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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vaping under stress

Been a bit busy - well very busy! End of month is busy time for me. But added to my workload, is the problem of the new grandchild arriving in April. Well, maybe arriving earlier - and that's the stress. I do not know when my grandmother skills are needed to look after her (yes, it's a girl they think) little sister. There are extra visits to the hospital, weekends in hospital, and actual maybe arrival times, or not. It's all a bit unnerving. Yesterday I thought I would have to cancel two meetings I have today, but today I find I don't have to.

All this brilliance of the medical profession to know exactly what is going on with babies in the womb is quite extraordinary to me. In my day, a pregnancy simply proceeded in ignorance. You only knew it was breech if it was breech.You knew nothing about its sex. You knew nothing about size or amniotic fluid. You knew nothing much really at all. And if you did - it was someone else's guess.

I smoked and drank through all my pregnancies. All my five babies were verging on 8lbs. I used to light up to do the night feed! Ignorance was bliss. Somehow they have all grown up and most have children of their own. They seem far more stressed in pregnancy than I ever was - I believed that pregnany was just a normal event, not a medical condition.

But then, I'm old fashioned.

So, enduring the new stress of pregnancy being a medical condition and all the do's and dont's of being pregnant as I have now experienced through six grandchildren with the seventh now proving a bit tricky, I am very happy I can vape my way through the stress of it all and not smoke cigarettes. That's a great comfort . Nobody is waving me away.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thank you Wendy H. Best answer so far.

I found this by accident - "Does Vaping help clear your lungs?"

Does vaping help to clear lungs?

I've recently quit smoking and I have been using the e-cigarette. Since it is water vapor I know it is harmless to my lungs but I was also wondering if it helped with the cleansing process as well? I know my body is already naturally detoxing so does the e-cigarette work as a booster to that or is it just an easy fix to keep my mouth entertained?
What would a good vapoteur's answer have been? - a simple YES! would have done for me.
Guess what was posted in reply - 

"Ecigarettes are not harmless and neither is their vapor. They have not been around long enough for anyone to even verify that they are better for you than cigarettes, but studies have shown that they constrict the lungs and airways and sometimes the vapor can be irritating to your throat and lungs. If you're using the cartridges with nicotine, your body is not really detoxing from anything but the crap thats accumulated in your lungs and you're still at increased risk for strokes, heart problems, premature aging, tooth decay etc, as these are side effects of nicotine (its not a harmless substance).

It IS normal for your lungs to clear themselves after you quit though. You might find you are coughing way more and hacking up a lot of stuff--and it can take months to get it all out for some people."
I posted on Google and Facebook and asked that someone come up with something better....
Dear Wendy H has
 quote:- "I know ecig users that have smoked cigs for years and have gotten lung ex rays and the doctors were amazed that the patient was ever a smoker. PG is used for asthma sufferes to open UP the airways.
Now, as far as the nicotine, Yes, it is a drug but then again so is caffeine! At least ecigs dont have the 1000's of toxins and poisens that reg cigs have!!"
Thank you Wendy!  Now could someone go on and vote that to be the best answer?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A horrible vaping experience.

If you are a responsible vapoteur, you will know that heat in your device is something you don't muck about with. Safety should be in the forefront of a vapoteurs' mind.

So, I got a hell of a fright when I picked up my mod and it was HOT!  I unscrewed the top and threw the battery out. But it was not the battery that was hot. I couldn't work it out for quite a while. I have less nerves with a mechanical device than an electronic one. I've had a few batteries that have done very weird thing like switching themselves on by themselves.

Vapoteurs must remember never to totally trust their devices. An exploding device must be a truly horrible experience.

So back to my mod. After reassembly - I knew it was not the battery about to explode, I listened and touched and realised it was indeed actively atomising my eliquid all by itself.

 I undid the bottom switch - and there was the problem! Here is my little video....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Onward vapoteurs!

