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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Vaping - All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

As George Orwell wrote in his political book "Animal Farm" "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." This was a paraphrase of a sentence in The Declaration of Independence -

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Which, in turn, came out of France and the ideas that drove the French Revolution.

A lot of people died for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

This idea, that all people are equal and have rights is the prevailing theme of current modern thought. And yet, strangely, people live in a world with less and less freedom!  And some people (like smokers) have NO rights. Those who put themselves above ordinary people are scientists, the medical profession, Public Health bodies and the Government who are guided by evidence-based science. 

But science has been corrupted and hugely funded lobby groups have such power now, that it is true to say "money talks". Money is what pays for pushing ideology on Governments, which shows that those with money are much more equal than those without it. And this is the main reason why smokers were simply trampled underfoot by anti-smoking ideology. Vapers are in danger of the same kind of stampede.

The less freedom people have is bound up with the obsession with lifestyle and mind-set. Citizens may not harm themselves in the pursuit of happiness, unless it is sport, and they may not behave or say things against minority groups, especially not in sport! Furthermore, society's thoughts and attitudes are carefully molded by the media who promote the ideas of those that are more equal than the people are.

People are warned by the experts about all the terrible things they do to their bodies in their pursuit of happiness, and restrained from doing so by law, tax, and social engineering. And it will manifest in the new putsch on fat, sugar, salt and booze, using all the successful tobacco tactics that smokers (and now vapers) are alerted to.

The grip that those animals who are "more equal" have on us, is truly frightening.

Protest seems futile. Clive Bates's latest post (June 22nd 2015) shows how rigid the system is. It is really worth reading. And shows that even status, excellent thought and writing can get no-where.

Those who are more equal than ordinary people, can be thwarted by disobedience on the part of vapers. Vapers have the moral high-ground. Vapers have a right to pursue their happiness in vaping because the act of smoking has been usurped for them, by a much safer way to enjoy the pleasure of nicotine. And vapers are NOT smoking.

One would think that those more equal than vapers, would be pleased and encouraging, but what THEY fear is that vaping will supplant smoking. The world would be full of people vaping and being happy in their freedom just like smokers once were. But those more equal than the ordinary people, need to keep control of them, just like the Pigs that ruled the Animal Farm.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How Tobacco Control have failed us

The Tobacco Control Industry has been expensive. It is expensive because those who work in it do so for private gain and their jobs and funding rely on the Tobacco Industry. "Declining revenue streams may explain why so-called public health groups in California and elsewhere are pushing proposals that tax e-cigarettes and vapor products the same as traditional tobacco products. 
A Sun investigation has revealed that (in the United Kingdom):
Dozens of charity bosses are pocketing huge salaries funded by the public's donations.
Cancer Research UK alone paid nine executives more than David Cameron's £142,500.Its chief executive Harpal Kumar, 50, got between £230,000 and £240,000 last year.
The Tobacco Control Industry, in the end, is about personal gain.

Tobacco Control has failed to make tobacco safe  Tobacco can be smoked unpolluted by additives - Natural Tobacco. Instead of hammering on against  Big Tobacco, Tobacco Control could have set up a beneficial relationship with Big Tobacco to "control tobacco". "It should be recognised that the public health sector lacks laboratories and a solid research base, and also that the manufacturers have more expertise than anyone else. However, this is true of many pharmaceutical products and is no barrier to regulation, which is generally based on the premise that the onus of proof of safety and efficacy lies with the manufacturer. It is therefore not a reason for accepting the status quo. It should also be possible to devise a public health orientated regulatory process which allows the tobacco industry to profitably make cigarettes in a shrinking market."
Tobacco Control should have MADE TOBACCO SAFER
The Tobacco Control Industry demonised nicotine and put back research on it's uses. People still believe that nicotine is a what causes lung cancer and creates addiction to cigarettes. Even though it was known in the sixties that nicotine was not the ingredient in cigarettes that caused illness. Right now, there are medics in the UK who are ignoramuses. And THEY are in public health. (video)

Billions that could have been used for research on how to make smoking safer has been wasted on a hate campaign against smokers themselves and the remodeling of the mind of society.

