. But the very best personal vapourisers, the ones that really please, are the NEW ones. The EU regulations and the FDA proposed regulations are another screw in the Tobacco Control Torture regime for global citizens, as it is the NEW and INNOVATIVE that will be suffocated i.e the really good stuff, that works

So I ask myself,  which corporations will be advanced by the new regulations? And the answer, to me at least, seams to be, The Corporations of Money and Greed - Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Anti Tobacco, Government Regulatory Bodies, and the rapacious European Union.

What can we do?

We can write in and comment on the FDA proposals for 75 days from now (Federal eRulemaking Portal:  Follow the instructions for submitting comments.)
Citizens of the USA can write to their congressman/woman telling their own stories.

In the UK, you could vote for UKIP in the May EU Elections so that we can frighten our government into listening to its people.
You could sign EFVI - The European Free Vaping Initiative whether you are smoker, vaper or simply friend or relative.

Everything that is happening to smokers and vapers, is going to affect to us BOTH.

As an angry smoker, I feel furious that the sods who made my life so miserable as a smoker are doing it all over again. Within me, the angry smoker and the angry vaper are united!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ashtrays for smokers

This link below is about ashtrays on campus - a "new" idea!

Charley Guptill: Ashtrays a simple solution to addressing cigarette litter

Quote - 

"Sarna said in an email that ashtrays were not in the “spirit” of the tobacco-free policy. By this logic, ashtrays signal an acceptance of smoking. But ashtrays are not necessarily an endorsement of tobacco use; rather, they serve as both an acknowledgment that it happens and a way to contain and limit the effects of litter."

When "smokefree" became the in thing here in the UK, ashtrays, sandboxes and bins with a butt tops, simply disappeared as if smokers had too! Filthy disgusting smokers out on the streets, strutting their butts simply dropped them on the ground.

I had a running row with the station master of our nearest station to clean it up outside the entrance where every ashtray of any variety had been removed. It is a well kept station belonging to Virgin Trains in the North West. The station master assured me the litter outside the entrance was caused by the smokers and I said it was caused by him having removed any kind of ashtray to give the smokers a place to throw their cigarette ends. He said it wasn't the policy of Virgin Trains to provide anything for smokers.

The most offensive situation I found myself in many years back when every building had some sort of smoking room, was to have to attend a training day where the venue's smoking room was the disused mens' urinal at the back of the building. I can't describe the awfulness of it.

I also can't describe the assault I felt personally by the smokefree blitzkrieg that changed the world from free to chained.

I am  an angry and offended smoker, even though I don't smoke. How I was treated as a smoker has been the one great sleight of my life. I will never get over it. It is the power that steams my energy to defend vaping. It is the energy that fuels me still to hate Tobacco Control, Public Health, the European Tobacco Control Directive, the World Health Organisation and all the little people who promote smokefree in any way. They have totally abused society.

I am one of the older generation to whom no consideration was given. The older generation who actually USED ashtrays. I can totally understand why younger smokers just chuck their cigarette butts onto the ground on any university campus, or even in the street. They have never seen a proper ashtray and have, for their whole lives, been consigned to smoke in the most despised places.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Anti smoking and vaping zombie cult followers awaken

Dr Farselino's Study has made an IMPRESSION!

"Complete substitution of smoking was reported by 81.0% of participants (former smokers) while current smokers had reduced smoking consumption from 20 to 4 cigarettes per day."


" Side effects were reported by more than half of the participants (59.8%), with the most common being sore/dry mouth and throat; side effects were mild and in most cases were subsequently resolved (partially or completely). Participants experienced significant benefits in physical status and improvements in pre-existing disease conditions (including respiratory disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease)."

The study has been noticed by The American Council on Science and Health.

A large online survey shows that users of e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit — and they are succeeding!