I've just read this blog (if it opens in French, translate it by clicking on the translate bar at the top of the page)

This is the nub, I think, of why there is so much hositily towards ecigs - they look like cigarettes!

I cannot get the article to copy or paste anything here - but it's spot on with it's analysis that if personal vaporisers were called just that and came in the form of mods, it would be better. It is time to leave the ecig lookalikee behind. I love the translated English in this article - very poetic and I love the word "vapoteur" - that's us! We are vapoteurs!

Personally I wish ecigs weren't called ecigs. And, even from my first device, I never wanted it to look like a cigarette. I never say I am using an ecig - and my PA's do not look like cigarettes.

Lookalikees are flooding the market in grocery stores and pubs. And, the weirdest thing was my friend to whom I offered several different devices went for the lookalikee! I was so disappointed. I thought she was intelligent. But better she vapes than not.

So, my fellow vaporteurs, get out and about with your mods, coloured batteries, floral fancies, tiger stripes and glittered devices and show the world what vapoteurs do. WE are vapoteurs. We do not smoke (cough). We do not smoke e cigarettes.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Keep my vaping miracle unsullied

I dunno. I hope my oomph will come back. I'm not usually oomphless, but recently I am being overwhelmed by all the lies and rubbish I am seeing on the TV, and in the Media.

Well - I think they are lies.  Take David Cameron - didn't he promise an in-out referendum as soon as he came to power? He came to power - what happened? He "promised". He "promised" again today.What a load of boloney. Ha!

I know he is delaying, squirming, slithering - if we had a referendum now - we'd be out! And he knows it.

I am seeing dreadful untruths printed in the media about vaping. I can't tell you how astonished I feel that in these days of the Internet and supposed transparency, people get away with it! How ignorant and foolish they seem. But of course the vaping community have wonderful people beavering away daily, to expose the rubbish, carefully, with knowledge, logic and skilled writing. Thank god for them. They are brilliant! Thank you all you lovely humans for working so hard for us vapers.

I also feel overwhelmed by the sheer deluge of advertising for new devices that come to me via facebook notifications, the meets, the videos, the emails. I can't keep up. It's having the effect of switching me off. I don't want vaping just to become another scramble for profit - for it to be taken over by greed.

Vaping, for me, is a very special miracle. I don't want it sullied by lies, by anti-vapers, anti-smokers or a greedy vaping "industry".

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ready for normal indoor vaping again...

The central heating is working! Simon took 4 hours to work the magic. Thank you Simon.

We are transformed from this

to this........
And ready to vape without gloves again.....

Monday, 21 January 2013

Tommorow is Tuesday, yeah!

At last, it's Tuesday tomorrow. Central heating Simon is coming to fix our heating.

In the meantime, it has snowed all day - on snow we've had for a while already. The only birds that look happy are the Robins. The dog is ravenous and cold, I'm all dressed up like an Inuit on an ice floe, and my husband is driving me crazy because he doesn't feel the cold. Just looking at him makes me feel worse. He's in shorts and an Hawaiian shirt - well almost.

Oh - and tomorrow I must put out the rubbish......

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vaping educating

The day after tomorrow is Tuesday! Simon is coming on that day to fix our central heating.

I spent the day at someone elses' house - I was warm. I was giving a presentation. The beginning was very fraught as I could not get my computer to talk to the TV. It was my fault - I clicked on the wrong display option. Trouble is, I could not correct my error -  so I moved to plan B. Vaping was a real friend to combat my stress.

I vaped openly the whole day. Two people asked what the funny "pipe" was that I was "smoking". I educated them. With a tank on a device it's very easy to do - you can show the e liquid and they can hear the "hiss" when you hit the button. And the demo inhale is pleasurable.

So that's two more people in the world who can't ever ask anyone again "What the "funny" pipe being "smoked is?" They will know.

Even if they don't remember another word I said - I hope they remember that!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Vaping dress code for today

Continuation of the central heating failure - and looking forward to Tuesday when Simon arrives to fix it.

