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Saturday, 5 December 2015

BECOME PASSIONATE! NOW is the time (again) to take action - UK

I recently wrote to someone -

" In my old age, I see a kind of legislation insanity, and I'm too tired to figure out EU motivations. I sometimes think we ARE ruled by an "elite" malevolence. Big Corporations steering things.Ulterior and secret things going on. It's not just vaping. It's other things too that have simply rolled over us because we are completely dis-empowered. Things like the seed regulations, that makes the seeds in MY garden, the "property" of the EU. Or the herbal regulations that have "diluted" any efficacy of old home remedies. Or the way Statins are promoted by our medical experts even though the side effects are terrible and denied by them. Even global warming has me twitching seeing there has been no warming since 1997. I have begun to disbelieve everything we are told. And the crap about vaping and the effort to control it/eradicate it, has simply confirmed my suspicions."

Now, the last sentence is THE seminal one. Any feelings I had that, somehow, the insanities I observed around me in the world, as I grew older and the world changed, were PURPOSEFULLY engineered by secret forces was absolutely and completely CONFIRMED by how Vaping has been treated.

Remember, I am 71. I am the product of the smoking age. Like many vapers, I was just beginning to accept the dogma put about by Tobacco Control, that smoking kills us. It kills HALF of smokers we are told. Put another way, half of all smokers do NOT die. Tobacco Control rolls out preposterous figures estimating all things - guesses really. Although, I personally, am still healthy and fit after 50 years of smoking, I know of people left ravaged by too much smoking. I know of people, friends of friends, people that acquaintances know. Therefore, with no actual experience of how smoking affects people - well only hearsay - I was beginning to think I should believe Tobacco Control "evidence".

All that has gone totally to pot as I have watched the lies, the twisted science, the experts spouting crap from ignorance, or malice aforethought and the absolutely disgusting way that The Tobacco Control Directive has been managed by the EU concerning Vaping. My respect for politicians, if it was ever much, has evaporated. My own MP, who thanked me for the link to Clive Bates blog which is the best place for information about vaping and Article 20, and despite all my phonecalls, letters and face-to-face explanations, seems to have done ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOTHING.

I am tired of being an activist.

And you are too probably.

Things like this are wearing us down. What LOGIC is there behind banning vaping with smoking in the outdoors as has just been passed in Edinburgh? What sanity remains in these people's heads?


Get enraged about how even the Open Air has been removed from us. Smokefree is not about the dangers/or not of anything, but only about controlling us.

But, VERY IMPORTANTLY, there is the situation that is approaching us very quickly. Article 20 of the TPD. 

For the sake of vapers AND SMOKERS I'm going to make a huge last effort to protest this - and I ask you to do the same. Puleese. Pretty please! Especially if you live in The United Kingdom.

Those people who sell us our vaping gear and e liquid are really up against a wall too. They might collapse completely as viable businesses. 

From a letter to me from a supplier,  - "We’re not certain if there will be anything left to sell, or nothing that we would want to sell anyway.(After May when Article 20 becomes our law) All independent innovation gone, just like that. It’s utterly ridiculous, and lives will be lost as a result. Some will go back to smoking, some will try to import dodgy stuff from unknown sources. All the while, the powers-that-be will gloat that they’ve made vaping safer. We’re trying our hardest to source TPD-ready products, but all we’ve found so far are almost un-vapable, and we’ve not yet identified any hardware at all." (my bold)

This is SERIOUS stuff. We think Article 20 concerns e-liquid only, but no - it concerns our hardware too.

(a) nicotine-containing liquid is only placed on the market in dedicated refill containers not exceeding a volume of 10 ml, in disposable electronic cigarettes or in single use cartridges and that the cartridges or tanks do not exceed a volume of 2 ml;
(b) the nicotine-containing liquid does not contain nicotine in excess of 20 mg/ml;
(c) the nicotine-containing liquid does not contain additives listed in Article 7(6);
(d) only ingredients of high purity are used in the manufacture of the nicotine-containing liquid. Substances other than the ingredients referred to in point (b) of the second subparagraph of paragraph 2 of this Article are only present in the nicotine-containing liquid in trace levels, if such traces are technically unavoidable during manufacture;
(e)  except for nicotine, only ingredients are used in the nicotine-containing liquid that do not pose a risk to human health in heated or unheated form;
(f) electronic cigarettes deliver the nicotine doses at consistent levels under normal conditions of use;
(g) electronic cigarettes and refill containers are child- and tamper-proof, are protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism that ensures refilling without leakage.

To get a grip on the whole disaster read HERE

We might be able to source our gear until this time next year. THIS TIME NEXT YEAR OUR VAPING WORLD WILL BE CHANGED BEYOND RECOGNITION! And our friends that we buy from might be gone.

NOW is the time (again) to take action - UK

Please, once more - Write , write, write. Talk, talk, talk. Speak, speak, speak.

And here is the "writetothem" tool that you have probably used before that can help us do this. This website has more information and "writetothem" already loaded....


This is not a petition, it's a chance for you to send a message direct to your MP

Stop being silent, the TPD may be coming, but there's still time to be heard

Thank you lovely people! Please share.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Facing the Foul Facts about vaping and smoking

Title changed on 23.11.2015 to a less coarse version!

I have to face the fact that I am completely a fish out of water. Am I the only one who has been very uncomfortable since vapers started fighting for their right to vape?

Well I know Pat Nurse is flaming furious with us - and me - which I have found very hurtful. I have spent many, many blogs defending the right of smokers to smoke, and hating Tobacco Control, and even pointing out that people who defend vapers are STILL part of Tobacco Control. I was equally pissed off when one of the well known bloggers actually blogged that I "idolised" Clive Bates which shows how people DON'T read properly! Fortunately he apologised, and if Clive Bates reads my blogs, as he says he does "sometimes" he is under no illusion that I still can't forgive him for his part in the Smoking Ban, and promoting Anti Tobacco ideology as he does.

I have done this criticism for three years.

There has been twice in flow of readership of my posts where I could see that I had really offended someone. Once, was when I quoted Thoreau's 1848 essay  "The only political duty of a man is to correct any injustice he directly causes and to deny his cooperation to other injustice.">> "If I have unjustly wrested a plank from a drowning man, I must restore it to him though I drown myself.... ... If I devote myself to other pursuits and contemplations, I must first see, at least, that I do not pursue them sitting upon another man’s shoulders. I must get off him first, that he may pursue his contemplations too"

This implied vapers are scrambling on the heads of drowning smokers to save themselves. I even saw it discussed as an "offensive idea". That was December 2013.

September 2014 I wrote - "I believe we cannot get justice for vapers until smokers are treated with respect. We can only change vaper-hate by releasing society from their shriveled smoker-hate existence. Now is the time for all anti smoking activists to set themselves free from the dogma and creed they have placed in "Public Health". May enlightenment come upon you. Awaken! May the smoking bans be reviewed with moral honesty. The deceit you offered is now being used against vapers. It is YOUR faults! The REAL PROBLEM for everyone is the attitude to SMOKING."

Now it is nearly December 2015. Very little has changed.

Then, in July 2015, I posted Big Tobacco - friend or foe to vapers? about a device sent to me by a Tobacco Company to review on my YouTube Channel. I think that condemned me as a Big Tobacco Shill. I offended loads of people who, evidently, HATE and DETEST "Big Tobacco".

