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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ok, UK,vote UKIP!

Here below is the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) smoking policy which, for this alone will get MY vote!

UKIP is also against Plain Packaging - so that's another vote from me.

They are called  The United Kingdom Independence Party because they are wanting the UK to leave the European Union. Well, I think its way over time to do that - so that's a third vote from me!

Pity they aren't standing for election up my way - perhaps I should enter politics? If I got elected, I'd be a pro-vaping MP!

Pubs and the Smoking Ban
1. Whilst UKIP does not like prohibitions and bans in general, UKIP does recognise that the smoking ban has been popular amongst certain groups, such as families and those wishing to eat out in pubs. However, UKIP believes that a more common sense solution is needed: MINTEL shows that people are becoming more trapped in their homes and go out less: 22% of people feel the ban has disrupted their socialising and 16% less or some 2 million adults go out less.
UKIP believes the smoking ban should be made more flexible, and that some exceptions should be made possible - in short, 'That the Landlord should decide', to allow those pubs and clubs very seriously damaged by that ban to make alternative arrangements for smokers within agreed guidelines. UKIP is deeply concerned at the loss of 39 pubs a week ( for last 6 months of 2008, up on 36 previously and equal to 6 pubs a day closing ), many of which can be blamed on a fall in takings of 8 to 10% due to the ban, and the fall in AWP ( Amusement with Prizes ) Machines takings by 20%. v
2. UKIP would amend the smoking ban to allow pub landlords - freehold, tenanted/leased and managed - and club managers to provide contained and ventilated 'smoking rooms' within pubs and clubs, where customers desire it, and the landlords or pub companies wish to invest in such a facility. This proposal brings benefits in reducing noise and intrusion from outside smoking areas in this proposal, and the risk for landlords/managers of sizeable fines levied by local councils.
3. Where it was not possible, desirable or affordable to construct contained smoking rooms, UKIP would give pub landlords and club managers the right to declare their pub or club 'all smoking' ( or 'all non-smoking' ), as long as there were clear warnings and notices outside the building highlighting this status.
4. UKIP supports the continued use of patio heaters for outside and smoking area use and firmly opposes moves by the European Parliament to ban them on environmental grounds, despite the fact that their impact is negligible compared with other emissionsvi UKIP recognises patio heaters are valuable in retaining business from customers who smoke, rather than forcing them to stand out in the cold and rain, or to buy cheap supermarket beers and stay at home.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's COLD! Does vapour freeze?

Wow, it's got really icy. Clocks in the UK go back tonight Winter is on its way.

I had a few thoughts on vaping in the cold. Does vapour freeze?

Wouldn't it be fun if it did! 
We could throw vapour-balls.


  If we could blow ice rings, we could play quoits!


I bet Scott Bonnar would be ice-vapour-ring king!

We could have ice-vapour blowing Olympics.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Offensive in every way.

 Tobacco Control Triumph...

The first packs come out in Oz

I think this Tobacco Control action of forcing cigarette packs to flout sensational photos on "PLAIN"! PACKS  is totally offensive visually. I have written before that this, to me, is a criminal subliminal and an act of violence on smokers who are also citizens. The fact that this is actually happening in a democratic country, flabbergasts me. I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime.

The pictures on these packs have been chosen for their shock value and many do not come from victims of smoking at all! So that is also a lie. That offends me too. Lying to people about smoking has been going on for years and we, as vapers, should not fall for them. Just the term "Smoking Kills" (the most common mantra), is not actually a truth. The nearest to truth is that "Smoking sometimes kills some people". I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime of "plain"packaging, lying both visually and in text to its citizens.

Forcing a legitimate product be sold in packaging denigrating itself I find offensive. There is something revolting about it, like forcing Jewish people wear the star of David during the hate campaign they endured. Tobacco Corporations have been as truly devious as other Corporations in whose webs we are entangled. I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime against a legitimate Corporation encouraged by "The Department of Health" - a lobby group, not actually a UK Government department at all - but simply another type of deviousness!

As a vaper, I am acutely aware that I am a smoker who vapes and that these crimes promoted by Tobacco Control could also be perpetrated against us. 

Here is a really excellent paper on Plain Packaging for the serious minded vaper.

I hope The UK Government will NOT sanction "Plain Packaging". I would like to feel proud.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vapers, our power is the Internet

Don't you think the Internet is marvelous for vapers?

I just had a problem with a leaking vivi nova. I just Googled "leaking vivi nova" and my problem was explained in a flash.

The Internet is great.

It answers our questions.

 It keeps us connected.

For me, it is my vaping "social group" and I'm sure it is for others who know very few other vapers.

It informs others about what vaping is. We can spread the word on it.

It keeps us up to date about what others are saying about vaping

It  is our platform for resistance against attack on us by the Anti Smoking Lobby.

