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Friday, 31 August 2012

Vaping,Lobby Groups and sheeple-people!

I have been puzzling at what a strange political system we have. In the UK,  the Government seems to be completely out of contact with real people. They pass laws that no one I have ever met, agrees with or have even known about. I thought the UK was a democracy. But it never feels like one.  It gets worse as I get older and I have never quite been able to grasp why. Well - at last - I KNOW!

The UK is NOT a democracy - in fact most "democracies" are not. They are sick and corrupt places. THIS PAPER "Sock Puppets" might be the most important document you ever read. If you read it all - properly - you will never be the same again. It might take you several days to get your head around this because it's 40 something pages, but when the penny drops, you, like me, will be able to put your finger on the problem we have in our country and other countries. And you will feel a whole lot better knowing it.

Lobby Groups are the reason we live in a truth-less world.  Governments legislate and brainwash their citizens with information that has bias built in. The bias of the Lobby. And the people-sheeple just repeatle-bleatle.

To protect vaping, we should fight this system where governments are brainwashed by minority groups. Tobacco Control in the UK is paid for by US with our taxes! And the fact that they are trying to lump vaping in as a "tobacco" product, exposes how they have lied about other things too - they twist statistics and use "science" to their own ends. The root of the whole problem are the lobby groups. Tobacco Control in particular.  

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Incandescent! Shame on you, Facebook.

Vaping is legal in the UK. I am a UK citizen. I use facebook to watch the trends in vaping AND find out what products are avaliable to buy. You try to rule me by your USA mentality? How very backward you are in devising a policy that lumps electronic cigarettes in with tobacco cigarettes. It simply shows your utter and profound IGNORANCE and your herd mentality in attempting to apply Tobacco Control to a networking site. Tobacco Control has got nothing to hold over vaping. Vaping is NOT smoking. Vaping is not a "tabacco" product. Vaping is the most useful smokers' harm-reduction product yet known. You should be promoting vaping in every way - you could save lives!

The thing that has really made me incandescent is not the fact that you have taken down sites before they could download their information - you should be sued for that - nor that you do not want merchants of electronic cigarettes "selling" their wares on facebook, whilst merchants of other products are welcome to,  but that you have SINGLED OUT  vaping to have something to do with tobacco!  Vaping is a means to get OFF tobacco....It seems such an easy concept. Why is it so hard to understand?

As a UK citizen over whom you have no jurisdiction, I say, until you can get your head around how useful electronic cigarettes really are, how less harmful than smoking they are, and how really they are nothing to do with tobacco, how they are currently the best way for smokers to quit smoking, you are pushing a policy as backward as clubbing or stoning or burning witches at a stake  - shame on you!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vaping in the rain

Vaping in the rain is preferable to smoking in the rain.

Vaping in the wind is preferable to smoking in the wind.

Vaping in the rain and wind is preferable to smoking in the rain and wind.

Vaping is much more convenient than smoking in nearly every circumstance.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Definition of Vapefest UK at Tamworth

Vapefest UK at Tamworth - a collection of happy, smiling people in a cloud of laughter.

And to prove it there are loads of photos and videos popping up all over the show....

Thank you video and photo people!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Can't trust my vaping changes!

Saturday is Vapefest UK day. I'm getting really short on e liquid. I'm going to stock up there. So I'm vaping  Passion Fruit which I dug out of my vaping suitcase e liquid archive. I was adamant I didn't like Passion Fruit - I'm not a fruity person. But I must be wrong?

This Passion Fruit is absolutely yummy. Can't trust my palate obviously - it's changed AGAIN!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Squawking vaping

I believe most of what we think we know has been manipulated by someone for some reason.  I believe a lot of what we repeat parrot fashion, we should research for ourselves. Or, at least, question if we are just being parrots, or real thinkers. It's much easier to be a parrot. But that just spreads the manipulation and soon, everyone is repeating the same falsehood.

Take politics. I believe we are horribly manipulated - words fail when watching the spin, the wars for oil, gold, power and greed. The halls of UK Government are corrupt. We have made pacts with lobby groups we fund from our own taxes, to pass laws we do not want. We parrot and repeat the phrases and dogmas they promote without much thought because we think they are the "experts".  

Take food. I believe diabetics (type 2) are being told to eat the wrong foods. A well-balanced diet with bread, potatoes, oats for breakfast is what the medical profession keeps parroting. They are wrong!  It almost seems, they want to keep themselves in business - well the drug companies do.

Take smoking. I believe we have been fed falsehoods about  smoking and Second Hand Smoke. Parrots have instilled fear into people who think they might fall dead if they just get a whiff of it. Smokers are non-people, lepers - and those who indulge are squawked at. There is little evidence to support the dangers of SHS - but it keeps the drug companies selling Nicotine Replacement Therapies to the non-people.