Why should vapers hate and detest Big Tobacco seeing we were recently their good customers? Well, they do, because they have been taught to by Tobacco Control. They are the mouthpieces now of a prohibition ideology that they have been brainwashed with. They have moved to vaping to get away from smoking because they believe that smoking is abhorrent.

And that is why I am a fish out of water, and why I am so uncomfortable with "harm reduction" (a Tobacco Control mantra) and the attitude of vapers to smokers (smelly, dirty, exuding SHS) (another Tobacco Control mantra) - I am UN-BRAINWASHED!

Until I was fifty, I lived in Africa. Everyone smoked. We smoked through pregnancy, outside, inside, at the surgery with the Doctors, in hospital, at parties, functions, cinemas, events, in front of children, near babies, in our own homes and in other people's homes. I can't remember anyone's kids with asthma, allergies, cot death. Some friends died in accidents, one of a brain tumour (but she didn't smoke) and my father-in-law died quite peacefully at 75 after a week in hospital with lung cancer, He drank heavily and smoked 50 plain cigarettes a DAY! Even for a smoker, that was considered "over the top".  I have entered my seventies, healthy and well and facially not wrecked as we are told smoking ravages the face.

I have been one of the lucky ones - along with all the other lucky ones in my life who smoked. So I have a completely different attitude to smokers and smoking because I have not seen the horrors of it borne out in MY experience.  Tobacco Control have spent vast sums on propagandising scientific "twististics" with one aim - to eradicate smoking. And we have, without question. repeated their mantras. They have been a very profitable industry unto themselves and their side-kick, Big Pharma.. Public Health simply pass on the propaganda.

Big Tobacco supplies a product that customers buy because they enjoy using it. I don't hate Big Tobacco - their advertising has been no more mendacious than Tobacco Control's propaganda. Likewise, some people who follow me, know that in 1981 I overcame my alcoholism with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous - alcohol is poison to me personally - yet I do not despise the companies who produce Vodka, or Whisky or any of the other alcoholic drinks that others enjoy.

Four years ago, BY COMPLETE ACCIDENT, without planning or forethought, I switched to vaping. I love vaping more than I loved smoking. When I was a smoker, I never shared my delight with others or reviewed products on YouTube.  Smoking was just smoking. But vaping is altogether nicer - for me. Smoking was something everyone "did" but vaping is a complete "hobby". I do not expect others to have to like it as I do.

I don't mind if people smoke or not. I quite enjoy the smell. I have never been in anyone's house where the walls or ceiling were yellow, and no houses I lived in were like that. Pubs nowdays smell worse than they did when they were smokey - and they were certainly healthier then, as smoke is a bacterial fumigant.

I am one of the "ageing population" that are not dying - the generation of smokers.

The world is not a happier place by the application of prohibition - "smokefree" . Again, I say, the whole idea that it is perfectly acceptable to denormalise smokers, even though they are still about a quarter of the population, when we don't "allow" such persecution to other minority groups, is astonishing to me. If you had described this world as it is now, to me when I was twenty, I would have thought you were a liar or delusional. It's a horror story.

I have to face the flipping fact that I am not a vaper, nor am I a smoker. I'm just the odd (wo)man out that has substituted smoking with vaping and unless Tobacco Control is completely dismantled, I will be persecuted for the rest of my days.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Are you TRULY surprised at the treatment of vapers? The real cause.

Clive Bates just put out an excellent post called  Tobacco Products Directive – what next and what can be done?

He is meaning what can be done for vapers. I submitted a comment which he has not allowed, and I don't blame him. I was banging on about my usual anger at the way smokers - smokers - are treated. For THAT is the nub. Everything stems from that - how smokers and smoking has been treated affects vapers.

Most vaper's friends with some clout, are in fact part of the machinery that set up the system - the Anti Tobacco system as it is - against smokers and smoking. They have been implicit in the crime of the The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). It has built itself up on  a ground of deception, ideology and manipulation of those who have advised it. 

It is not surprising they have dealt with vaping in the same way as smoking. How can ANYONE be astonished? All those who are part of the Anti Tobacco movement should be challenged if they now question the morality of the TDP on vaping. They have done the same against smoking. 

There is no sensible debate about anything to do with smoking or smokers. There is no discussion. There is no serious science taking place to investigate the true effects of Second Hand Smoke without bias. All we have is twististics, guestimates, inflated usually, put about by the prohibitionists. Even as smoking rates were dropping through education a deliberate vicous social engineering project was put in place to make something that is normal and pleasurable to millions, become a pogram against them of immoral proportions. 

Britain has been transformed by the malice aforethought of the anti tobacco crowd, which include the vaper's friends. It is not a happier place, but rather less so, as us older people will point out. Even non smokers find the frenzy against smokers disgusting. When will it stop? It's become a kind of insanity. It's definitely profitable to the lobbyists if we follow the money. And promotes self righteousness in those looking to feel self righteous in these arrid times. 

Smokers should be vapers' friends and we theirs. But vapers have been infected with anti-smoking hate, and smokers know it.  Our treason is not only our smugness, but our alliance, against them, with our vaping friends - their enemies.

Here's an article from the Spectator I really enjoyed - so I'm sharing it. It concerns vapers friends and how they function. 
The anti-smoking pressure group whose wackiest ideas always become law
Image: Getty
Every few years, Action on Smoking and Health draws up a wish list of all the policies it would introduce if it was king for the day. It then spends the next few years lobbying ferociously and watches with a satisfied smirk as every single one of their brainwaves becomes the law of the land.The manifesto of this tiny pressure group is, in effect, the manifesto of whichever party is in power. The only difference is that governments often ignore their own manifesto commitments (such as Labour’s 2005 pledge to exempt private members clubs from the smoking ban) whereas the ASH manifesto is always implemented to the letter.ASH’s last legislative programme – 2008’s ‘Beyond Smoking Kills’ – became obsolete when the Conservatives acted on its wackiest idea, plain packaging, earlier in the year. Total victory set the stage for yet another brainstorming session, the fruits of which will be released in a report titled ‘Smoking Still Kills’ later this month. This document has already fallen into the hands of Guido Fawkes who provided a peek preview today.
If smokers were hoping that the vendetta against them would end with plain packaging, they need to think again. Amongst ASH’s new ruses are minimum pricing for tobacco, annual price rises of five per cent above inflation for cigarettes, a smoking ban in all cars and a ban on smoking outdoors.
In recent years, anti-smoking policies such as banning tobacco displays in shops have been put forward on the not-very-convincing pretext that they will discourage children from taking up the habit. Before that, the smoking ban in enclosed spaces was pushed on the basis that it would ‘protect’ employees.
Drunk with success, ASH has now ditched such rhetoric. The new policies are overtly aimed at hassling and impoverishing adults who choose to smoke.
When the smoking ban came in, anti-smoking campaigners swore on a stack of bibles that they would never consider banning smoking in the open air. They now want a consultation on it. When they lobbied for a ban on smoking in cars with children, they promised that it was not the start of a slippery slope that would lead to a ban in all cars. They are now pushing for exactly that. All this from a group that laughably claims that it is ‘not anti-smoker’.
They even want to get rid of the trifling exemption to the smoking ban that allows actors to smoke in theatrical productions. Seriously, what do they hope to gain from such teeth-grinding fanaticism? Oh, and if you want to watch a film or TV show that portrays someone smoking, ASH think you should be subjected to a hectoring anti-smoking commercial beforehand. Compulsory by law, naturally.
It would be easy to assume that this combination of petty and extreme demands are a way of ASH justifying their state funding at a time of budget cuts (ASH receives a generous grant from the Department of Health every year). Mission creep is nothing new in pressure group politics, but for organisations like ASH incremental prohibition has always been the game. Mission creep is a feature, not a bug, of ‘tobacco control’. ASH could never have achieved what they have if they had been open about their agenda when they were formed in the 1970s. Even today, they will not admit to being prohibitionists. They just want smoking to be sort-of-prohibited.
The problem with treating smoking as if it is virtually illegal is that smokers start viewing it the same way. The sale of illegal cigarettes has risen by 33 per cent in the last two years, according to HMRC, and it is likely to rise further when branding is abolished next year. In its 2008 manifesto, ASH hoped that the illicit share of the cigarette market would be three per cent by 2015. In fact, it is 10 per cent and rising.
That’s four billion cigarettes entering the country every year without being taxed, in addition to 4,400 tonnes of rolling tobacco, and HMRC’s figures almost certainly underestimate the scale of the problem.
This could be excused as collateral damage if ASH’s legislative diarrhoea led to a dramatic decline in people smoking, but it doesn’t. In its 2008 report, they set an ‘ambitious but achievable’ target of reducing the smoking rate to 11 per cent by 2015. At the time, it was 21 per cent. It has dropped by a mere 1.5 percentage points, to 19.5 per cent, in the intervening seven years despite the government capitulating to all of its demands. There are plenty of countries that achieve bigger drops than this by doing nothing at all. ASH have now reset their target and are now hoping that smoking prevalence will be 13 per cent by 2020. I, for one, am prepared to bet that it will be considerably higher than that.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