Clothing list for today -

Vest - thermal
Long sleeved winter tee shirt.
Fake fur waistcoat thingy
fingerless gloves

thick socks
winter leggings
thick leg warmers
winter skirt
thick knitted slippers

All dressed and ready for vaping IN MY HOUSE!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Expecting snow - vaping gloves

We already have snow. It's cold - central heading is having a heart attack - we have heat (vaguely) either upstairs or downstairs. We are waiting for Simon to fix it on Tuesday. Roll on Tuesday! We've got to get through Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If it snows again now, its going to STICK!

My daughter bought me special vaping gloves - they allow my fingers to stick through the little skirt  that surrounds my hand so I don't drop my device using full gloves. Clever idea.

Also good for vaping inside when the central heating has crashed!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mostly the downside

I'm going through a down phase in my efforts to promote vaping, defending our liberty - and the liberty of smokers. Smoking and vaping, to my mind, are closely allied. I know lots of us would prefer not to think so. But we are smokers who vape. Well, I am.

The same lies that are being touted about vaping, have all been tried before on smokers.  Being of the old school, I have been astonished at how society has been turned to smoking by the Tobacco Industry and from smoking by clever sculpting from the Tobacco Control Industry. In fact, to me, it has been frightening.

I see the power of The Wold Health Industry in an unelected European Union Industry and how our (UK) Government Industry has paid for (with our taxes) the Anti Tobacco Industry to lobby itself.

So, in the face of the power of others, a power whose money, influence and determination is much more than my own, I am tired.

Also, I am cold - wonky central heating not solved.

On the up side, we have had two most exquisitely beautiful days with sunshine and snow.

And I have been able to vape.

Monday, 14 January 2013

I'll vape to you Simon. Cheers!

Thank goodness! Simon is coming this week. Simon is coming to start the process of clearing the gunge in our central heating. He does this by putting chemicals in the system that percolate for a week. Then he comes along again to pump it all out and put a magnetron or something somewhere.

It's snowing, and it's mighty cold. And we have been bumbling along for months with a central heating system with no known cure.  At last it has been diagnosed with gunge syndrome.

Thank you Simon - I'm so excited, you wouldn't believe!

I'll vape to you Simon.  Cheers!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

My special e liquid mixes

For a long time now, I have been making my own e liquid.  I make a base at 18mg (1.8%) with no flavour and with about 70 - 80% glycerine. I find PG makes me cough and gives me a gravelly throat.

I add concentrate flavour only when the e liquid is in my tank. I'm a tank person. So I know how many drops to add for each size tank. This varies from 6 - 12 drops. And even flavours differ.

I usually drip bought e liquid.

I find most e liquid has a very strong flavour just vaped straight off in a tank. And they are heavy for an all day vape flavour. But I have come to a wonderful discovery!

There are some flavours I reely reely (to quote Darren) like! So I add them to my base e liquid in my tanks.  I get the flavour loud and clear - but not too strong - and it's wonderful for an all day vape. I have to tip my tank and twirl it a bit to mix it well.

Furthermore, my coconut, almond and coffee concentrate is totally without sweetness, so if I am using them, I add a few drops of my bought e liquid too.  It just sweetens the mix.

A consideration is that adding concentrate  dilutes the nicotine strength, so I buy my sweetness flavours in 24mg (2.4%) so with the concentrate diluting my mixture, the 24mg drops just pushes it back up. So far, this is working beautifully.

I just got vapemail yesterday - new tanks, and TJuice from Alston Moore E-Cig Shop.  My "sweetness" flavours are Java Juice and Vamp Vape. Java Juice is a sweet coffee with a great flavour that makes my unsweet coffee good. Vamp Vape is a sweet caramel with a hint of coconut - so for my Almond and Coconut, it works!