Take vaping. Have you ever heard or read falsehoods being peddled about vaping?  If you have, then you will understand why you can't really believe anything much about anything else you hear or read either - there'll be some nefarious reason behind the parrots squawking it.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vapefest UK on Saturday

I am looking forward to the Vapefest UK. There are so many different types of devices on the market now, I have lost the plot. It will be good to see what is avaliable here in the UK  and spend some money or get something for free! I am bringing down some vapingpoints that I commissioned Fulgorine to make. Mine are so useful I want to share them with others.  The single vapingpoints are £1:50 and the doubles are £2:00. I have them all over my house. I am not a vendor but I am hoping someone will pop a few on their table for me. Or I might have to flash them from under my jacket in the carpark!

How amazing is the vaping community. When we were smokers did any of us get together for a"smokefest".

Saturday, 18 August 2012

White van vaping

Today I went out with my husband on deliveries in a white van. I did this once before when I was smoking. That time was a real pain. Had to leap out everytime we stopped at a delivery point so I could get my fix. Today was a pleasure - I just vaped.  I did recall a case when electronic cigarettes were very new, when a white van man was charged with smoking in his vehicle after a nosey parker spying on him while he ate his lunch in a parking lot, reported him. In the court case that followed, he was fined for smoking in the vehicle even though he demonstrated the electronic cigarette in court

Of course I was incensed at the injustice! I really enjoy that feeling. I will know I'm dead when I never have that feeling. The world is full of injustice so I am kept busy.

So, whilst sitting eating my lunch and vaping, it occurred to me that some other busy body might report me. I would have been proud to have had the opportunity to show my devices off in court!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vaping out tonight?

I'm out for a meal tonight. Last time I got together with this group of friends, we all vaped in a friendly restaurant in Carlisle. This night, we are in a different town, different restaurant. Do we ask first? Or do we just DO it?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Has ANYTHING changed in my vaping year?

I read THIS article in the Guardian a year ago. This is what I wrote after that...

In the comments section, there follows the usual row about the intention of the journalist/ smoking/not smoking/ snus/e-cigarettes and even one poor soul who accuses The Guardian of "promoting smoking".

God knows, I become very discouraged by people's absolute idiocy.  I fear it. If such passion is aroused in people about smokers - such, can I say - such HATE - it shows that any attempt to stop war, bring peace on earth is absolutely futile!

How terrifying it is to me that in one generation, no, less than a generation, a group of people can have so marginalised another group of people, that the marginalised ones cannot even say what they think. What could happen in our future when some other ideology - "scientifically" backed of course - is offered to the people - "civilised" people - in a way that inflames their self righteousness?

Even smokeless cigarettes that do not produce smoke - and are not made from tobacco are said to be "dangerous" because they might entrap the young into smoking - by offering flavours such as "chocolate". I've never tried chocolate - but it might be fun, along with all the other flavours.  I assumed "chocolate" was for adults bored with the flavour of their e-cigs and just wanting a change. Well I never! It's made to trap children into smoking e-cigarettes - fancy that!

Anyone speaking up for vaping is accused of promoting a product, and seducing children by chocolate flavours. Anyone speaking up for smokers is accused of being paid by the tobacco companies, (and seducing children by visibly smoking). Its all about the children! That pushes everyone's buttons, yes?

If smokers smoked indoors in properly ventilated smoking rooms, they wouldn't be out on the streets either enticing others to smoke or offending others by doing so. And Vapers, who do nothing harmful to others, should really be able to "smoke" anywhere. The solution to vapers is having an e-cig that doesn't look like a cigarette - mine are multicoloured and decorated by me - no one could possibly mistake them for a cigarette.

I just want to add that I am not promoting any products, nor promoting smoking and I have not been paid a fee by any tobacco company! I am speaking out for those who smoke now and those who in the future WILL smoke just to be rebellious.

After trawling through the comments section at the end of the article, which, as usual had all the same old stuff regurgitated in it, I found this one  which, for me, wins my top prize. Thank you Jonathan BW whoever you are - you said it how I feel it is - a cobweb of propaganda and twististics!

Jonathan BW

"This article may be propaganda funded by dubious organisations.

However, the Public Health industry relies just as heavily on propaganda, selective use of evidence and unethical funding.

ASH 'the anti-smoking charity' is funded largely by government: so we have a lobbying organisation that masquerades as an independent charity funded by taxation. That's worse, in my view, than 'think-tanks' funded by big business.

The Department of Health and the rest of the Public Health industry spends millions on research to 'prove' the number of smoking-related deaths and the cost to the NHS of smoking; it does not invest in research into the cost of sports-related injuries to the NHS (which is probably not far short of that of smoking) nor the cost of disease caused by environmental pollution; it does not research the cost of those conditions that affect people who avoid 'smoking-related' illness (which almost certainly outweighs the 'savings' to the NHS of reducing smoking) nor the costs in financial and human terms of the closure of pubs and clubs due to the smoking ban.