MY future with vaping.

On a personal level, I find it quite suspicious that the UK Health Department have suddenly come out "for" vaping. The conspiracy theory part of me, wonders whether there is an ulterior motive. When you look at the graph of the efficiency of various quit products put out by the UK Stop Smoking Services, vaping shows up as being the most successful method. This is without ANY support for vapers and vaping from them.

vaping cessation

The red line here, represents profit and success, whilst the demand for their gums and patches, Chantrix and inhalers - and services - is dwindling. But the profit and success is not for them. Consumers - that's US - have done this.  So the question is - why wouldn't they want a piece of the pie?

I don't care if they make little medically approved vapourisers that, by the time all the licences are granted, will be outdated, outmoded and obsolete, as long as they don't mess with the REAL stuff. MY stuff.

As members of the EU, we have to conform to their rulings don't we? When the EU Article 20 hits us next May 2016, I might not be able to get MY stuff. Where will I buy it? I might not be able to make MY movies. I already got one of my movies censored by Facebook on the grounds that "some people" would find it offensive. Offensive? Offensive? A little old lady promoting vaping? HA!

So I'm making my own plans. I make my own e liquid already. I can roll atties, but hate the faff. I have mechanical mods that take batteries not under control of Article 20.

I will buy on the black market which I'll actively seek out through my vaping connections. Article 20 will make the black market huge and efficient. I'm relying on that. Vapers will make sure the black market offers decent, safe stuff. We will take consumer control ourselves whilst operating deep underground.

I will continue to promote vaping to smokers with my illegal products on my movies on YouTube, even though such channels be banned. But in each movie I shall wear a hat. My movies will be categorised in "hats".  They will be called things like "My sub ohming hat" or "My hat for the xxx tank" or "My hat for switching from smoking to vaping".

I will review the outdated, outmoded and obsolete Stop Smoking Services products and call them outdated, outmoded and obsolete, if they are.

I fear that vaping will continue to be banned indoors and outdoors, so I will carry on with my support for smokers to have the smoking ban re-assessed. And point out that the harms caused by second hand smoke are untrue but were put about as a weapon to motivate the public to hate smokers. I will continue to point out that Anti-Tobacco has morphed into a huge, profitable industry that is wiley and devious.

Is this new vaper-friendly attitude by the Department of Public Health to do with vapers - or really just another weapon  to bludgeon smokers?  Is it preparation for the implementation of Article 20?

Why do YOU think there is this sudden turnaround supporting electronic cigarettes?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Vaping Future in England

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

In the United Kingdom, we might have a better vaping future than elsewhere. Today Clive Bates posted an uplifting piece which you can read in full HERE.

Public Health England says truthful realistic things about e-cigarettes

Today sees a new e-cigarettes assessment from England’s public health authority, Public Health England. It includes an excellent evidence review by Professors Ann McNeill and Peter Hajek and their colleagues. Great kudos must go to Kevin Fenton, Rosanna O’Connor, Martin Dockrell and their colleague at PHE who have been determined to get this issue right – to maximise the benefits and to take an evidence-based approach to managing the risks.
More ....

Safety and the perception of risks

It is important that the public be provided with balanced information on the risks of e-cigarettes, so that smokers understand the potential benefits of switching and so non-smokers understand the risks that taking up e-cigarettes might entail:
  • when used as intended, e-cigarettes pose no risk of nicotine poisoning to users, but e-liquids should be in ‘childproof’ packaging. The accuracy of nicotine content labelling currently raises no major concerns
  • the conclusion of Professor John Britton’s 2014 review for PHE, that while vaping may not be 100% safe, most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent and the chemicals present pose limited danger, remains valid. The current best estimate is that e-cigarette use is around 95% less harmful to health than smoking
  • e-cigarettes release negligible levels of nicotine into ambient air with no identified health risks to bystanders
  • over the last year, there has been an overall shift among adults and youth towards the inaccurate perception of e-cigarettes as at least as harmful as cigarettes
Clive Bates shows  an interesting graph...

 Support used and stop smoking service self-reported quit rates 

vaping cessation
Nothing could be clearer than that.

But vapers haven't won - yet - next year is the implementation of the TPD.

Clive Bates points out -
On the Tobacco Products Directive Article 20 – this is a truly dreadful piece of legislation, made in haste on the foundations of bad science, bad economics, bad ethics and bad process.  If this evidence review had been available during the negotiations we might have better legislation – but instead of taking care to get this right and save thousands of European lives, the European legislature just blundered on full of hubris and anti-scientific delusions.  The directive was based on junk science from WHO (hereand here) and negligence on the part of the European Parliament rapporteur (here), evidence free ideas of the European Commission (here) and the unrivalled pomposity and negligence of the European Council and its Irish presidency along with many other actors (here). I really do hope lessons are learned.
Vapers hope so too.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Vapers will be laughing on the other side of their faces if smoking and vaping are ONE.

This is a strange expression, often heard in the form: "You'll be laughing on the other side of your face [when X happens]."
Its meaning is straightforward enough. To laugh on (or out of) the other side of your face (or the wrong side of your face, or mouth) is to experience a humbling reversal of fortune – to have your happiness or amusement change to sadness, annoyance, hurt, disappointment, etc. There is often an implication that the change is deserved.
Maybe its because I am old and a child of the smoking age and I have watched how the world has changed from an optimistic, relaxed place, to a society that is tense with fear, that I have been fast tracked through my vaping euphoria. Like every other vaper, I felt SO delighted when I first found I loved vaping. I realised that vaping allowed me to "smoke" anywhere. In those days, Vapemail came with little cards that actually said "It is legal to vape anywhere".