The Tobacco Control Industry has failed to produce anything better for smokers than patches and gum which Michael Russell offered as a harm reduction method to assist quitting smokers 40 years ago.  And even then, they fought his ideas. "but until now the ‘smoking replacement’ idea has been meeting vigorous opposition from tobacco control activists and regulators." But even so patches and gum and other NRT has become truly profitable and Tobacco Control and Big Pharma have snuggled up together.

The Tobacco Control Industry on the whole, has infiltrated most Governments on Earth. promoting an ideology as obnoxious as racism and eugenics and that is because Tobacco Control Industry turned its attention away from big tobacco onto the individual offering the quit or die option. There are profitable new territories to conquer. Please read my illuminating post "Is there something different about China?"

The Tobacco Control Industry have adversely affected the economy.The hospitality industry has been severely affected in the UK - and watch what is happening in New Orleans right now. The Tobacco Control Industry has encouraged smuggling by high taxes, plain packaging and inflated costs for smokers. They fail to admit the fact.

The Tobacco Control Industry fails to be honest in its research and confabulated all kinds of illnesses with smoking and death when in fact the death rate from smoking related illnesses in smokers is 50% yet the same illnesses occur in non-smokers, dying also at a rate of 50% from them. Visuals like the "black" lung has been attributed to smokers - smokers lung - whereas ALL diseased lungs are black. But a healthy smoker has pink lungs just like everyone else. "Tar" in tobacco isn't tar at all, it is simply the name of a chemical - yet they still use visuals of black gunge oozing out of cigarettes/lungs.Any company advertising like that would be taken to court for false representation.

The Tobacco Control Industry twists minds, turns families against each other and has made a divided society of intolerance and hatred. The Tobacco Control Industry has been very costly in misery. 

The Tobacco Control Industry intends to continue in their arrogant mission to a smoke free world.

I think Tobacco Control should be disbanded. They have strutted their stuff for too long. The world would be a nicer, more relaxed, and happier place without them. It would be less corrupt.

Now, in this new time, modern technology has done more to make recreational nicotine users safe from the harms of tobacco than Tobacco Control ever did since it began. They are still stuck in the old world of prohibition and quit or die dogmas and creeds. Shame on them.

Tobacco Control Industry - are you listening? Smoking gave me more pleasure than you could possibly conceive. But, now, accidentally, I have become a vaper. I feel lucky to be a vaper. You are NOT going to make my life a misery again. JUST KEEP AWAY FROM ME!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Dangerous days - do-gooders for vaping are up against their own selves

In the old days society had charities that did good for the people. We had real charities, that collected money for their mission from the people themselves, or were assisted by religious organizations or wealthy sponsors. That was before Governments became Corporations, and before citizens paid "income" tax. Things were pretty chaotic. Roads were bad. Schooling was a privilege. Being well-fed, warm, clean and dry in your home was for people who had money. TB, venereal disease, child mortality was common. Life was hard. People smoked cigarettes and tobacco that was not adulterated by Big Tobacco or tobacco hating do-gooders. Public Health was not about smoking, it was about the really important stuff - public health.

Life was hard right up to the 1950's when ordinary people were able to afford indoor sanitation, plumbing, and machines to help them in their homes. Smoking became fashionable due to huge propaganda from Big Tobacco that it was "elegant" (for women) "manly" (for men) and "good for the nerves". Big Tobacco had been assisted by Edward Bernays, the same chap that advised Anti-tobacco on how to attack and marginalise smokers, to deconstruct the success of Big Tobacco.   