Quote -

"ACSH’s Dr. Gil Ross had this comment: “This is another brick in what I am certain will soon be a very large wall of data supporting what I have believed obvious for a while: e-cigarettes will provide a major improvement for addicted adult (and teen) smokers seeking an escape from smoking’s grip. The components of e-cigs are insufficiently toxic to render harm unto anyone, ex-smoker, bystander, whoever, while supplying the chemical and behavioral input to allow smokers to quit with more ease than the highly ineffective, FDA-approved products. These data echo what I’ve seen on ACSH’s website for helping smokers find the facts about e-cigs, now ‘liked’ by over 33,000 contributors with stories of how they finally quit. By this year’s end, those ‘public health experts’ who continue to rail against e-cigs and issue dire warnings to smokers not to try them, will seem foolish at best and vilely corrupt at worst. The problem then will be to revoke all the inane bans and restrictions thrown up ‘in the interest of public health’ or ‘to protect our children.’ Protect our cigarette tax receipts is the more honest basis for these, as someday will be known.”"

ACSH’s Dr. Gil Ross has made a POSITIVE comment (insightful too)! In fact The American Council on Science and Health don't look as if they harbor zombie anti vaping cult followers but they might have zombie anti smoking cult followers on board.

What can I say? Zombie anti smoking/vaping cult followers all over the world release yourselves from your shriveled existence. There has been a stake to your hearts! Over NINETEEN THOUSAND consumers have spoken to a scientist to produce a real life peer reviewed study. Now is the time to set yourselves free from the dogma and creed you regurgitate. Enlightenment is upon you. Awaken!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Vapers and smokers, do you know about screwing?

Vapers and smokers, do you know about screwing?

No, I don't mean being screwed by the profitable employment of the anti tobacco cult zombie people who get their livelihood in Public Health, in advisory groups, in lobby groups, in quango's, in The World Health Organisation, and in corporations, all of them wanting to control and tax us.

Electronic cigarettes are the consumer product that smokers are adopting to keep their lives pleasant, healthy and un-threatened by endemic smoking bans. They are wonderful. They are wonderful any way we use them. Whether we prefer them to smoking, as I do, whether we use them to quit, whether we use them to vape where smoking is banned, can any bad word be said against them?

Well yes - if you are a one of the anti tobacco cult zombie people who have been so habitually against smoking, and who now can't think straight. They are churning out mis-inormation and frightening the people, just like they did with smoking. They are biting off their noses to spite their faces. How stupid are they? The one technology that could reduce smoking significantly is being trashed!

So, it's not that kind of screwing I'm talking about.

This is what I'm talking about. I didn't know it myself but if you screw your tank/cartomiser/atomiser on your Personal Vapouriser or electronic cigarette too tightly on the battery, you wreck the pins (don't know if you'd call it a pin) that sends the electricity from the battery to the tank/cartomiser/atomiser. Furthermore, some air flows cannot work properly on a tight connection. Putting the tank/cartomiser/atomiser onto the battery should be done with the lightest touch and not screwed down tight. Don't strangle the flow of electricity. I have actually been loosening my tanks on my batteries - it really does give a better vape!

I learned that by listening to Dave Dorn on The Haze Hour, last night!  See from 24:45 min in. But the whole show is entertaining and worth watching - it only begins 13min in......

Monday, 21 April 2014

Smokers - just vape if you want to. For God's sake, don't be cuckolded twice!

As a smoker that has smoked for fifty years, who was one of the ones that smoking hasn't killed, I accidentally started vaping when I discovered I preferred it to smoking. I watched the hate for smokers and smoking that was dripped into the psyche of society by the new and profitable employment agencies called the World Health Organisation, Tobacco Control and their sidekicks, Public Health.

I have seen no attempt by them to peacefully co-exist or even co-operate with what were once human beings like me, WORTHY human beings!, who were trashed because we smoked. The discrimination that has developed from the idea of stopping people smoking and been written into law, is historically, almost without precedent.

I cannot understand how we as human beings have allowed it to happen.