I got fast-tracked the very moment I was told (by my daughter) that her local pub would not allow vaping because "it would normalise smoking". I realised that others saw vaping as smoking and I was not free from the righteousness of those who disapproved. Smokers and vapers are one and the same thing.

I feel like a smoker that vapes. I am an ANGRY smoker. Standing outside with smokers and vaping with smokers, only offends me in so much as smokers are treated shamefully.

Following vaping blogs and comments on the internet, I saw stuff appearing there that really depressed me. Vapers were re-gurgitating all the crap that Tobacco Control wanted them to believe. They thought of themselves as "non smokers" and complained about second hand smoke, the smell of cigarettes, the smell of smokers and called cigarettes "stinkies".

Warning bells started ringing in my head. I realised that WE didn't think of ourselves as smoking when we vaped. But others could see that smoking and vaping was ONE.

I have written many posts pointing out that no respect/consideration for smokers is OUR problem.  In my life, I have seen, how evil the Tobacco Control Movement has developed into. I think we can see, as vapers, that they are able to twist anything anyway that suits them. Am I right? Well, THAT is what they have done about smoking and smokers.

I personally am cynical about any "statistic" that has ever been published about smokers and smoking. I know that when my husband dies, or I die, because we smoked - once - our deaths will be recorded as a smoking-related deaths. This is evil. It is not science. Smoking related death statistics are simply a guesstimate.

The science on Second Hand Smoke is even worse. The first report to the World Health Organisation was concealed, because it was not what was expected, In fact it showed benefits, especially for asthma in children living in smoking homes. Since then, the SHS issue has still not been settled. Last year a new study on cancer and SHS was published in USA without conclusive results they were wishing for.

The whole banning of smoking indoors was introduced to "protect" workers from SHS. It was introduced on extremely dodgy science - what one could say, sacrificing science for ideology.

Tobacco Control have progressed to even advocating bans outside - that can have nothing to do with SHS. Tobacco Control is not about health - it's about having a "smokefree" world. It has foamed itself into a fervour - a religious cult even. It has money, wealth and power. It is NOT our friend. Don't buy into the cult!

If you are anti-smoking you are destroying us vapers - you are sleeping with the enemy.

I had a chuckle reading this spoof article -

Smoking in public before 8 p.m. to be illegal starting July 1

But THE ACTUAL legislation is this - and it's not very funny....

Reminder: Changes to smoking legislation take effect July 1

Effective July 1:
Under the Smoke-Free Places Act smoking and vaping will not be permitted:
  • on patios and all similar outdoor public facilities where food and/or alcohol is served and within three metres of the patio’s boundary;
  • within nine metres of doorways, windows and air intakes of enclosed public places and indoor workplaces;
  • on or within 20 metres of children’s equipment and sports areas located in an outdoor public place;
  • on or within nine metres of a public walking or jogging trail in an outdoor public place; and
  • within the boundaries of provincial parks except within the boundaries of rented campsites, golf courses and designated areas within the park.
Under the Tobacco Sales Act the following measures will come into effect:
  • a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes and their liquids to persons under 19 years of age;
  • vapour shops will have age and promotion restrictions;
  • the sale of smoking supplies to minors will be prohibited and these supplies will be hidden from sight. This will include rolling papers, blunt wraps, cigarette filters, cigarette holders and pipes; and
  • product displays and advertising inside a tobacconist shop or a vapour shop will not be allowed to be visible from the outside, and outside advertisement will be prohibited.
Effective January 1, 2016, flavoured tobacco, including menthol, will not be sold in New Brunswick. Waiting until January gives store owners time to sell flavoured tobacco products they currently have in stock.
The changes will affect restaurant owners and other businesses; municipalities; landlords; government buildings; establishments that sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and their liquids; and individuals who smoke or vape.
Operators of businesses and facilities that are frequented by the public and affected by these changes are encouraged to use signage to assist with this transition. The following No Vaping/Smoking Posters are available for download:
You will see that Smoking and Vaping are legislated as ONE.

Smokefree is Vapefree too.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Big Tobacco - friend or foe to vapers?

I recently was sent a device to review from Blu, called the Blu Pro. A 950 mAh lithium battery, a safe charger and a tank. A TANK! The whole thing was nicely made, well packed and idiot proof - and not expensive. They are on sale in many shops and tobacconists across the UK. I felt they were a most reasonable introductory device for smokers buying their cigarettes at the thousands of tobacco outlet counters that exist here.

Blu has recently been obtained by Imperial Tobacco, who have placed the brand into their Netherlands based subsidiary Fontem Ventures. It is Fontem which flies Hon Lik round the world to talk about his inspiration for the e-cigarette. Fontem promotes electronic cigarettes in opposition to Imperial Tobacco. So many "experts" in the public health community in the UK believe Big Tobacco is using e-cigarettes with the covert objective of renormalising smoking.

I have thought that the devices produced so far by Fontem, the Puritane in the UK, and Jai in France, cig-a-likees - first generation e-cigarettes were what Big Tobacco have been lobbying to have "medicine status" for. Big Tobacco seem to be working against vapers by supporting med-regs. We have felt they are as against us as the anti-smoking groups are. It's a plot. 

So I was surprised to get a 2nd generation device in the mail.

Article 20 of the Tobacco Control Directive soon under discussion in the UK, will stop vaping as we know it. The E U's revised Tobacco Products Directive coming into effect May 2016 for e-cigarettes includes a ban on advertising, limits on liquid container sizes, warnings covering 30% of the pack, and the strong concentrations of nicotine that some of us use, will require authorisation by MHRA as over-the-counter medicines in the UK. The new regulations will affect all aspects of vaping and, despite our protests, I expect the worst. Some regulations show that Big Antis are dreaming - like -
Uniform Dosing -  Users should receive consistent nicotine delivery when they use an e-cigarette. Devices should be designed to ensure that the same puff, for example 5 seconds consuming 0.003ml liquid, always delivers the same amount of nicotine. Link

I felt that the device put out by Blu was quite different to any of the other "electronic cigarettes" Big Tobacco have offered to date. It's a Second Generation vapouriser. I felt that a smoker topping up with cigarettes, would easily buy one to try. It is good enough to be satisfying. For smokers that won't go into a Vape Shop, or for those who spontaneously feel the time to quit is "NOW", a well made device on the counter promotes a good thing.

I disagree with Hon Lik who said “By using the existing distribution channels of the tobacco companies to tobacconists, maybe it is the best way for consumers to access e-cigarettes.” 
But I would say “By using the existing distribution channels of the tobacco companies to tobacconists, IS the best way for current SMOKERS to access nicotine vapourisers.” 

Unlike many people, I do not hate Big Tobacco and blame them for making me smoke, nor blame Big Alcohol for turning me into an alcoholic, or Big Food for making me fat. I think the dishonesty about smoking from Big Tobacco has just about been equalled by Tobacco Control about the harms of of SHS and now, of vaping. 