Smoking was never such fun.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brains for a burton - but vapemail is on it's way

My last post, written in delight that I was beginning to feel good was a short lived joy. A week go I attended a meeting and the chair person had a streaming cold and frightful cough. Why on earth did she come to the meeting for god's sake?  Why do people not stay at home and keep their germs to themselves? I have a light dose of her blinking cold/flu/whatever and I hope it will stay "light".

My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool - no brains, can't think properly. But my memory is fine! I remember vapemail is on its way, and, if I'm lucky, it might arrive tomorrow. THEN I'll feel better.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Aaah! at last....I'm getting my brain back!

As you know, if you follow my blog(s) I favour Paleo eating. I fell off the wagon badly all of December. I know from previous experience, Sugar and Spice that how you feel when you have overindulged is nothing like how you feel trying to get back on the Paleo.  For me personally - it's HORRIBLE! I "feel" my body and mood intensely. Maybe that's why I was never successful getting off the fags. Every minute off was torture!

I know this misery lasts several days - even a week. I'm nearly through it!  It's been 6 days and tonight, I can feel my brain coming back.And the energy starting to flow.

Weeee! It feels great.

Monday, 7 January 2013

This is what we can do......bookmark please!

Here is what we can do to ensure our vaping better future....Action on the EU directive

Thank you Clive - VERY useful - and bookmarked!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bobby's Balls

Father Christmas brought Bobby a throwing stick and a tennis ball looking ball for Christmas. We took it out today. The "tennis" ball lasted several seconds. Well, Bobby might be small, but he has powerful fangs!

On our way home, we passed the tennis club. Bobby found a REAL tennis ball. He proudly brought it home and has been playing with it ever since.

The moral of the story is, you get what you pay for - real is better than "fake" and is usually more expensive. Something to remember - even in a recession!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Vaping is a real comfort!

I spent all of December eating anything that passed my face. I ate boxes of sweets, chocolate Father Christmases, Christmas pudding, custard, liquer chocolates, trifles, puddings, cake, roast potatoes, crisps, crisps and more crisps. And mince pies by the trillions.

Well, that last sentence is exaggeration. But for a month I fed myself poison.

Today I feel absolutely terrible for not eating the above. I am having withdrawal symptoms. I am getting back on my paleo eating regime.

I know this will only last a few days  or a week. It just shows how sugar and carbohydrates affect my body. And I am looking forward to the surge of energy and optimism that should come over me soon as a result of not having any.

Thank god for vaping - it has been a real comfort in my misery.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For Smokers switching to vaping - excellent video from Vaping Greek

I'd like to share this with all those who have a New Year's resolution to not smoke. I had no resolution not to smoke. In fact I was bloody determined to carry on smoking. How dare people try to stop me! I am an accidental non smoker - miraculous! I was very lucky to find a device that was just right for me by watching videos on the internet. 

At first I smoked and vaped.  I did not feel guilty smoking. After all, I had no intention to stop. But gradually I found vaping was just easier. No tobacco shreds on my lap and sofa from rolling my own. No smell. No ashtrays (little covered jars in my case) to empty. And I found myself vaping more - smoking less and getting pulled in to the very interesting practise of vaping. I love technology and vaping seemed to me to be the modern way of smoking. Fascinating.

I haven't smoked or even desired a cigarette for over a year now.  It doesn't matter to me, personally, what the electronic scaremongers say about vaping. *** (see below) I'm old now. Even if in 20 years we discover Lemon Meringue Pie flavoured e-liquid makes vapers turn yellow, it won't affect me. I will be healthier, as I am already from accidently becoming a non smoker. 

And that applies to every smoker over sixty - the really determined smokers like me for whom I make videos on You Tube "Vaping for the over sixties". Electronic cigarettes are a remarkable phenomenon and vaping is, to me, better than smoking! How good is that?

Thank you Dimitris for a great video. 

***But it does matter really really much that vaping should be accepted as a Harm Reduction pathway for all the smokers coming along behind me. We need to work hard for that.