This is the springboard from which smokers themselves have rescued themselves. It was smokers, observing the harm that can develop by smoking in their loved ones, that invented safer alternatives. It was not Big Tobacco. It was not Public Health. It was not the Pharmaceutical Industry. It was the unworthy, despised, filthy smoker. The legend goes, Hon Lik was inspired by a nightmarish dream to make the first electronic smoking device. Perhaps such inspiration has not been possible in the rigid minds of those who hate smoking.

Now that personal vapourisers have  been adopted by millions of us because vaping is safer than smoking and even nicer that smoking, the hate mongers are at it again.

Recently, a young man I know, inspired by me, wanted to try vaping. He bought a perfect starting kit, helped by the shop in a town near here. He was enthusiastic and happy and I was pleased. Last week I heard he had gone back to smoking because he had read that vaping was dangerous and nicotine a terrible poison, and a man even DIED from vaping.

The real poison, is not the nicotine. The real poison is that which has seeped out from the anti smoking ideology, the deceit, the purposeful engineering of society to accept shoddy science without question, to BELIEVE without question those righteous, bitter, shrivelled prohibitionists in the anti smoking industry.

Smokers - just vape if you want to. For God's sake, don't be cuckolded twice!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Should vapers just smoke cigarettes?

Making time for vaping in a safe place should demonstrate the pointlessness of banning vaping when vapers can pretty much vape anywhere stealthily or not so stealthily. They don't actually have to stand outside with the smokers.

Twenty vapers in a pub stealth vaping, or a thousand at a venue, or the whole damn audience in a stadium, would hardly be noticed. Stealth is also possible on cigalikes. Unless everyone was strip searched before entry, how would the vaping police know?

But many vapers disapprove of hiding vaping or even using vapourless e liquid on principle because it is not the vapour that is dangerous to other people's health so vaping cannot be banned on health grounds and therefore, shouldn't be. And vaping is very much safer than smoking cigarettes.

The trouble with the vaping bans is the smoking bans instigated by a bunch of righteous groups making a living through the profitable idea of Tobacco Control, taxes on tobacco, and Nicotine Replacement products. 

Article 20 of the Tobacco Control Directive will end the Golden Age of Vaping.  Vapers view it as an evil, mis-thought example of the corrupt Tobacco Control/Pharmaceutical alliance.

Quote - 
"a) nicotine-containing liquid is only placed on the market in dedicated refill containers not exceeding a volume of 10 ml, in disposable electronic cigarettes or in single use cartridges and that the cartridges or tanks do not exceed a volume of 2 ml;
b) the nicotine-containing liquid does not contain nicotine in excess of 20 mg/ml;" (and more)

But that is not ENOUGH.

The World Health Organisation, in secret, behind closed doors, without consultation, are plotting a way to make electronic cigarettes, MORE PROFITABLE! What a surprise! Read Clive Bates here.

Quote - "I have now obtained a copy of the leaked document the FT refers to.  This document is the  WHO FCTC Bureau minutes from November 2013 and it reveals a great deal about this remote and unaccountable organisation.  It shows how it is planning to use the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to apply the same sort of restrictions to non-combustible nicotine products like e-cigarettes that are applied to the far more dangerous smoking products."

Vaping is going to be TAXED like tobacco products are, controlled as if they were tobacco. Who would have thought? 

Well, watching the way  electronic cigarettes have been misrepresented, lied about, legislated against  and generally demonised by the anti tobacco crowd, I would presume that is the way it happened about smoking tobacco and smokers. Should we actually believe a word we are told about any of it?

Should vaping be taxed to the same amount of theft that Governments receive now from tobacco, and, having been exposed for the "remote and unaccountable organisation" they are by Clive Bates, ex leader of ASH UK, should we wonder if anything the Tobacco Control Industry do is honest or true?