"The symbiotic relationship between cigarettes and PR goes back even further than the 1950s, to the early 20th century when both were fledgling industries, and the tobacco companies used PR's psychological marketing skills to first 'hook' women and then children to their drug.
Edward BernaysIvy Lee and John Hill today are legends within the PR profession. Bernays in particular is often referred to as the "father of PR." All three worked on PR for tobacco, pioneering techniques that today remain the PR industry's stock in trade: third party advocacy, subliminal message reinforcement, junk science, phony front groups, advocacy advertising, and buying favorable news reporting with advertising dollars.
Thanks to Bernays and other early pioneers of public relations, cigarettes built a marketing juggernaut upon an unshakeable identification with sex, youth, vitality and freedom. The work for the tobacco industry, in turn, earned PR widespread credibility and launched the rise of today's multi-billion dollar public relations industry.
The Anti Tobacco Industry, has now grown more powerful and profitable than Big Tobacco. It is a "Charity" of the new variety, that is, in many of its sections, funded by our "income" tax and Big Pharma. And they have used all the Bernays techniques to push the most degrading and vicious marketing to control and persecute smokers as a group. The PR they have used at first was against Big Tobacco. But it morphed into an attempt to stop people smoking by sheer force and shame.  Smoking was marketed as not "elegant" (for women), nor "manly" (for men) and not "good for the nerves" but fatal to health. Society began to be educated about smoking, and this was a good thing. Many people stopped smoking. At THAT point The Anti Tobacco Industry should have stopped their activities. But some people still smoked.

Enter the marketing tool of "emotion" - fear - the smoke you are inhaling is not only harming you, but also everyone around you. This idea was the most malignant marketing tool yet. The Anti Tobacco Industry had found their best weapon to use against individual smokers - not against Big Tobacco! The "science" they offered for Second Hand Smoke is wobbly to say the least.

The Anti Tobacco Industry at this point, in my mind, became a disgusting, evil thing. Quite as evil in their marketing spin as their opposing industry, Big Tobacco, ever was.

Second Hand Smoke and children has been the weapon used to force legislation against smokers. Smokers were forced outside even though children were not pub regulars, or workers. The idea was pushed onto Governments worldwide.The world is swathed in bans against smokers smoking. People with mental health problems, prisoners, pensioners, have all suffered, and the "science" offered us in the UK as to how children's health has improved since the bans is fishy.

I really do think that in the early days, Tobacco Control was a legitimate movement. I am no admirer of Big Tobacco. They should certainly have been forced out of advertising, but Tobacco Control should have demanded safer cigarettes made with proper tobacco and safe papers. But they never did that - they turned their attention to individual people. They shamed them, turned others against them, divided society to make smokers despised. Trouble is, they have become peddlers of misery.

Like Big Tobacco, they meddle with "facts". As a vaper, I can watch them doing it about vaping. I have come to despise anyone who regurgitates the dogmas and creed pushed by Tobacco Control. The tobacco ban in Britain should be re-designed. We live at a time where technology could give smokers the dignity of a safe place to smoke. The Tobacco Control Industry should be deconstructed. They should receive no more funding from any governments. They are simply parasitic. Their work is done. We have a substitute for smoking invented by smokers to lessen the harm done to us by smoking.

But, now, we have "friendly" Tobacco Control employees and scientists who are fighting our cause because vaping could be used for "harm reduction".

How do we consider them? Friends? Foes? I think they are facing themselves and they might not be aware of the deep corruption that exists within their own groups. They are Tobacco Control after all and we should be cautious of them. Not one of them would stand up for smokers I don't think. Vapers will simply be classed as smokers by WHO and the Tobacco Control Directive will come into force despite them. All the viciousness that they themselves have practised towards smokers, will apply to vapers too.

Public Health should not be the servant of Prohibitionists offering them dodgy science to persecute a minority.The vapers' "friends" are the same do-gooders that have been active in making smokers lives miserable rather than transforming the product with their power. MAYBE they can actually DO some good now as they meet together in Europe to discuss nicotine which they themselves have maligned.