If Big Tobacco is moving out into proper second generation devices, they too will have to conform to Article 20. They will either be a vaper's friend with clout, and money (useful in a corrupt system) that might influence the mess coming out of the European Union, or foe, by nefariously usurping the vaping status quo. 

What do you think? Discussion welcome!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Vaping - All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

As George Orwell wrote in his political book "Animal Farm" "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." This was a paraphrase of a sentence in The Declaration of Independence -

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Which, in turn, came out of France and the ideas that drove the French Revolution.

A lot of people died for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

This idea, that all people are equal and have rights is the prevailing theme of current modern thought. And yet, strangely, people live in a world with less and less freedom!  And some people (like smokers) have NO rights. Those who put themselves above ordinary people are scientists, the medical profession, Public Health bodies and the Government who are guided by evidence-based science. 

But science has been corrupted and hugely funded lobby groups have such power now, that it is true to say "money talks". Money is what pays for pushing ideology on Governments, which shows that those with money are much more equal than those without it. And this is the main reason why smokers were simply trampled underfoot by anti-smoking ideology. Vapers are in danger of the same kind of stampede.

The less freedom people have is bound up with the obsession with lifestyle and mind-set. Citizens may not harm themselves in the pursuit of happiness, unless it is sport, and they may not behave or say things against minority groups, especially not in sport! Furthermore, society's thoughts and attitudes are carefully molded by the media who promote the ideas of those that are more equal than the people are.

People are warned by the experts about all the terrible things they do to their bodies in their pursuit of happiness, and restrained from doing so by law, tax, and social engineering. And it will manifest in the new putsch on fat, sugar, salt and booze, using all the successful tobacco tactics that smokers (and now vapers) are alerted to.

The grip that those animals who are "more equal" have on us, is truly frightening.

Protest seems futile. Clive Bates's latest post (June 22nd 2015) shows how rigid the system is. It is really worth reading. And shows that even status, excellent thought and writing can get no-where.

Those who are more equal than ordinary people, can be thwarted by disobedience on the part of vapers. Vapers have the moral high-ground. Vapers have a right to pursue their happiness in vaping because the act of smoking has been usurped for them, by a much safer way to enjoy the pleasure of nicotine. And vapers are NOT smoking.

One would think that those more equal than vapers, would be pleased and encouraging, but what THEY fear is that vaping will supplant smoking. The world would be full of people vaping and being happy in their freedom just like smokers once were. But those more equal than the ordinary people, need to keep control of them, just like the Pigs that ruled the Animal Farm.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How Tobacco Control have failed us

The Tobacco Control Industry has been expensive. It is expensive because those who work in it do so for private gain and their jobs and funding rely on the Tobacco Industry. "Declining revenue streams may explain why so-called public health groups in California and elsewhere are pushing proposals that tax e-cigarettes and vapor products the same as traditional tobacco products. 
A Sun investigation has revealed that (in the United Kingdom):
Dozens of charity bosses are pocketing huge salaries funded by the public's donations.
Cancer Research UK alone paid nine executives more than David Cameron's £142,500.Its chief executive Harpal Kumar, 50, got between £230,000 and £240,000 last year.
The Tobacco Control Industry, in the end, is about personal gain.

Tobacco Control has failed to make tobacco safe  Tobacco can be smoked unpolluted by additives - Natural Tobacco. Instead of hammering on against  Big Tobacco, Tobacco Control could have set up a beneficial relationship with Big Tobacco to "control tobacco". "It should be recognised that the public health sector lacks laboratories and a solid research base, and also that the manufacturers have more expertise than anyone else. However, this is true of many pharmaceutical products and is no barrier to regulation, which is generally based on the premise that the onus of proof of safety and efficacy lies with the manufacturer. It is therefore not a reason for accepting the status quo. It should also be possible to devise a public health orientated regulatory process which allows the tobacco industry to profitably make cigarettes in a shrinking market."
Tobacco Control should have MADE TOBACCO SAFER
The Tobacco Control Industry demonised nicotine and put back research on it's uses. People still believe that nicotine is a what causes lung cancer and creates addiction to cigarettes. Even though it was known in the sixties that nicotine was not the ingredient in cigarettes that caused illness. Right now, there are medics in the UK who are ignoramuses. And THEY are in public health. (video)

Billions that could have been used for research on how to make smoking safer has been wasted on a hate campaign against smokers themselves and the remodeling of the mind of society.

The Tobacco Control Industry has failed to produce anything better for smokers than patches and gum which Michael Russell offered as a harm reduction method to assist quitting smokers 40 years ago.  And even then, they fought his ideas. "but until now the ‘smoking replacement’ idea has been meeting vigorous opposition from tobacco control activists and regulators." But even so patches and gum and other NRT has become truly profitable and Tobacco Control and Big Pharma have snuggled up together.

The Tobacco Control Industry on the whole, has infiltrated most Governments on Earth. promoting an ideology as obnoxious as racism and eugenics and that is because Tobacco Control Industry turned its attention away from big tobacco onto the individual offering the quit or die option. There are profitable new territories to conquer. Please read my illuminating post "Is there something different about China?"

The Tobacco Control Industry have adversely affected the economy.The hospitality industry has been severely affected in the UK - and watch what is happening in New Orleans right now. The Tobacco Control Industry has encouraged smuggling by high taxes, plain packaging and inflated costs for smokers. They fail to admit the fact.

The Tobacco Control Industry fails to be honest in its research and confabulated all kinds of illnesses with smoking and death when in fact the death rate from smoking related illnesses in smokers is 50% yet the same illnesses occur in non-smokers, dying also at a rate of 50% from them. Visuals like the "black" lung has been attributed to smokers - smokers lung - whereas ALL diseased lungs are black. But a healthy smoker has pink lungs just like everyone else. "Tar" in tobacco isn't tar at all, it is simply the name of a chemical - yet they still use visuals of black gunge oozing out of cigarettes/lungs.Any company advertising like that would be taken to court for false representation.

The Tobacco Control Industry twists minds, turns families against each other and has made a divided society of intolerance and hatred. The Tobacco Control Industry has been very costly in misery. 

The Tobacco Control Industry intends to continue in their arrogant mission to a smoke free world.

I think Tobacco Control should be disbanded. They have strutted their stuff for too long. The world would be a nicer, more relaxed, and happier place without them. It would be less corrupt.

Now, in this new time, modern technology has done more to make recreational nicotine users safe from the harms of tobacco than Tobacco Control ever did since it began. They are still stuck in the old world of prohibition and quit or die dogmas and creeds. Shame on them.

Tobacco Control Industry - are you listening? Smoking gave me more pleasure than you could possibly conceive. But, now, accidentally, I have become a vaper. I feel lucky to be a vaper. You are NOT going to make my life a misery again. JUST KEEP AWAY FROM ME!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Dangerous days - do-gooders for vaping are up against their own selves

In the old days society had charities that did good for the people. We had real charities, that collected money for their mission from the people themselves, or were assisted by religious organizations or wealthy sponsors. That was before Governments became Corporations, and before citizens paid "income" tax. Things were pretty chaotic. Roads were bad. Schooling was a privilege. Being well-fed, warm, clean and dry in your home was for people who had money. TB, venereal disease, child mortality was common. Life was hard. People smoked cigarettes and tobacco that was not adulterated by Big Tobacco or tobacco hating do-gooders. Public Health was not about smoking, it was about the really important stuff - public health.