Vapers may as well just smoke cigarettes - it might end up cheaper than vaping, and also less dangerous than we have been led to believe by those who can obviously twist information, lie and cheat concerning just about everything and probably always have.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Making time for vaping in a safe place

The strange thing about vaping is that it hasn't got a grip on me like smoking cigarettes had. Not physically anyway. When distracted, I often don't think of vaping. But I used to plot my smoking all the time. I don't know if you were the same, but I used to HAVE TO HAVE my fag when out and before I was even arriving, I was computing where I could go to smoke and praying there was someplace at the venue whatever it was, where I could have a smoke. I was always delighted to find another despised sod cowering behind a bush, or round the corner also having a smoke. We always greeted each other like long lost friends. The comradie amongst smokers is fantastic, I rather miss it.

I don't get the bonded feeling when I have to hide in a bush or sneak around a corner at all the new places that now ban vaping. In the bush or round the corner, I find  the usual despised sod who is smoking. No longer are there fun cracks like "We're a dying breed aren't we? tee heee", or "We must stop meeting like this!". Instead, the despised sod looks at me with suspicious eyes as I pull out my PV. The conversation is different. Instead of simply enjoying my fag vape I find I am showing him/her my device. Or, the despised sod says one of two things. Either "I tried those - bloody useless" or "Lot of good it did you, you might as well just have a fag out here with me/us."

I'm going to vape on the loo at whatever venue I'm at, instead. At least I will have time to vape quietly, peacefully and without judgement. Sod the bans.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Challenge - challenge and show the data!

How do we challenge science that is used against electronic cigarettes? We ask for the data.

I follow Retraction Watch via e mail. You would be astonished at how many retractions come into my mailbox in any week.

This is today's - Fraud fells Alzheimer’s “made to order” neurons paper in Cell

"But the paper — which has been cited 110 times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge — has now been retracted. Per the notice:
In this paper, we described the directed conversion of skin fibroblasts from unaffected individuals or familial Alzheimer’s disease patients into human induced neuronal cells. We also presented molecular analyses of Alzheimer’s-associated markers in these cells. Dr. Ryousuke Fujita, who was specifically and only responsible for the molecular analyses of Alzheimer’s-associated pathology, has acknowledged inappropriately manipulating image panels and data points, as well as misrepresenting the number of repeats performed, in the experiments presented in Figures 6 and 7 of the paper (and corresponding Figures S5 and S6). We are in the process of repeating these analyses. Given these issues, we believe that the most appropriate course of action is to retract the paper. We deeply regret this circumstance and apologize to the community."
 I am sad about this - I remember when the news of this broke. It seemed a wondrous assistance or even solution for Altzheimers sufferers. I hope they find it is true.

This is how real science should work - challenge, challenge, question, question, reproduce and share the data.

Climate scientist Michael Mann could not produce the data used for the Climate Science Hockey Stick Graph  and so, recently, his Supreme Court-case in the USA was thrown out because of this inability to show the data for the claim under challenge from another scientist.

Science is admirably vicious in its drive for TRUTH. 

Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells a Lot Like Tobacco Does 
was a sensational headline posted somewhere on twitter or face book that caught my attention and that I re posted. 

"A new cancer study brings more bad news to the e-cigarette industry. Scientists exposed human bronchial cells to e-cig vapor and found that it altered the cells in a way not dissimilar to tobacco. In other words, that delicious, seemingly risk-free nicotine vapor might not be so benign, after all.
Don't worry too much, though, vaping enthusiasts. Science is complicated, and it will take some time before we know exactly how these cells are being altered. To get a little more technical about it, the cells exposed to e-cig vapor "showed a similar pattern of gene expression" to those exposed to tobacco smoke, explains Nature."

If you click on the link  A new cancer study you go through to the abstract. This was presented at a recent conference in USA. There is no actual data. A scientist could understand the data.

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has done some testing on vapour and cells. I thought it was not significantly frightening. And I know he has new information on flavours due out soon. Science and vaping is really important, but we don't need, or want scary results. We just want the truth. If it's scary, we will just have to face up to it. But mostly we need science that we TRUST.