I really do hope so. MAYBE there is some sanity somewhere?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Conflicting vapers, smokers and the rest of the world

We live in very interesting times. Since the 1920's we have been manipulated by propaganda. Though the euphemism for propaganda is "public relations" or "marketing" now. Last century spawned new industries that promoted themselves using Edward Bernay's propaganda techniques. "In his later years, beginning in the early 1960's, he was a public opponent of smoking and took part in anti-smoking campaigns." He advised ASH USA on how they could re-engineer society to marginalise smokers. Their techniques have been immoral to say the least.

Propaganda is used to manipulate our minds - your mind and my mind. It is very difficult to escape. How we think is the sum total of all the propaganda that surrounds us. Propaganda is unethical by the fact that it is an attempt to control the way we think - to change us. It offers us a reality that profits the promoter.

Now that we have Mass Media, the Internet, and Social Networking propaganda can be spread more easily, and also refuted more easily. For the first time we ordinary people have the power to question, challenge and protest it. The first step in protecting ourselves from propaganda is to be aware. This series is eye opening - The Century of the Self which you can get in full 4 parts on Vimeo or Daily Motion but not on YouTube. 

Propaganda is used by all the "new" Industries - The Advertising Industry, The Health Industry, The Public Health Industry, The Drug Industry, The Anti Tobacco Industry, The Government/State Corporation, The Industry of Politicians, The Fashion Industries, Manufacturing Corporations from Cosmetics to Weapons. and their mouthpiece is the Mass Media. The Government/State can force citizens to conform by legislation. 

Independent minds are often able to perceive propaganda for what it is. But others, law abiding people, have trouble sorting out what is real, and what is propaganda. These people, you and me, are the ones that can be easily be conflicted by propagandists. We see it so clearly right now as regards to vaping and smoking. Anti Tobacco are disseminating propaganda that makes even vapers feel nervous. I say "Hold your nerve! You are in the presence of propaganda where truth is coated with lies."

All the advisors, academia, medical lobby groups/government subsidised charities and government organisations that propagandise, do so to ensure their future existence. Without their "expertise" there would be no "evidenced based" facts. The trouble is many of these groups are corrupt themselves, products of propaganda from other groups who profit again. The coating of lies could fall away if the people demanded it. 

The MHRA is one of these corrupt groups, in league with The Drug Corporations and I hope you will sign the petition to The House of Commons to have them disbanded. They are NOT the vapers' friend, They are NOT the friend of the people of Britain.

Society is being conflicted by propaganda from all sides. It takes a strong person to hold their course in the storms of opinions that engulf them. It's hard to find the truth.

Vaping is good? Vaping is bad? Vaping is safer than smoking? Smoking is safer than vaping? Smoking is bad - that's why we vape? Smoking is fine but we'd rather vape? vaping is fine, but we'd rather smoke? Nicotine is a deadly poison? Nicotine is as bad as caffeine? Sub ohming is fine? Sub ohming produces toxins? High temperatures are fine? High temperatures are bad? Flavours are safe? Flavours are bad? Tanks are safer than cartos? Glass? Plastic? Wool wicks? Wire wicks? Drip or not to drip?

We need to remember that even the Vaping Industry is using propaganda on us too. Fashions among us are being sculpted by those who will profit from the latest craze. 

And those who observe are conflicted about us. We need to be controlled, stopped, discouraged and reined in lest we run wild. 

Experienced vapers using the latest gear, need to be diplomatic to those smokers just starting out on their vaping adventure, lest they discourage or humiliate them.

We should hold no conflict with smokers, who we ourselves are, and keep in mind that many of our opinions have been formed through the propaganda of Tobacco Control.

We should not make conflict with the rest of the world by being obnoxious about their ignorance on matters of vaping, nor show off our clouds or gizmos in places where they could make the rest of the world fearful of us.

We might feel conflicted ourselves about our vaping habit, and need to remember that any guilt we feel has been artificially induced through course propaganda by the powerful. Above all, we should remind ourselves that smoking in all its forms has been a cherished activity of humans since we climbed down from trees and that the best thinking in history has been done among groups of humans smoking, from ancient times, to 17th century coffee houses, to the now empty pubs and clubs of Britain.