Life was hard right up to the 1950's when ordinary people were able to afford indoor sanitation, plumbing, and machines to help them in their homes. Smoking became fashionable due to huge propaganda from Big Tobacco that it was "elegant" (for women) "manly" (for men) and "good for the nerves". Big Tobacco had been assisted by Edward Bernays, the same chap that advised Anti-tobacco on how to attack and marginalise smokers, to deconstruct the success of Big Tobacco.   

"The symbiotic relationship between cigarettes and PR goes back even further than the 1950s, to the early 20th century when both were fledgling industries, and the tobacco companies used PR's psychological marketing skills to first 'hook' women and then children to their drug.
Edward BernaysIvy Lee and John Hill today are legends within the PR profession. Bernays in particular is often referred to as the "father of PR." All three worked on PR for tobacco, pioneering techniques that today remain the PR industry's stock in trade: third party advocacy, subliminal message reinforcement, junk science, phony front groups, advocacy advertising, and buying favorable news reporting with advertising dollars.
Thanks to Bernays and other early pioneers of public relations, cigarettes built a marketing juggernaut upon an unshakeable identification with sex, youth, vitality and freedom. The work for the tobacco industry, in turn, earned PR widespread credibility and launched the rise of today's multi-billion dollar public relations industry.
The Anti Tobacco Industry, has now grown more powerful and profitable than Big Tobacco. It is a "Charity" of the new variety, that is, in many of its sections, funded by our "income" tax and Big Pharma. And they have used all the Bernays techniques to push the most degrading and vicious marketing to control and persecute smokers as a group. The PR they have used at first was against Big Tobacco. But it morphed into an attempt to stop people smoking by sheer force and shame.  Smoking was marketed as not "elegant" (for women), nor "manly" (for men) and not "good for the nerves" but fatal to health. Society began to be educated about smoking, and this was a good thing. Many people stopped smoking. At THAT point The Anti Tobacco Industry should have stopped their activities. But some people still smoked.

Enter the marketing tool of "emotion" - fear - the smoke you are inhaling is not only harming you, but also everyone around you. This idea was the most malignant marketing tool yet. The Anti Tobacco Industry had found their best weapon to use against individual smokers - not against Big Tobacco! The "science" they offered for Second Hand Smoke is wobbly to say the least.

The Anti Tobacco Industry at this point, in my mind, became a disgusting, evil thing. Quite as evil in their marketing spin as their opposing industry, Big Tobacco, ever was.

Second Hand Smoke and children has been the weapon used to force legislation against smokers. Smokers were forced outside even though children were not pub regulars, or workers. The idea was pushed onto Governments worldwide.The world is swathed in bans against smokers smoking. People with mental health problems, prisoners, pensioners, have all suffered, and the "science" offered us in the UK as to how children's health has improved since the bans is fishy.

I really do think that in the early days, Tobacco Control was a legitimate movement. I am no admirer of Big Tobacco. They should certainly have been forced out of advertising, but Tobacco Control should have demanded safer cigarettes made with proper tobacco and safe papers. But they never did that - they turned their attention to individual people. They shamed them, turned others against them, divided society to make smokers despised. Trouble is, they have become peddlers of misery.

Like Big Tobacco, they meddle with "facts". As a vaper, I can watch them doing it about vaping. I have come to despise anyone who regurgitates the dogmas and creed pushed by Tobacco Control. The tobacco ban in Britain should be re-designed. We live at a time where technology could give smokers the dignity of a safe place to smoke. The Tobacco Control Industry should be deconstructed. They should receive no more funding from any governments. They are simply parasitic. Their work is done. We have a substitute for smoking invented by smokers to lessen the harm done to us by smoking.

But, now, we have "friendly" Tobacco Control employees and scientists who are fighting our cause because vaping could be used for "harm reduction".

How do we consider them? Friends? Foes? I think they are facing themselves and they might not be aware of the deep corruption that exists within their own groups. They are Tobacco Control after all and we should be cautious of them. Not one of them would stand up for smokers I don't think. Vapers will simply be classed as smokers by WHO and the Tobacco Control Directive will come into force despite them. All the viciousness that they themselves have practised towards smokers, will apply to vapers too.

Public Health should not be the servant of Prohibitionists offering them dodgy science to persecute a minority.The vapers' "friends" are the same do-gooders that have been active in making smokers lives miserable rather than transforming the product with their power. MAYBE they can actually DO some good now as they meet together in Europe to discuss nicotine which they themselves have maligned.

I really do hope so. MAYBE there is some sanity somewhere?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Conflicting vapers, smokers and the rest of the world

We live in very interesting times. Since the 1920's we have been manipulated by propaganda. Though the euphemism for propaganda is "public relations" or "marketing" now. Last century spawned new industries that promoted themselves using Edward Bernay's propaganda techniques. "In his later years, beginning in the early 1960's, he was a public opponent of smoking and took part in anti-smoking campaigns." He advised ASH USA on how they could re-engineer society to marginalise smokers. Their techniques have been immoral to say the least.

Propaganda is used to manipulate our minds - your mind and my mind. It is very difficult to escape. How we think is the sum total of all the propaganda that surrounds us. Propaganda is unethical by the fact that it is an attempt to control the way we think - to change us. It offers us a reality that profits the promoter.

Now that we have Mass Media, the Internet, and Social Networking propaganda can be spread more easily, and also refuted more easily. For the first time we ordinary people have the power to question, challenge and protest it. The first step in protecting ourselves from propaganda is to be aware. This series is eye opening - The Century of the Self which you can get in full 4 parts on Vimeo or Daily Motion but not on YouTube. 

Propaganda is used by all the "new" Industries - The Advertising Industry, The Health Industry, The Public Health Industry, The Drug Industry, The Anti Tobacco Industry, The Government/State Corporation, The Industry of Politicians, The Fashion Industries, Manufacturing Corporations from Cosmetics to Weapons. and their mouthpiece is the Mass Media. The Government/State can force citizens to conform by legislation. 

Independent minds are often able to perceive propaganda for what it is. But others, law abiding people, have trouble sorting out what is real, and what is propaganda. These people, you and me, are the ones that can be easily be conflicted by propagandists. We see it so clearly right now as regards to vaping and smoking. Anti Tobacco are disseminating propaganda that makes even vapers feel nervous. I say "Hold your nerve! You are in the presence of propaganda where truth is coated with lies."

All the advisors, academia, medical lobby groups/government subsidised charities and government organisations that propagandise, do so to ensure their future existence. Without their "expertise" there would be no "evidenced based" facts. The trouble is many of these groups are corrupt themselves, products of propaganda from other groups who profit again. The coating of lies could fall away if the people demanded it. 

The MHRA is one of these corrupt groups, in league with The Drug Corporations and I hope you will sign the petition to The House of Commons to have them disbanded. They are NOT the vapers' friend, They are NOT the friend of the people of Britain.

Society is being conflicted by propaganda from all sides. It takes a strong person to hold their course in the storms of opinions that engulf them. It's hard to find the truth.