I hope that someone scientific in the vaping community requests the data from the scientists involved for the new cancer study offered to readers in the press report above. I hope to see notification that it has been retracted in my inbox soon!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

No power ups for PACMAN - he cometh for friendly vapers

I never ever was successful at playing PACMAN . I had to make a little yellow gobblyman run around getting points for himself by gobbling up spots, cherries and  getting power-ups from frilly friendly people whilst little frilly pink, yellow and purple people/ghosts? with little white eyes ran about in a maze  gobbling him up in a most unfriendly way. When he died, the game is over.

It's a pointless game really. As soon as the gobblyman has gobbled up some friendly little people, you have to try to avoid all the unfriendly ones that blot you out.

But the old game is inspirational for us vapers!

The modern pacman is -


The idea of the game is to save pacman who powers up with the "friendly"  friendlies because if the unfriendly ones prevail he gets gobbled, and the game is over. The modern PACMAN  has "powered up" so much and has turned society into little mini pacmen, that they are all out now for the "endgame".

But they are delusional. There is no way PACMAN can EVER survive They can't stop all the purple people/ghosts, the yellow frillies, the pink frillies, the blue frillies, the green frillies, the rainbow frillies or all the future frilly people entering the game all of whom will be unfriendly. PACMAN always loses in the end.

No matter how terrible the jaws of PACMAN look, we must always remember that when he powers up, a new enemy spins off which will threaten him in the future. He is finished!

We must make sure that PACMAN can never get power ups from us vapers and that we are always unfriendly frillies ready to snuff him out.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The prohibitionist empire - the empire of the bonkers.

This is an excellent Summary of Key Dates in the anti-tobacco campaign on the ASH UK website. It will show you how collaborative with Government they have been. And how the prohibitionist empire has grown step by step. It is a record of progressive compassionless action against real humans who smoke.

This summary leaves out the drip drip of purposeful propaganda over the years that has educated us in every conceivable format to ensure that society is encouraged and empowered to stigmatise smokers. Stigmatisation is openly and happily encouraged by tobacco control, with purposeful intent, to turn people away from smoking, and society against smokers with no thought of the morality of their actions. Link

In the same period of time the stigmatisation of racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT persons, HIV carriers and pre-marital pregnancy is "denormalised". Society is made aware of individual human rights, and sensitised to the misery that stigmatisation causes when it is practised against people. But not smokers, of course.

So this is also a record of the increasing and vicious mal-treatment of a whole group of people - smokers - the forgotten, politically disempowered, isolated quarter of the people of the land.

Smoking prohibition has been highly profitable for people in advisory groups, anti smoking charities, lobby groups, specialist health workers, anti smoking science, personally ensuring permanent employment for themselves, but also for all the businesses aligned with the ideology from snake oil salesmen to pharmaceuticals. It has become a whole and complete new profitable world wide empire.

It has been frightfully expensive to economies, to governments and emotionally, to real, living, breathing people.

Many of the problems of smoking and its effects on others could have been easily solved with our modern technology in air filtration. where separate facilities for smokers could have been offered so that they were not condemned to the streets - or not condemned, period.

Separation of facilities seemed. once, an idea  that even smokers were happy to co-operate with, but stigmatisation is NEVER acceptable.

The prohibitionist empire has now become an insanity, a world wide mad hatter's tea party.

The true pottiness of it is now being exposed by the response of the prohibitionists to vaping. Electronic cigarettes are not smoking. They are an amazing solution to the problem of smoking. We can use them to get round the smoking bans. We can use them to resist our persecution as smokers. We can have avoided our stigmatisation as smokers. We envisaged being treated as real, living, feeling creatures in charge of our own health. We could have been jubilant in regaining our power!

We COULD have been......

But the empire of the bonkers can't afford to allow it.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The pointlessness of the prohibitionists. It's in our genes.

Clive Bates has put in comments on the E-cigarette advertising code consultation
Thank you Clive - pleasing indeed to see you are trying for the most sense to be practised there.