It is our power.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rant for serious minded vapers

I have been watching The Power Principle thee movie series. Currently I am just finishing number two of it - on propaganda. This series is a real mind opener! How much we don't know. How much we SHOULD know, but don't. These movies are fascinating for me as I remember some of the history - it happened in my lifetime!

And, all the manipulation and lies are still going on. Just observe what is happening around the world now.

The Power Principle Number two (on propaganda) explores how the media mold us to conform.

I am looking forward to The Power Principle Number three.....

As vapers, we see how misinformation about electronic cigarettes is being shoved down people's throats. If it happens just about vaping, can you imagine the monstrous lies we are swallowing daily about all sorts of other stuff.

If you live in the UK, you might have the same repulsion about the BBC and the covering up of the Jimmy Savile affair that I have. I always found him particularly repulsive and wondered, when I first came here, how on earth he could possibly be a "National Treasure". But, of course, he was built up that way by the British Broadcasting Corporation artificially. When it came out that he was a treasure with very muddy feet, they tried to hide it by broadcasting eulogies and praise for the fake creature THEY had created. When challenged, they have used weazle words and pathetic excuses. For me, the scandal is not what Jimmy Savile appears to have done, but the excuses from those who knew all about him, especially the excuse that his behaviour reflected different standards in a different age. What bollocks! I was alive then. At that time my children were very similar ages to Savile's alleged victims. There is NO WAY ordinary people would have felt that kind of behaviour was acceptable. This is an example of the media telling us something that isn't true.

The real illumination is how the media can distort our perceptions for which we fall hook line and sinker.

Beware the media! Beware the BBC. They manipulate and twist.

Here endeth my rant for serious minded vapers....

I you have the time, enjoy The Power Principle.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thinking about Armageddon

I am wondering how my manual torch makes light when I wind the handle like hell. It shines for quite a time until it fails. What happens to vaping if we have no electricity to charge our batteries? What happens if there are no factories to produce our stuff? Are we making plans for Armageddon? Could we peddle a bike to power our atties when we have built them?

Who is studying total self sufficiency for vapers?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vapers, COMPLAIN if it's bad.

Our local Spar now stock E-Lites. I have never tried them. I hope they are adequate. Some electronic cigarettes that I have tried should make the manufacturers hang their heads in shame. The worst thing aout them is that they put people off vaping.

In 2008/9 Christmas and New Year, our family met together from all over the world. I bought an electronic cigarette to use for the week. It was hell. I eventually dumped any idea of using such an instrument of torture and went back to smoking for nearly another two years. In that time, technology had advanced and my second try was successful and I moved over to vaping like a duck to water.

Trouble is, some so called electronic cigarettes are far from the standard they should be. Up till now, our Spar shop has been selling THESE! (Poor man,I bet he never switched )

So maybe we are progressing up here in t'coontray!

Monday, 15 October 2012

How us vapers can help

I am expecting a delivery tomorrow - so today I sorted out my vaping stuff. I find, over a year, I have collected at least three sets of batteries, cartomisers, e liquid and equipment that I have grown out of that would be useful to someone else.

During this year, I have already handed out three useable "sets" to people wanting to try vaping. One person, bought her own eventually, and is still vaping, which pleases me. Someone said to me - don't give things out "free" ! People really only appreciated something they paid for.

I look at it differently - I live in the country. There is no way you can quickly get an electronic cigarette here if you are suddenly enthused to use one because of my influence! I am right with them to show them how to fill a carto, to draw slowly, and how to use them. It's nice to say "Take it with you - see how you go". 

There is some inner feeling in the recipients (maybe) that "Liz gave this to me, I better try it again today".  I know one young student I gave a little set, only stopped using it because the charger broke. Well, replacing it is up to him - but he is back home in Cypress. I don't know what happens in Cypress.

So, why hold on to perfectly useable stuff when we have grown out of it? Give it away!

I think when someone is enthused by what WE do, we should strike while the iron is hot!

Friday, 12 October 2012

How to be a posh vaper

I just answered a question on my youtube channel which was "what to say to people who ask you what you are smoking" The person who asked uses tanks like I do.

I replied that I say "I am not smoking. This (show the liquid in the tank) is glycerine which I am atomsing with this device which is my PA (personal atomiser) into vapour which I inhale. In no way is this dangerous to yourself."

I never call my device an "electronic cigarette" unless I am using an electronic cigarette.

I have usually called my device my PV - personal vapouriser - but I think PA - personal atomiser - sounds better? Very posh! Who doesn't want a PA - a personal assistant? Which it is too!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Powerless by omission

I am listening to Ravengrim's broadcast as I do weekly. Her show "Anti Nanny" intrigues me as I LEARN something everytime I listen. This episode is episode 7. Astonishingly - there are SEVENTEEN people standing for the coming elections in the USA. I have only heard of Romney and Obama! Obviously what we are allowed to know is under tight control.

We are lied to by omission.

Whatever we read in the media is biased lying - lying by what we are NOT told. Why is there nothing in the media (in the UK) about these other candidates? How many other people are as surprised as I am?