Vaping is good? Vaping is bad? Vaping is safer than smoking? Smoking is safer than vaping? Smoking is bad - that's why we vape? Smoking is fine but we'd rather vape? vaping is fine, but we'd rather smoke? Nicotine is a deadly poison? Nicotine is as bad as caffeine? Sub ohming is fine? Sub ohming produces toxins? High temperatures are fine? High temperatures are bad? Flavours are safe? Flavours are bad? Tanks are safer than cartos? Glass? Plastic? Wool wicks? Wire wicks? Drip or not to drip?

We need to remember that even the Vaping Industry is using propaganda on us too. Fashions among us are being sculpted by those who will profit from the latest craze. 

And those who observe are conflicted about us. We need to be controlled, stopped, discouraged and reined in lest we run wild. 

Experienced vapers using the latest gear, need to be diplomatic to those smokers just starting out on their vaping adventure, lest they discourage or humiliate them.

We should hold no conflict with smokers, who we ourselves are, and keep in mind that many of our opinions have been formed through the propaganda of Tobacco Control.

We should not make conflict with the rest of the world by being obnoxious about their ignorance on matters of vaping, nor show off our clouds or gizmos in places where they could make the rest of the world fearful of us.

We might feel conflicted ourselves about our vaping habit, and need to remember that any guilt we feel has been artificially induced through course propaganda by the powerful. Above all, we should remind ourselves that smoking in all its forms has been a cherished activity of humans since we climbed down from trees and that the best thinking in history has been done among groups of humans smoking, from ancient times, to 17th century coffee houses, to the now empty pubs and clubs of Britain. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

UKIP's amazing numbers and how the UK election might affect vapers.

I am content with how the election turned out. The system we use here in the UK is very strange - lopsided. Check out the image I have given you here.


It shows what REALLY happened in this election, and how it should be if our system were fair.  Us Vapers COULD be in a far worse situation. This is an excellent analysis of our situation now from UK Politics and Ecigs

May 2015 Update

UK General Election update, May 8th 2015
Conservatives achieve a big win, hold government, and increase their seats to a clear majority of 331 (in practice probably a 12 seat clear majority) - all contrary to every poll, all of which predicted a hung parliament or even a narrow Labour win. This is the worst general election poll mistake in memory.
Labour lose seats, LibDems are virtually wiped out with a massive loss, and the minor parties - Greens and UKIP - do very badly (1 seat each). Cons took seats from everyone, especially off LibDems. SNP made massive gains in Scotland and almost achieved a whitewash. Northern Ireland was mostly held by the Unionists, with SinnFein taking some seats now they have renounced violence. In Wales, the nationalist party PC took some seats but didn't do particularly well.
The scale of the Con win was such that three other party leaders resigned (Lab, LibDem, UKIP).
UKIP were expected to do much better, but local election results are never equalled in the national election for minority parties: people have to vote tactically to keep their most-disliked party from power. UKIP got nearly 13% of the vote but one seat instead of the 84 seats they would have under PR, proportional representation. Some of their number claim this is not a democracy, it is a 2-party state, and they have a point.
How this affects the UK - EU question
In practice, the result probably does not affect the UK's membership of the EU that much: a referendum was always likely under the Cons due to a substantial number of backbenchers demanding it; but the result was and is still likely to be around a 60% nationwide vote to stay in. People don't like change, and if they see no drastic reason to vote for change, they won't.
How this affects vapers
Surprisingly, Cons are probably the vapers' best bet (not UKIP): the kippers completely messed up the EU parliament vote on the new TPD for reasons unknown - some of the 9 kipper MEPs voted for, some against, and some didn't vote at all. Who knows why; they clearly can't organise anything properly.
Cons on the other hand voted 19 out of 20 MEPs against the anti-ecig TPD, and this is a good record for honesty and good organisational skills*. Lab and Greens have a 3-line whip against vaping and will do whatever they can to ban it in order to protect tobacco tax revenues and pharma profits.
* Let's be charitable and overlook the possibility some may have connections with the cigarette trade, the TPD being, as usual, as anti-cigarette trade interests as it is now anti-vaping (though not anti-cigarette sales per se, of course).
Essentially this means that we can expect a sympathetic ear when the the new TPD is transposed, though for all practical purposes vaping faces some degree of ban in the UK via restrictive regulation. As the law comes from the EU, the most corrupt political structure in the world, nothing else can be expected. We won't know what degree of ban will be imposed until around 2017 - 2018, when the enforcement structure is finally in place and the regulations are fully enforced. As the Dept of Health is owned by pharma and will control enforcement, we can expect that EU regulations will be enforced to the hilt.
Unless, of course, legal challenges to the TPD (Article 20) are successful - in which case everything goes on hold for a while. All our hopes are pinned on the legal challenge/s, since otherwise you can expect that - eventually - only cigalikes in tobacco flavour sold on the high street will be left on sale legally (no ecig websites as that is 'cross-border adverting' and 'cross-border marketing', which will be banned). That means 99.99% of products will go black market, almost all current vendors will shut down or go offshore, prices will skyrocket, and quality will fall through the floor. Safety will take a big dive as it always does with prohibition.
If that happens, it will be the first time in history that the public have to go to the black market in order to stay healthy and achieve a normal lifespan.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Skulduggery, and insanity! Vapers in the UK, I'm voting UKIP

I have lost all faith in our political parties in the UK as I have watched them parade across our TV screens in the run-up to our general elections.

We have seen a range of idiots and puppets, parroting their dogma and creeds, bad mouthing other politicians, scaring the citizens, and never ever, ever, EVER answering questions in a straight unguarded way. I'm sick of it.

Now, in these last desperate days, we see them kissing the babies of the "hardworking" (if I hear that again I am going to go doolally) British workers, visiting building sites, schools and small "hardworking" businesses. All our politicians speak with forked tongues.  To me, they are all fake, terrified to be real. They need their jobs. Politics is just an industry now. The political parties need to hold onto their power.

They run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. And snarl, and snap, and bite.

They fear. Voters who do not see their skulduggery must be blind.

I think Tobacco Control, has, in a similar manner, become a laughing stock. Shrivelled officials with glittery eyes, run about, scaring the people about the dangers of enjoying tobacco. They have incited hate and self righteousness in their followers who turn on friends, family and strangers. They have evicted smokers into the full glare of outside where they can be seen and shamed, and that too must be stopped in case the children "see". If there were proper smoking rooms, the children would be saved!

Smokers, smoking and tobacco is REAL. To pretend no one does it, is equivalent to the prudery of the Victorians who covered table legs, because they were legs. Children should know about the real world. In school, they are told about "legs" and sex, so why can't they be told about smoking, and leave the smokers alone? They do not need to indoctrinate children to become frightened clones of Tobacco Control - the new persecution brigade.

The medical profession should not be repeaters of their doctrines either. And they should definitely not be paid to send smokers to smoking cessation on behalf of anyone. Or aid the persecution.

But the true colours of the Tobacco Control Industries are being exposed with how they are lying about vaping.

They fear losing control, losing their goals, failing even. It would be a ghastly thing for them if those who enjoy using tobacco, could do it safely, by inhaling nicotine on vapour instead. Citizens who do not see their viciousness against vaping are blind to it because they have already believed what they have said about smoking.

The world here in the UK, for me, has become a mean-spirited place. It is the only world I have. Tobacco Control made me a recluse. It made me horrified at the power of social engineering as put into place by Government puppy dogs running at their side. It has been shameful to watch. Society has become damped down, bland, dull, depressed, dun. Where is the old vigour?  Or is it just me getting old?