I think part of the desperate fear the anti smoking industry has, is of a future where everyone vapes as they used to smoke. When all the "old smokers" like me have transitioned to vaping, and the now smokers vape too, who does the e cig industry sell to? The people who will be the vapers of the future are likely to be those who have never smoked or those who look back on their smoking years with nostalgia and the new crop of adults, simply doing what adults enjoy. With all the controls on advertising alcohol and gambling (and smoking) and now electronic cigarettes, the new customers are always the children grown up. There will forever be consumers. There is eternally a new generation, no matter what.

What DOES happen if ever vaping becomes as normal as smoking was and there is no money to be made from tobacco, or for the NRT producing drug cartels? And "Smokefree" becomes a defunct, irrelevant concept. And the profitable and expensive anti tobacco movement falls into disrepute?

Thank you for your efforts towards sensible advertising, Clive. But REALLY the anti tobacco ideologists will influence our near future because they are currently the most powerful, intransigent, self righteous prohibitionists and they are seemingly unconquerable. Their downfall will come as cultures change and new generations arise. Smoking has been practiced as a pleasurable activity since we climbed down from trees. Over the passage of time, the anti smoking drive can only fail in the pointlessness of it.

Whether "smoking" is practiced technologically, as in vaping, or by using combustion, as in the old way, the practise will never be eradicated. Neither will alcohol, or gambling. It's in our genes.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rats, Vaping and Video by a not really posh person

We attended a big event last weekend. Usually, this fella (pictured) would have stayed with one of the family or friends - but they were all at the event. So our dog came along too. Frankly, he was a damn nuisance - and I'll tell you why....

This guy is a ratter. And boy, is he good! We have seen him in action. Unfortunately, as he has done before in old buildings, he got the "scent" in the wood paneled foyer of the posh hotel we stayed in, and made embarrassing hunting scenes!

Now, WE aren't posh people. We are pretty old-clothes-wearing, don't-mind-boots-in-the-lounge folk. And ....
But we fake it on occasions. So it is humiliating when your dog is convinced there are rats in the place you have just entered. And I have to say, he is seldom wrong! We omitted to tell the proprietor. Maybe it was the scent of high class Victorian rat ancestors, couldn't be sure, and we were reluctant to let the dog trash the place. So he had to be constantly watched and restrained.

I had my best outfit packed -

And took some elegant vaping equipment -

But  in the end only used one PV -

For reasons outlined in this video -

Friday, 4 April 2014

Homeopathy, Magical thinking - anti tobacco science today

I have been observing anti tobacco science. Magical things are happening! There's the homeopathic effect (commonly used as evidence ammunition for persecuting smokers), that finds vaping is dangerous to other people!

Roswell Park Researchers Present Findings of 2 E-Cigarette Studies at SRNT Meeting
"Researchers analyzed three brands of e-cigarettes filled with varying nicotine concentrations. The e-cigarettes were smoked, or “vaped,” with a syringe in an exposure chamber. Nicotine levels on five surfaces of the smoking chamber were measured. The surfaces included glass, floors, walls, windows, wood and metal.

Three out of four experiments showed significant yet varying increases in nicotine found on the five surfaces. The floor and glass windows had the greatest increases in nicotine residue. Dr. Goniewicz and colleagues concluded that future research should explore the risks of exposure to carcinogens posed by third-hand exposure from e-cigarettes."

So, I need to ask the questions that come to mind.

Does this suggest Homeopathy works?
When was it proved nicotine is a carcinogenic?
What kind of "scientific" study tests un-inhaled vapour in a tiny box?

Sounds really shoddy to me.

So this raises more questions in my mind.

Should the preparation and cooking of nicotinic vegetables in restaurants/kitchens/hospitals/homes/ be banned?
Should we all wear gloves and masks permanently - imagine what other hideous stuff is on surfaces?
Should we use medicine in Homeopathic proportions to save on Medical costs?

And the last thing I was reminded to think was the desperation I feel that the media spread this "study" like wildfire, all around the world.