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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Dear Alexander at Facebook.

My Facebook account has been blocked because I use a pseudonym - Vapingpoint.

I have been tweeting them a lot on Twitter to show I am not pleased - wow - I got a letter!

Asking for the same ID shit.

But at least now I have a NAME! Alexander - yes Alexander - a real person. So I have just written to this real person.....

Dear Alexander,

The point of this whole useless conversation is that I HAVE sent you ID showing that I'm KNOWN as Vapingpoint. I sent you photos of my presence on-line. AND an envelope delivered to me by British Mail showing my address as VAPINGPOINT LIZ. Even The Royal Mail knows me as Vapingpoint!

If you cannot see those images which are quite clear photographs - well, I just don't know!

I have PROVED to you that I am Vapingpoint. Any other private evidence is not your legal right to ask for!

If there was any intelligence in your system, you could EASILY check out my online presence and unlock my account rather than wasting your time writing letters to ask me for "proof" that I am Vapingpoint. I AM.

If the Royal Mail delivery envelope isn't good enough for you - the mind boggles. 

You are now, completely off the wall in what you request of people. Does it make Facebook less of a haven for nasty terrorists or paedophiles? Well maybe. But when someone gives you such clear evidence that they are NOT a nasty terrorist or a paedophile, and you continue to harrass them for ID, YOU are the ones who have lost the plot!

Do you WANT me on Facebook - I generate a lot of traffic for you - or do you not?

Your call,

Vapingpoint Liz

Our communication might be ongoing.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Facebook has blocked my account - and I'm not co-operating with them to get it back

If you follow me on Facebook, my account has been blocked.

I'm on Google+ and YouTube and Twitter.

But I won't be on Facebook.

The rules on Facebook are that you have to use your authentic name. Well, only my friends know my authentic name. If I used it for my Facebook Vapingpoint account, NO ONE would know who the hell I was!

I will not co-operate with Facebook by providing my authentic name, my mobile phone number, my home phone number, photos of my ID card (if I had one), or any other details.

We have been emailing each other for days now.

I have provided loads of ID images that I'm known as Vapingpoint - and also Vapingpoint Liz and also Vapingpoint Lliz ! But we are at an impasse.

So I'm out.

Stuff Facebook.

I'll have to rely on my followers to post my videos, blogs and things to Facebook instead - I hope you will, will you?

All my mail is still coming through from my account, so I hope I can still see all the wonderful stuff that people are posting... not sure.

So thanks Facebook followers - and there are a LOT! It's been lovely knowing you.

I am still at Vaping for the over sixties on YouTube

Vapingpoint on Twitter

Vapingpoint Liz Google+

Vapingpoint PAGE on Google+

My email address is vapingpoint(at)gmail(dot)com

Keep safe, stay private, and vape on!