The young people I know, all obey the rules. They are astonished to find out that once, you could smoke anywhere - anywhere! (except in church). Some young folk I know, have never been in a church. They have had a secular education, with a new Satan being - smoking. And they believe in "science". They do not realise there is real science and also science practised to prove a pre-accepted theory, or science used corruptly.  I am hoping some young people will begin to realise how they have been taken in, are being taken in, by that kind of "science".

I hope that the insanity of the Tobacco Control Industry is shown up for the totalitarian, deformed, twisted thing it is. I don't personally know how to do that.

But a good start would be to have the smoking ban re-assessed, to allow smokers back indoors, to allow British pubs to thrive, to allow the hospitality industry to take back ownership of their own properties, and to stop the persecution of smokers in general. As a vaper, I don't mind in the least, sitting with smokers smoking. I only vape because I prefer it to smoking. I never bought in to the Second Hand Smoke myth. And washing my evening-out clothes is no trouble - I have a washing machine!

But young vapers have already been indoctrinated. They do not know better.

So there is no political party I can vote for that has any regard for smokers. And regard for smokers is crucial to how we are treated as vapers. The only person, who, in this whole drawn-out election pantomime that has talked real, been real and spoken about real things, is Nigel Farage.

So if Tobacco Control becomes parasitic on UKIP, smokers will have no one to put their hope in, but until then, THIS election, I am voting UKIP.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dear Member of Parliament

27th February 2015
Dear ///, (Lib Dem)

As you might remember, I am a smoker that now doesn't smoke. My last cigarette was in 2011. I was a smoker that, as more and more smoking restrictions were put into place, was determined never to give up smoking. Yet, I have.  I vape - that is, I use electronic devices. I see electronic cigarettes as being the most amazing technology for either helping smokers to quit, or as a replacement to smoking. They are getting very bad acceptance by Tobacco Control, and the new EU regulations will  NOT make electronic cigarettes better, but simply obliterate this most helpful technology.

I know you favour Tobacco Control, but I see it as a most corrupt modern industry, so we will never agree about that. But I am sending you links to very respectable information on vaping/electronic cigarettes so that whenever they are mentioned in Parliament, you will not be ignorant about them, and also, you will not believe the anti-truth put about by Tobacco Control and anti-smoking advocates. And so you will not vote for the short-sighted, bigoted Article 20 of The Tobacco Control Directive EVER to be adopted by the UK. You would be complicit in a crime.

Here is sensible information on possible policy, and also, a link to Clive Bates blog which contains a history (in back posts) of how Tobacco Control at the EU have behaved over the last three years.

E-cigarettes, vaping and public health
Clive Bates Blog

Thank you, as ever,


Reply :- 9 March 2015

Dear Liz

Thank you very much for your recent email with regard to the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

This is most interesting and very helpful; I am firmly in favour of them because of the big difference that they can make.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Vaping is doomed

I haven't blogged for a while

Mainly I haven't blogged because I'm beginning to think it is pointless - vaping is doomed. I listened to Russ Wishtart's broadcast, Click, Bang! Tuesdays at 9:00pm EST, which I do often, and recently he put one out called "Vaping is doomed". It was about the situation in the USA.

But I think vaping is doomed all over the world.

And the reason I think it is doomed is because science has become so corrupt in its modern form that it is being used to promote agendas, politics, corporations, academics, dogma, creeds, ideologies and interested parties. And the powerful who want to use it for their own benefit have loads of money to fund it.

Scientists and academics themselves are slagging each other off - we can see that in Public Health here in the UK, where Clive Bates and Robert West and others are fighting against the more rigid anti tobacco groups that infect the political system here with prohibitionism of all kinds. They do it on "behalf" of vapers. Yet they themselves are part of Tobacco Control. And as I have said before on many occasions, Tobacco Control is the problem.

Tobacco Control has been a huge twister of real truth through science in its push. or should I say putsch to reconfigure society not to smoke.  Clive Bates and Robert West and all the other anti tobacco Public Health employees were a part of that very suspect science - and they still are.

The first World Health Organisation report on Second Hand Smoke was buried because it showed advantages to SHS but it is extant and can still be found online. Smokers were told their lungs were black. All diseased lungs are black. But healthy smokers lungs are the same as anyone else's. Nicotine was demonised and all sorts of untruths about it were put about. But it seems embarrassingly, they were not true. Smokefree's adverts offered here in the UK every year are a disgusting form of twisted science inducing fear into everyone who sees them - even children. Anti Tobacco has caused real suffering in families torn apart by their propaganda, people my age, and older people, prisoners, psychiatric patients, hospital patients and families, visitors,  workers, holiday makers, pubs and the hospitality industry. No amount of rubbish science can show that we are happier, or better off because of it. Tobacco Control has been a vicious harmer of people in a world that was already smoking less in the West. Yet still we smoke despite them.

Tobacco Control, in all its forms - even the very profitable so-called harm reduction section are morally dessicated by their crusade. Any group, fired with fundamentalist ideas, become passionless about the suffering of those they wish to convert/control and never question how it was the facts of their ideology developed.

Smokers opinions and the real facts about smoking have been extinguished by media presstitutes under pressure from Tobacco Control. People continue to smoke. How many do? We'll never know. The only figures are from anti smoking clinics in the UK.

I look upon smokers as my friends. But they do not see me as theirs. I am a vaper.

Vaping is doomed because the same people are in control as those that have persecuted smokers.

The corrupted science continues - but THIS time, its about vaping.

This should prove to any vaper that what they believed about smoking, might be questionable. Question it!

Today, I was censored when I tried to upload my vaping video to Facebook.  But it hadn't yet appeared on Facebook! So the message is total bullshit. I suspect it was because it was about vaping - specifically, mixing. Smokers who try to speak about smoking have their comments removed, their articles rejected and are otherwise muzzled by the media. I think it's coming soon to vapers. It will come to us per kind favour of the World Health Organisation's Tobacco Control Directive's sharing and advertising regulations.

 Yup - vaping is doomed.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Keeping our wits

We must NOT trust scientists. They are misusing science. Science is fantastic unless it is used to promote ideologies or dogma.

Industries carrying ideologies that have emerged in our modern world are the Global Warming Industry, The Charities Industries, The Tobacco Control Industries, The Education Industries, The Quango and Advisory Industries, The Politician Industry, The Health and Pharmaceutical Industries, The Psychiatric Industry, and many more. They all have self-perpetuating motives and an internally self consensus bias that promotes their own self-righteousness.

Those who break ranks or who criticise are viciously hated.

How do we ordinary people expose these errors of science?  Without scientific knowledge we cannot. But we can use our wits. If there is an "industry" dangling off a set of "facts" (like the facts of second hand smoke, or the perils of vaping) our personal experience should sharpen our perception that the "facts" are suspicious.

I think this is a mass hoax era. And the new industry scientists drive it with their "expertise". Science today is not like science when it began - a rare and noble calling. Scientists nowadays are two a penny and are employed to do science that is acceptable to their employers.

There are many wonderful bloggers, on vaping and smoking, and in other fields, and even Big Pharma critics who have their wits about them that are pointing this out. 

Thank god.