Why was there nothing in the media about Jimmy Savile molesting adolescents which, it seems, everyone knew about? We were lied to by omission, even if our inner voices told us this guy was creepy, grotesque in fact. How could we know the truth when the Media (BBC) built up a "fake" hero and sold him to us mugs.

As Ravengrim points out in her broadcast, those candidates standing in the USA, create an awkward situation because they are the ones challenging the Government on subjects they really don't want to talk about. And - they don't have MONEY! So they are omitted.

Jimmy Savile and the BBC had money and power - any awkward situations that came up could simply be omitted.

Lying by omission, is very popular. Drug companies only publish "good" results in drug trials. Anti Tobacco only publish "bad" data about smoking to promote anti smoking fervour. We are going to see that happening about vaping.

How do we learn about OMISSIONS? Read the internet and suspect the media for everything they write because they are in the pockets of those with money and power. They are NOT the people's friend.

The Jimmy Savile saga is a perfect example of how the press, TV and the government mouthpiece - the BBC - sculptured the public into silly sheep parting with millions of pounds and omitting the truth of the man. There are lots of "deniers" yelling that Jimmy Savile is innocent. But he isn't. His victims have been powerless because they were just ordinary people, and not rich and powerful themselves. Now the secret is being discussed openly,  the law HAS to take notice. I'm sure lots will be disclosed.

So, to sum up - we live in a fake world, seeing only partial things that are presented TO us. The whole picture would be truly fascinating - but I dream!

I'm sure one the the only two candidates that I know about for the upcoming elections in the USA will win. The rest have been made powerless by their omission.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What you wanted to know about vapour!

At last! A test of tobacco smoke versus vapour!

Well - someone had some brains!

Isn't that the CRUX?

Trouble is you have to sign up to actually get the scientific paper - hope someone will.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dang! No one asked!

I went to a party last night and vaped openly inside. I took my vaping cards to give to everyone who showed an interest. I vaped openly in my chair, with my drink and after my meal. One or two people looked a bit shocked at first. But no one asked me anything!

Instead, now and again clumps of people disappeared - no - not into the bedrooms - but down three floors to smoke outside.

Perhaps I should have joined them!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Beerfest - vaping tonight!

You should see us! We are all dressed up to go to a dress-up party - an Octoberfest. We are all in red, bottle green, black and white.  Hubby has a tyrolean hat with a feather in it. I have a red shawl with long swingy tassles. I am taking my "business" cards - "Vapingpoint" cards in my white pinny pocket - because I expect an interest in my PV's. Tonight I have a red battery and a green battery. See! Everything matches!

Looking forward to a good time!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New flavours!

This week, is new flavour week.

Choc Cherry which I ordered from Alston Moor e-cig Shop

And several flavours that ROK are sending me to review.

Can't wait to try them!

I need to contact Fulgorine to borrow some jewellery to wear in my videos...

Busy, busy doing what I like!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Vaping is just "switching brands" - keep going

I just read a post on a forum, by someone wanting to ditch vaping and go back to smoking. When you change over to vaping, it takes a while to be satisfied by it. I found I still craved analogues in the beginning, so I vaped AND smoked. Eventually I tried to vape more and smoke less. My body got rid of the incessant call to get its "fix" of all the 4000 other chemicals in a lungful of smoke that it was used to.

Nicotine is NOT the only chemical smokers crave - a fact almost ignored by researchers. So, yes, in the beginning, vaping might not be totally satisfying. But it will be if you realise all you are doing is switching "brands".

You are just switching brands - that's all.

And as a smoker you KNOW that switching brands never feels just right in the beginning. It's never the same as your favourite.

Vaping is the same - takes a little while to become your favourite - vaping is a "brand" that is better for you, cleaner, cheaper and much more fun than smoking.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Bash PV's and flowers and thanks!

 Here are some of the wonderful flowers I got for my birthday...

And here was my line up of PV's for my birthday bash.

Thank you for all my happy birthday wishes - it was a lovely time.

Monday, 1 October 2012

To Frank Davis - vapers need you!

I have a favourite blog I follow - Frank Davis

I like this blog because sincerity shines through. He writes simply and absolutely from his heart.

My very moving glimpse into the man himself was this post. We  must not forget how the smoking ban has changed peoples' lives.

I don't agree with everything Frank says, but says it so well.

I found out today that he has an electronic cigarette - untouched for 18 months. Vaping is the thing that has made my life more pleasant than it ever was before when I was ducking and diving all the anti-smoking regulations.  I was a smoker for 50 years and was DETERMINED never to stop. The more the noose tightened - the more distressed and determined I became.

C'mon Frank - you can be physically comfortable anywhere (almost) you like - vaping is really as good as smoking - only better. But you can continue fighting for smokers like you always have.

I believe we vapers need to challenge Tobacco Control as they turn their attention on US. Frank - we need you on our side!