And the evidence that 'passive smoking' is harmful is desperately weak.

The anti-smoking lobbyists are zealots on a crusade and just as dishonest as any other vested interest in their assault on individual freedom."

Has anything changed in a year?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The vaping years.....

The Smoking Years- a movie - was shown a while back on BBC. It's the story of the modern smoking epidemic from the turn of the 20th Century. It is NOT the story of smoking. Humans have smoked for thousands of years. And probably have since time began for us.

The Smoking Years had inaccuracies. It promoted the existing myths that 40 000 smokers quit smoking in the first six months after smoking was banned in pubs. I have read these twististics before. The 40 000 are those who received nicotine replacement therapies from the NHS in those months – and success was measured after 4 weeks! Thus continues modern science on smokers and smoking!

The second hand smoke "harms" issue - the scientific twististics that are questionable to say the least were hardly discussed. Or taken for granted.

The other myth was that smokers are a breed in the throes of extinction. Yes? Well no, actually. The epidemic might be over, but the influence of big tobacco has merely been replaced by the influence of big pharma making millions on nicotine replacement therapies. 25% of people in the UK smoke. Extinct? No way.

A new threat to society, relieving many smokers from a life of persecution, is the appearance of the electronic cigarette. This is a brilliant invention, odour less, smoke less, tobacco less, toxic lesser that gives the same pleasure as smoking. The vaping community is strongly vital. Those who have found a miraculous release from the old fashioned analogue cigarette as described in The Smoking Years, tell the world how amazing, for them, the e-cig has been. They tell that the old fashioned nicotine replacement therapies described in The Smoking Years had the aura of grimness about them and were not successful in the way that electronic cigarettes have been for them

Where have all the smokers gone? They're there, believe me! Still smoking.

But now there are also many ex-smokers, vaping happily on their personal vapourisers (PV's) too.

Smoking, in any form, has comforted humans for ever – maybe the last decade should be called The Persecution Years? I hope we will be ashamed of them one day and see with clear eyes the role of greed and avarice in both encouraging smokers and "curing" them. And then,again maybe we will enter The Vaping Years where technology can make the impulse to do this delicious smoking-thing safer than ever before?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Evolutionary Vaping

I found a video clip from Ruyan's promotional video circa 2007. It's quite funny to watch – and very illuminating as to how the idea of “an electronic cigarette” has morphed into a whole vaping cult. If you notice, the original e-cig as manufactured by Ruyan produced pathetic amounts of vapour – if any at all!

So vaping as it is done now, in all it's intricacies of mixing juice, home made vaping machines, the joy of making clouds of vapour and even blowing smoke rings, is quite different to what it started out to be.

I have visions for the future. As a pharmacist Hon Lik – the inventor of the e cigarette must have had knowledge of nebulisers. In fact on Wiki – the e cig is listed as such. Already the marijuana mob are vaping their chemical. So my vision would be that mainstream medicine stops yakking on about the health hazard of vaping and use this amazing invention to deliver helpful pharmaceuticals. The fact that they are already investigating e cigs as a better nicitine replacement therapy makes me both pleased and horrified. Currently, the way ordinary people are using and making their own equipment, juices and sharing their knowledge freely and enthusiastically is an amazing e cig evolution. Huyan, the originators are fighting legal battles world wide, trying to keep the power to themselves. I think it will be a losing battle. Already, their stuff looks old fashioned.

But the idea that Big Pharma gets involved is terrifying – we will have a lobby group outlawing vaping and Pharmaceutical Companies might attempt to make massive profits from sales of personal medical “nebulisers”. This might be the only legal way for the ordinary mortal to vape. Still, I am hoping, with human ingenuity, that will never happen. And we need to make sure it never does.

Friday, 3 August 2012

My miracle still hard to believe

I have ordered new JACTanks from JACVapour. 
I have just thrown away the ones I got on 17th May 2012 – I rekon that's good value.
And I also ordered coffee eliquid – an absolutely great flavour for me. Trouble is – it doesn't last. Too yummy to resist. 
An email tells me they are in the mail – yeah!

In my email receipts folder, I found my order confirmation a year ago - Invoice for Order #: 6408
Closed on (Date): 22-Aug-2011 08:08:08 EST . This was for my first successful e cigarette that took me from being a smoker to a vaper in only a few weeks. What a miracle!

Still hard to believe.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vaping ignorance on the air - a shame.

Isn't it a shame that a medical person is so ignorant?

How many people has she spread  this mis-information to, live on TV, with her "academic" clout ?

There are plenty of statistics that show how unsuccessful the ways she suggests to quit smoking are.

Lots of comments under the video by the vaping community, and growing daily - well done everyone!


If we all tell our doctors how vaping has helped us - science HAS to take notice of constant anecdotal evidence, yes?